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  1. Go to Dollar General and get a bottle of Mean Green. (Not the citrus blend.) Follow the directions. It has worked for me on stained mouldings and other black streaks that other cleaners wouldn't touch. Good Luck! Gerald
  2. Thanks Desertdeals69 for your response. It is not that a Convection Microwave is a necessity. It is a matter of allowing more options in the confined space of a RV. Along with the safety issue of heat ventilation.
  3. I want to replace my current Sharp Microwave with a Convection/Microwave. My concern is with the venting of convection heat. Our unit is a Monaco, Monarch 2000 year model. Is there anyone who can provide some expertise on this subject? Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.
  4. To all poster's. I have had the heating elements replaced at Lee Smith Co. The elements (2) were bad. The new elements have cured the problem. I learn daily how valuable this Forum is. I really appreciate all responses. Thanks again to all, Gerald
  5. Once again, thanks to Bill and Brett. I have eliminated all sources of a ground fault that are repairable by a novice. The problem is with the fridge itself. I will today once again check the grounding of the heater to the flue. after that I will seek a professional in the Chattanoga, TN area. Lee Smith Co. is my preferred repair facility. Their RV repair is second to none. Thanks again for your invaluable advice. Gerald
  6. Thank you Bill and Brett. I have ran an extension cord to a non-GFCI recepticle and the fridge runs perfect. I also connected to another GFCI circuit and it tripped it also. From these results I surmise the problem lies either in the fridge circuits or a faulty/weak GFCI. For Brett, I checked and could not find any obvious chassis ground problem as you suggested.
  7. Everything electrical in my 2000 Monarch operates fine, except when I turn on the Fridge then the GFCI trips. I am plugged into shore power (50A) with proper polarity. It does't matter if other appliances (ie AC units) are on or not. Any ideas? The refrigerator works fine on LP. Gerald Scott
  8. The leak is evident from under the shower pan. Yes, a chance of damage to the Walls and flooring. I bought the coach used and do not have any of the owners manuals. Thanks, Gerald
  9. I have a 2000 Monaco Monarch. When the shower head is turned off during a shower, water leaks from the bottom of the shower base. This problem started when we had to change the shower head. I have examined the coach for access panels to the rear of the shower and can't find one. Does anyone have a diagnosis of the problem and the location of the access panel(s)? Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
  10. To continue my original post, I just received my November 2011 issue of Motorhome Magazine. In the center of the publication (pages 50-53) is an article titled "STARS OF THE RALLY". There are pictures of 9 motorhomes with new floorplans and pictures of the living quarters. Only one of these coaches is light, bright and airy. It is the TIFFIN 42 QBH. This simply illustrates my point about dark interiors. Since I am not one to beat dead horses, I will leave the podium with this. I will not buy a coach that is not open and spacious. Best wishes to all and safe travels, Gerald
  11. Thanks for the responses to the original post on O & M comparisions. To answer some of the questions presented, my physical abilities aren't what they used to be so I would not be doing my own maintenance other than in emergency situations. Also, I apologize for not being more clear about the cost comparison. I am mainly interested in mechnical/drivetrain cost. I understand plumbing, electrical and body should be close if not equal.
  12. My wife and I currently own a 35' GAS MH. We are considering switching to a Diesel. Is there anyone who can provide cost comparisons for the Operating and Maintenance cost for each unit type? All dealers we have visited concentrate on performance. Which is understandable.
  13. My wife and I have been RVing for over 40 years. Since we moved into Travel Tralers and Motor Homes one of our biggest pet peeves is the dark color schemes from the manufacturers. Over the years we have only found 3 or 4 with a light/bright interior. Motor Homes and Travel Trailers are confined living space. The lighter the interior the larger and more "open" the unit appears. Are we the only ones with this observation? Any comments would be welcomed. Thanks for the responses to the above post. I knew we couldn't be alone. We have decided that if we can't find a light and bright color scheme, we are going to modify our current 2000 Monaco Monarch and keep moving on. However, the basic question remains: Why do OEM's insist on dark schemes? Thanks again for the responses, Gerald
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