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  1. Thanks for the info Roy. Made the trip today without a problem. Stan Miller 2016 Newmar DutchStar Traveling with Karen and Lulu
  2. Tomorrow we will be traveling to Rubys Inn & Campground, Bryce Canyon, UT. Google maps provides two options, one of which is through Panguitch, UT over Route 12. There are two tunnels on route 12 which show low clearance of 13'6". Our 43' MH is 13' high which makes me very nervous about going this way. Has anyone safely gone this way in a tall MH? Any information you might have about this route would be appreciated. Thanks. Stan MIller 2016 Newmar DutchStar Traveling with Karen and LuLu
  3. I have been waiting for the same size tire for over a month now. There are several other MH owners here who have been waiting since early February. 2014. Michelin can not say when the back ordered tires will be available. Hope you have a better experience with Michelin than me.
  4. Thanks for your input. I talked to Spartan Chassis and have been able to locate the fuse. I appreciate your replies. Rich, it turns the fuse box is located in the compartment 2nd from the rear on the passenger side just as you suggested. Thank you. Stan
  5. Our coach failed the latest State Inspection because the backup lights aren't working. Rear turn signal lights, brake lights, and 4 way flashers all work. In testing for current to the backup lights, we found that there is none. My problem is one of being unable to find the fuse panel for these lights. Tiffin claims the panel is under the dashboard between the steering column and the driver's side. Three people have crawled under the dash looking for the panel without any luck. The panel simply isn't there. If any FMCA bloggers are familiar with 2007 Zephyrs, could you shed some light on the location of the panel and/or whether of not the signal to the backup lights originates from a switch on the Allison 4000 trans or the fuse panel. Thanks. Stan 2007 Zephyr 45QSZ Spartan K2 Chassis Cummins 500 HP Allison MH4000 Six Speed
  6. In towing our 2008 Lincoln MKX I put the trans on neutral without going through the rest of the gears or changing the trans fluid levels. I do let the engine run for 5 minutes or so before beginning our trip each day. The only other requirement is to not exceed 65 miles per hour. We have not had any problems with drain on the battery, but I start the engine at every fuel stop.
  7. We have been flat towing a 2008 Lincoln MKX without a problem for the last 5 months. The MKX is essentially the same as the Edge. I just put the transmission in neutral and turn off the ignition key as far as it can go. If the Edge doesn't work for you, take a look at the MKX.
  8. I am going to try stacking 2x12s in order to get in/out of our driveway. The slope at the entrance to the driveway is steep. I am hoping the boards work because reducing the slope would be an expensive solution. Thanks for the input. We've been RVing for about a year a need as much help as we can get.
  9. Thank you for the advice. When we decided to buy the DP it didn't cross out minds there would be a lot places we couldn't go with the coach. One of those places happens to be my own driveway. I'm still trying to figure an economical and realistic way to be able to keep our coach at home. Again, thanks for your input.
  10. In the last month we bought a 45' 2007 Tiffin Zephyr on a Spartan K-2 chassis with a gross weight of 44,600 lbs. It is powered by a Cummins ISM 500 HP engine with an Allison 4000 transmission. At the lowest point on the frame (happens to be the trailer hitch receiver), the standard travel height is 16". I have gotten myself in a couple of situations where the hitch receiver comes very close to dragging when beginning to go up a steep incline as in driveways, etc. Does anyone have any experience or advice on using bogie wheels/casters/skid rollers to protect the undercarriage? I have found some made by Paktron Products that attach to the hitch receiver, and according to them can support the weight of any diesel pusher. We are brand new to RVing and can certainly use some advice and guidance. Stan Miller 2007 Tiffin Zephyr 2008 Lincoln MKX Traveling with Karen and Ralphie the Snoodle
  11. We are very new to RVing and are planning a September trip to Acadia National Park. In fact, this is just our 2nd trip in our new Winnebago Adventurer. Anyone have any feedback or experience camping at Mt. Desert Narrows Campground?
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