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  1. I have about 5 bulbs which have burned out in my ceiling lights and I really want to replace them, but the frosted glass lens covers are proving to be a major obstacle. I was able to break loose one of the lens covers and I confirmed I am twisting the cover correctly, but the remaining lens covers are absolutely stuck in place and it seems like no matter how much force I exert trying to twist them, they just remain in place. Anyone else had to deal with this and find a solution?
  2. I just bought a new Itasca Ellipse which came with a King Dome. I had LaMesa RV take the dome off and install a new Winegard Trav'ler as well. It is the only satellite dish that will allow me to get all of the HD channels on DirecTV and allow me to use the DVR. No other dish can make that claim. It's just what I was looking for!
  3. Thanks to you both! How far ahead should I plan to get in a loading lane? I've heard you need to be there close to the last departure to ensure you get on the next ferry. I don't know if it's seasonal or not... we'll be traveling in September. Thanks again!
  4. We want to venture into Canada for the first time with our new motorhome. Our motorhome is 43ft long and we are towing a 15ft car behind us. Not having done this before, I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into. We plan to cross at Port Angeles into Victoria and then Victoria to Vancouver. It looks like there are two ferry companies (Blackball & BC Ferries) I'll be using. Any special precautions and/or tips on how to make the trip as hassle free as possible? Thanks in advance for your help!
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