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  1. Thank you for the reply. The last few days have been over 100. The rear unit does not kick in all day long. It only comes on at night when everything else is off. We are connected to 50 amp shore power.
  2. Have 40' ft diesel pusher (2001 Monaco) w 2 ac's. One AC (front) works fine during the day and we turn it off at night. The other AC (rear) comes on at night and works until early morning (around 7), then shuts off and will not come on again until night. Had it checked and they say it is fine. Both AC's are left on auto at 69. Any suggestions?
  3. 2001 Monaco Dynasty - fresh water is going into holding tank and valve is closed. Could the valve be defective? Could there be too much pressure? Is the valve hard to replace?
  4. First let me thank all, who helped me with my chairs. They are fixed. Next, I have a pretty simple fix for a broken Norcold refriderator door. On my door the long plastic strip, which holds the bottom hinge, had broken out at the bottom and the door fell out. Tools needed: 1. Phillips screwdriver 2. Drill 3. Tin snips The hinge connection went under the plastic and then two screws held the door in. I went to the hardware store and bought an inexpensive house roof vent (less than $10). I cut a strip, about ten inches long, off the metal vent that was thinner than the plastic strip, which was not broken off. I drilled two holes that the screws would go through, at the bottom of the strip. I then slid the strip under the remaining plastic strip on the door. I then put the door hinge part under the strip. I finished by tightening the screws and the door is better than the manufactured door. This whole thing cost me less than $25 (including aviation tin snips that I purchased. This fix was a whole lot cheaper than a new door.
  5. Have 2001 Monaco Dynasty 40' Diesel. Driver's and Passenger seats lost power at same time. I cannot locate fuses. Where can I get a schematic of fuse box? Does anyone have suggestions as to what is wrong?
  6. We have been full timing for a lil' over a year now. My wife has Fibro Myalagia and Myofacial disease. We have had a very difficult time getting her medications. Currently, we have our home town pharmacy send her meds by Fedx, but that is 22 bucks a pop. We have tried going to local pharmacies, but they all have told us that you can only transfer once and then you have to stay with that pharmacy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how she can get here medications timely and more convenient?
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