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  1. This is for anyone with a 2011 Ford or lincon with push button start and your battery goes dead while towing all wheels down with all wheel drive, or just if your battery goes dead when towing. Contact me and I will tell you what I did to cure the problem for 99% of the time I am towing. Glen Stanley gsncs1020@aol.com FMCA 214191 Full timing for 19 + years.
  2. If you have a fully loaded 2011 Edge with push button start, or MLK with the push button start, you can not pull a fuse. There are thoing that can be pulled but you will lose all the memory and he vehicle "may" not run right and "may" have to formatted again at a delership.
  3. Yes the extra hot wire does work and keeps the Edge battery charged, on mine I had to run a seperate "ground" wire. However if you do any boondocking be careful about you battery's. I have 6, 6-volts and it can handel the boondocking, but the best thing to do is put the Edge in Parh and turn it off, then in the morning set it for towing again. What ticks me off is the all manuals, shop manuals and sales people don''tknoe about the Battery problem. I had known I would purchased anoth Jeep. I am still considering a law suite.
  4. The kit you are talking is only for the 4 wheel drive trucks and some other trucks. It will not work on things like my 2011 Ford Edge. It will still go dead when being towed in about 5 to 6 hours as it is drawing a minimum of 3 amps.
  5. I have 2011 Ford Edge and have learned that if you have a Ford that is pretty well loaded, like mine, no key just a button and a lot of, the onboard computers, it will draw 3 amps while in the sleep mode, while being towed and the battery will go dead. I had 2 different Ford engineers work on my Edge and it can not be fixed. You can't disconnect the battery. Ford says that it is running as designed and it is, but they don't tell you the battery will go dead in the owners manual. As on 6-1-2011 they have made a change to the owners manual for the Edge and at least the Explore that you have to stop every 6 hours and run the motor for 5 minutes. If I had known this I would have not bought the Ford Edge. I AM GOING TO SUE FORD, and then buy another Jeep.
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