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  1. The Remco pump is run off of the motor home batteries. There is also a monitor inside the coach that let's you know everything is operating properly.
  2. My GS ESP is up next month and they quoted me $1800. for 12 months with a $100. deductible. I got a quote from Wholesale Warranties for 6 years with $100. deductible for $2600.. Will check out American RV Warranties and see what they offer.
  3. I just got my 2011 Fusion back from the dealer after the 3rd transmission replacement and 3rd Remco pump. Ford will not buy the car back according to my attorney because it then needs to be titled as a lemon and sold at auction for nothing. The way they explained it to me is that once Ford is notified by my attorney they will start to negotiate with me to keep the car and offer me a cash settlement so I can sell or trade the car in. They do not want to go to court, again because it becomes a lemon. You must know the law as it pertains to the Lemon Law in your state, you must have at least 3 breakdowns (this does not include the original transmission) and have been with out the car for at least 30 days (in my case it was 88 days). As Ford told me, and my attorney agreed, they will just keep repairing until either the warranty runs out or you take other actions. On page 273 of my owners manual it states "In the United States, a warranty dispute must be submitted to the BBB AUTO LINE before taking action under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, or to the extent allowed under state law, before pursuing replacement or repurchase remedies provided by certain state laws. This dispute handling procedure is not required prior to enforcing state created rights or other rights which are independent of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act or state replacement or repurchase laws." If you meet the requirements most attorneys will take it on for free as they will charge the manufacture for their time.
  4. I have a 2011 Ford Fusion and have gone through 4 transmission in less than a year with 8600 mile. They seem to go bad within 140 miles of towing and get so hot they melt the dipstick to the transmission,also destroying two Remco pumps. My car has been at my dealer since 5/17/12 waiting for a new transmission amd pump. We are suing Ford under the Lemon Law and will then look at a Jeep. In the last 12 months Ford has had our car over 70 days for repair. I have been a Ford person my whole life but not anymore after the way they treated us on this issue.
  5. The 6F35 transmission is the problem for Ford and GM cars. I even had a Remco pump on mine and it still failed for the 4th time. I am waiting for Ford to decide on a buy back of the car. Other Fords like the Edge and Taurus are not having any problems with transmissions that I can find, just battery issues.
  6. If you can let me know how it goes. I don't know if the Lincoln and Taurus require lowering the transmission fluid like the Fusion.
  7. We have gone through 4 transmissions on our 2011 Fusion, the last one this week after Ford installed a Remco Pump. We are in discussion now with Ford on a buy back, and if we move into another Ford product, they said it could be a lot easier. We will consider a Taurus or Edge and we want to know if anybody has any experience with either of these cars.
  8. Welcome to FMCA. We had a 2002 MH with a Triton V-10 and towed a 4200 lb car with no problems. After a year of towing we added the Banks kit to the engine and it made a big difference when climbing hills.
  9. Back in June 2011 I started posting about the three transmission failures I had with our new 2011 Fusion. Ford went out of their way to solve our problems including installing a Remco pump last October. On our first trip out in December the pump failed just 50 miles from home. We returned our toad to the dealer and he said he had never seen a total failure like this in years of installing Remco's. They requested a new pump from Remco and one was sent two weeks later. In the mean time I attended a RV show and Remco had a booth there and we discussed the issues I had with there pump. They informed me that they had just completed a new design with a new valve body with assistance from Ford and that it would be available in about 60 days. He said that Ford would be offering the pump under the Ford name later this year. He also said that they were starting to work with GM for the Cruz and Malibu because they are the same transmission as Ford.
  10. We owned a 2004 XR-7 and it was a great car to tow flat. Just make sure that model is approved and I don't think you will be disappointed. When we changed cars it had 90,000 miles and we gave it to our grandson and its still running strong.
  11. Yes I had all these issues. We cut our trip short and returned to Phoenix and took the car to the dealer with another bad transmission and dead battery. After a month of deciding if we should return the car to Ford they offered to install a Remco pump and a battery charging system at an RV dealer of my choice. Everything is now installed and so far so good.
  12. I don't believe that is what it means. Foot on brake for safety reasons and to not put stress on tow bar. Run through gears once to lube all internal parts and run for 5 minutes to get fluid to temp and correct level. There is nothing to be gained by continuing to run through the gears for 5 minutes. If you check a properly set (fluid) transmission the fluid level on a cold transmission will just touch the bottom of the dip stick, but when brought up to temperature it will move up to the recommended settings.
  13. Here is the new TSB (technical service bulletin) for the Ford Fusion, Escape and Mariner with the 6F-35 transmission. Don't see much difference between this and old. Ford TSB-11-07-15.pdf
  14. I have left many posts since late June regarding my 2011 Fusion with automatic transmission. First transmission replaced 140 miles from home, 2nd transmission replaced 460 miles from home. Ford repaired 2nd transmission and then delivered to use 1100 miles from repair shop. That transmission lasted about 160 miles before it started acting up again. We cut our trip short and nursed the car back home in mid August and Ford said that yes the transmission was slipping and hard shifting at times but they determined it was 3-4 quarts low on fluid and when they refilled the trans to "full" it worked fine. Nobody in the service department was aware that the transmission was to be run with less fluid than full. Ford still the car and can not determine why so many problems with the transmission, not including a dead battery after 2 1/2 hrs of towing. Ford is now willing to put a Remco pump on the car and install a charging line for the car battery at their expense. The Ford manager handling my case has said that Ford was going to issue a new TSB regarding the transmission and fluid levels.
  15. Does anybody have any actual experience with Remco? I have posted earlier that we have a 2011 Ford Fusion That has 3,700 miles on it and is at the Ford dealer with its 4th transmission failure. We are trying to decide if we should pursue the buy back option or think about a Remco pump. We have already invested $1,000 for the base plate and install and Brake Buddy install. I won't consider unless Ford is willing to pay the cost, around $1,500. installed, and I am sure it will solve the problem. If you go to Remco's web site the home page is that they now have a pump for Fusion and Escape with the new 6-speed trans.
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