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  1. Hi! Was wondering if anyone has camped between Jasper and Banff. We are looking for a place in between both, and then ending in Calagary for the Stampede in 2012. Thanks!
  2. HI Glad I read this, for some reason lately I have been noticing a off smell in our Discovery. Any thoughts on what we can do? I do the chemicals as soon as we flush the tanks, I also tried ice cubes with detergent ( heard this helps when you are moving) Sharon
  3. We are already looking ahead at 2012, has anyone done this? We are thinking of starting at Banff, then heading to Calgary for the Stampede then going onto Montana for Glacier.
  4. We are thinking of doing a trip to Calgary and Banff which is not that far from Glacier, about a 4 hour trip.
  5. I know what you mean, we did last years in 90+ with 20 amp. Next year it would be nice if they had one on the East coast or Midwest.
  6. Thanks Jim, We are going a month before the bike rally. Will we see you in Shawnee for the Fleetwood rally? Sharon
  7. Hi Bill! Yes, we will be in Shawnee for the Fleetwood rally. It would be nice to meet you. Do you remember where you stayed in Cody?
  8. Thanks so much Bill, We will actually be coming from Shawnee, OK from a rally and will be coming through Estes Park for 2 nights, then on to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. So, you recommend two days in Cody? I have not booked a site there yet. We also have a 40' diesel -towing, so going your route will not be a problem? Yes, we will be going to Mt Rushmore since it is very close to Rapid City. Sharon
  9. Hello! After leaving Yellowstone, we will be heading back to Illinois. Need suggestions where we should stop and for how many days. I am being told we should spend one night in Cody, WY. Also, should we spend the night at Devils Tower? Should we stay right in Rapid City or out of town? How many days would you allow? This will be happening 4th of July week. Also, any suggestions for 2 nights in Jackson Hole? Sorry to ramble on. Thank you!
  10. Hi! We will be making this trip too. I just made a reservation at Elk Meadow, the price seemed reasonable.
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