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  1. We have a 2004 Winnebago Sightseer. I am having a problem with water pressure. When I run my hot water heater and pressure builds in the water lines from the heating of water, my cold water really slows up when you first open a faucet but then runs normally. I know there is a pressure valve on the back of the water heater which I already had to replace because the hot water stopped flowing, but it did not slow the cold water at that time. Could this be the problem or any other thoughts on a solution? Thanks
  2. I have a Winnebago with the original 12 volt TV in it. My problem is that when I first turn on the TV it works fine and has good audio. After 5 to 10 minutes the sound fades away in about 45 seconds to none. If it sets and apparently cools down it will have sound again for another 5 to 10 min. Anyone else have this problem and is there a fix that is not more costly than a new TV? Thanks Chuck
  3. Does anyone spend the winter in Louisiana, and if so, how is the weather? Also, where is a good place to camp for three months? Thanks
  4. On a recent trip to Florida while towing my 2011 Honda CRV I stopped for 2 overnights and both mornings when I went to run the car through the gears I had a dead battery. I know about pulling fuse #34 if towing for an extended period. If you ever tried to pull this fuse you will note that you need to be a orangutan or octopus to do it. I talked to my dealer and asked if i could install a battery disconnect and they could not or would not give me an answer. I called Honda North America and asked them . Do not know if i was talking to an answering service or who but no answer there either. My question is does anything need battery power while towing as fuse #34 is the accessory fuse. Does anything draw power through any other fuse that would be detrimental to any other system? 2011 Honda CRV 4 Wheel Drive. Towing 4 on the ground. Thanks
  5. Just got off the phone with Honda customer service. I am towing a 2011 4 wheel drive CRV. The owners manual tells me to pull fuse #34 if going to tow for an extended period of time. Well you have to be a orangutan or octopus to pull the fuse so I asked my dealership who could not answer the following question: Would installing a battery disconnect be OK or does anything need any power while being towed? I called AMERICAN HONDA CUSTOMER SERVICE and they could not or would not give me an answer either. Can anyone answer this? The reason for this question is that on a recent trip to Florida which took 2 overnights,both mornings my battery was dead in the Honda.
  6. Is there anything available to replace the air bags inside the springs on a Workhorse P-32 chassis? If not then how big a job is it to replace the air bags and is there more than one manufacturer of them and who would they be? Also would a 1500 mile trip be too much to take without the bags,as one of mine has sprung a leak and I have no time to repair it right now? I deflated the other one but have not driven the coach yet without them.
  7. Does anyone know where I can purchase hydraulic solenoid valves that are in the manifold of 3000 series Kwikee levelers ? I have one that is not working properly but cannot seem to find a place to purchase a replacement. Kwikee has been no help at all. Thanks
  8. Any help available for a set of double Kwikee steps? Problem is every now and then the steps will not extend. Never have a problem with them retracting. Took coach to a repair facility where the mechanic tapped on the motor assembly and they worked. Next time they would not retract. I crawled under coach and tapped them myself and they worked again for awhile. This may happen every couple of months. Now they will not extend, even with the tapping procedure. ANY IDEAS????? Thanks Chuck
  10. Does anyone know the CEO or GENERAL MANAGER of this company. I want to talk to a live person to get a problem straightened out that is on going and for which I can get no help. After 6 E-MAILS to some guy named BILL all I am getting is the run around. No more Power Gear or Kwikee products for me. Thanks
  11. I have a Winnebago with Kwikee hydraulic levelers. My problem is that both front levelers will extend and retract and the left rear also works. The right rear will only extend about 1/2 inch then stop. Hyd. reservoir is full and the cylinder was removed and checked at a Hyd. shop and found to be good. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON A SOLUTION. Thanks
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