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  1. As a "Newbe" I can say that I have finally taken the plunge and only driven from vancouver Canada down to San Diego last week. I do not believe anything other than gold and silver is going to appreciate going forward. With that in mind I think it safe to say RV's are going to depreciate in economic value. Might end up being the same as home's as my home has lost 1/3 it's value in the heart of Los Angeles. I agree that the appreciation will come from the memories and living in the moment that the RV allows you to do. What a wonderful feeling to just sit up high and enjoy the scenery while driving down the road at 55mph. I appreciate the little things in life when in my RV whereas i think I lost alot of that "magic feeling" just sitting in my home with the TV or radio on. If you are worried about the depreciation then perhaps begin with something used and already priced at a point where it is just a disposable item and if you end up enjoying it you can move up to something more expensive and extravagant if that is your requirement. Just do it and remember if 2012 is as the Mayan's predicted you will be mobile and able to get to high ground where and when needed. All joking aside, above all do what your heart and mind tell you. Happy trails to all who are on the road and safe traveling to all.
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