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  1. To those of you who helped us with our trip through the West this past Spring, thank you very much. Now, we are planning a return trip to Utah... only this time we plan to take our time. On our first trip we wanted to "see it all" and we did, now we want to "enjoy it all". Can anyone out there offer some DO NOT MISS sites, great campgrounds, and a possible suggested route. We plan to leave probably the last week in August 2014 and enter Utah somewhere from the north and begin to head South. The end of our trip will be Moab. We enjoy outdoor stuff and picture taking. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. We did a similar trip this year. Don't miss Redwoods NP and the Oregon coast. We live in Florida and it is so much more beautiful there. We also did 13 days in Yellowstone/Grand Teton ... could have allowed more time.
  3. Thanks, we were already expecting some cool weather. Can you recommend some nice parks
  4. Wife and I are planning our "dream trip" this Spring. We have most of the trip planned, but we have no idea where to stay near Yosemite. We, of course, want to visit the park, but also want to see some of the surrounding areas. We will be towing a Jeep. Can someone recommend a couple of nice campgrounds that are convenient and some things that we do not want to miss. If it helps, we will be coming from San Diego and we will continue north ... heading to northern Calif., Oregon, and Yellowstone. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. When you get your information, would you please contact me as my wife and I are planning the same trip for the end of June. allanzeiler1@yahoo.com thank you.
  6. My wife and I live in Florida. In May we are going to Cumming, Ga to my granddaughter's graduation. After graduation we have about a week and then we go to Bishopville, SC to my grandson's wedding. During that week need need some suggestion of places to stay in north Georgia or north South Carolina. We like hiking, walking, sightseeing, outdoor stuff. Any suggestions???????
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