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  1. How are the 12 volt rocker switch plates held in place on a 2011 Tiffin Allegro Open Road? I cannot feel anything on the back that would hold them in the cabinet and no visible fasteners on the front. Did not want to try prying them off for fear of cracking them. Thanks
  2. More often than not, when we start our water heater on gas, it sounds like a mini explosion. Any clue the cause and a fix? Thanks Chuck
  3. I am having trouble finding Onan 15w-40 oil for my generator. I cannot find the oil specs. For Onan oil so I could purchase a different brand. All the 15w-40 that I can find is all listed for diesel use. I do not trust it for generator use because of foaming. Maybe the Onan oil is also listed for diesel but I cannot find the answer. Thanks. chuck
  4. I'm fairly certain someone has one on their coach. I would like to know what their thoughts are on this unit and do they work as advertised? Chuck
  5. Thanks All for letting me know how you liked your Tiffin Allegro. Chuck
  6. Herman, From what I understand about switches they are not momentary switches in the pump system. Thanks Chuck
  7. Have a 2011 Tiffin Allegro and it has 3 switches inside for the water pump. Problem is there is no way of knowing whether the pump is on or not, due to the fact that there are no indicator lights on the switches. When hauling grandkids there is no way of knowing if they hit a switch or not unless you hear the pump running. I am talking about the system with no water in the fresh water tank. Called Tiffin and they said I do not have a transfer switch so I cannot install the newer switches with indicator lights. ANY IDEAS?????? Chuck
  8. Furnace blower starts and when roof unit tries to start the breaker trips. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. The letters are correct. It is a 2 door model. the seal is magnetic and is 39 inches long and 22 3/8 wide. Thanks
  10. I need a new door seal on a Dometic Model#DM2862LBX, Serial#04396146,Manufacturer #958530298. Been told by a parts dept. that I cannot purchase the seal, but must replace the door. Any HELLLLLP? Thanks
  11. DickandLois Thanks for trying to help. I dug deeper and found my instructions on how to adjust. Just bought this coach . AGAIN Thanks. Chuck
  12. Thanks for thr input. Am currently trying to find the unit model number for DickandLois. Chuck
  13. Anyone know how to calibrate the levelers. My levelers want to lift the front tires off the ground when the coach is almost level to start. Thanks Chuck
  14. What is a good way to lubricate sliding RV windows that slide hard?
  15. Thanks. I am going from a Workhorse chassis to a Ford. I liked the Workhorse and friends of mine had Fords, but on hills the Workhorse outperformed them and I got better fuel mileage. Too bad they do not manufacture them anymore. Now for gas units you get a Ford.
  16. Am considering the purchase of a 2011 Tiffin Allegro 34TGA on a Ford chassis. Am thinking someone out there owns one and would like to know any information they could give me. Do you like or dislike the unit and for what reasons, as I cannot find any reviews on it. Thanks. Chuck
  17. Does anyone have any ideas about a front diesel as far as noise or performance ? I am looking at one to purchase but having second thoughts as I believe it was a very short lived experiment by manufacturers. They seem to stay at dealers for a long period of time till sold. Just seems to me it was a flop.
  18. Thanks. Will try to check lines and the default setting.
  19. Any ideas on why, when I start to ascend a hill my air and heat blower almost stops ? It is a 2002 30 foot Winnebago Sightseer on a Ford chassis. It should not be from the alternator dropping RPM's due to the climb because the engine RPM's increase because of it down shifting. HELP
  20. No because it has been approx.4 years since I changed it. Thanks again
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