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  1. My wife and I hadn't even been camping in 25 years and then it was horse camping. We had always considered getting an RV, but just didn't see a need. Then I lost my job and was semi-retired. With the extra time we thought it would be nice to travel so we started looking RV's. It was quickly apparent to us that we wanted a Class A diesel. We found a low mileage repossessed 40 footer for a great price and took the plunge. It was a big purchase and probably doesn't make economic sense, but the pure joy we have experienced since getting it is beyond price. Yes diesel is pricey, but I calculated that we hit the break even-point after 2 nights on a 200 mile trip. Staying in a nice RV park for $40.00 a night as opposed to a motel for $120.00 and cooking meals in the coach adds up quickly to balance the fuel cost. Plus we don't have to worry about boarding our two Jack Russels at $30 a day. Of course the initial cost of the coach and maintenance out weigh the savings, but I can do most of the repairs and the Cummins at 24,000 miles has a way to go before it needs big dollars. Now we have just sold our house and will be living in the coach until my wife retires in August. Saves a lot of headache renting a house for 6 months. If you are worried about the money it probably doesn't add up, but life isn't all about dollars and cents.
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