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  1. Well folks, its been a blast, but we are jumping ship. We have gone from truck campers, to a 5er, to our HR moho. We've thought long and hard on it and we are going back to a 5th wheel. We're sitters, not drivers, so a 5er is better suited to our style of rving. We are going "old school" and will retire in 968 days and will be debt free. We just found our "tow beast" and its a peach! 1990 Ford F350 S/C Dually that is immaculate and has been VERY well taken care of. He has every invoice on the truck since its birth and it has new tires, u-joints, carrier bearing, and a new Banks Power Pack. It has low miles on the 460 and a ZF 5 speed manual. We are excited and sad at the same time, but are looking forward to finding "our" 5er! See Ya down the road! AINT SHE PURDY!
  2. I'd do it in a heartbeat......but then I toad old iron anyhow.
  3. We are Chuck and Ruthie, we are not retired yet, but we ARE training very hard for it. We own an 05 Holiday Rambler 34SBD Admiral SE. It was a purchased to make the show rounds by the dealer, so its pretty well maxed out with options. We got a gret deal on it as the 07's were hitting the showrooms. Came up from an HR Alumascape 5er and truck campers before that. We travel as often as we can and spend most winter weekends in Socals Palm Desert away from the snow. We travel with Dixie and Hanna our 4 legged canine companions and self proclaimed motorhome guards. When we retire in 3 years, 4 months, and 2 days, we will hopefully workamp for some years while exploring the USA. After that we have no idea what we will be doing yet, snowbird, settle down, anything is possible. We enjoy exploring on our Harley and with our classic Scout and we presently are towing an 06 CR-V 4WD most of the time behind the moho. We are working on getting the Harley and the Scout behind the moho for the long run. I dont think that we will be getting another moho when we retire, the present one seems to suit us just fine the way it is. We look forward to meeting new folks with like interests out on the road and in the campgrounds. If you see us or any of our toys at the campground, dont hesitate to come up and say hi.
  4. You could call the manufacture and ask or maybe have it magnafluxed for cracking. I have had towbars for over 10 years and still use them without issue. As long as you are checking the condition I would think it would be alright.
  5. We were looking at an inflatable for our moho and using a Kota trolling motor on it. We just got into fly fishing and love it. We suck at it, but we still have fun.
  6. I've always wanted to try that, dont know if the wife is interested in it though. I cant wait till we retire!
  7. We are not new to the RV life, but just recently "added" an older 4x4 to our barn. It's a 64 IH Scout 80 with 64,000 origanal miles on it. We look forward to exploring new areas and finding some good fishing spots with the Scout............and meeting some others with the same "outlook" on life.
  8. New to the forum but not to RVing. We are in Socal and seem to spend most of our time either on the Harley or looking for places to explore or fish. We just recently got into fly-fishing and are not very good at it, but we're trying. Any others out there doing the same thing? We have an 2009 ElectriGlide Classic and I am in the process of getting a 64 IH Scout 80 to go exploring with and find some nice fishing holes. The toys! The day it was purchased, looks a little different now. Will be picking it up the begining of April:
  9. Coming from truck campers and usually keeping our units for quite awhile, I check the "seals & silicone" a couple times a year. Our 05 will need some resealing this year, since I did notice that some of the silicone is starting to peel in places. We have always found its easier to reseal the whole coach at the same time. We just start at one point and clean and reseal our way around the coach taking our time and doing it over a couple day period. The clean and prep is the most important part. If it isnt cleaned correctly, the job doesnt last very long. Let it cure for a few days and then wax the areas that were worked on. We have an "issue" with letting people work on our RV's, cause it seems that they never do as good of job as we can, so we tend to do 90% of our maint. & upkeep.
  10. We also have a PT50C for our coach. Works like a champ and I wouldnt be without it......cheap insurance! It has tripped on us once and we had a low voltage on 1 leg in a campground. I'm sure it kept out heatpumps from being damaged with a "brown-out" situatiuon. There wasn't another spot to move to at the time, so we used the 30 amp plug that had no voltage issues. Between the PT50C and the onboard EMS system life was once again good. I think we would have killed or hurt 1 or both of our heatpumps had we not had the PT50C in line. I did hear the coachs pumps next to me labor at times, probably due to the low voltage.
  11. Be VERY CAREFULL when working on these steps, they are very strong and can pinch the crap out of you.
  12. I'm good with it, less than the price of a good magazine.
  13. We have an 05 HR Admiral SE, I sometimes wish we would have waited. Since there are MANY more class A toyhaulers available now then there was when we got our HR. We just traded in the 05 Road King for an 09 ElectraGlide Classic and I'm in the process of restoring/resto-moding a 65 GMC G-10 cargo van to put the Harley in and tow behind the moho. I tried the RK in a Ford Ranger, but after 200 miles of rain, the bike looked like it hadnt been washed for 10 years. So I started looking for an alternative and The old "flatface" vans are the only vans light enough to tow behind the moho with an 830 pound bike in them and stay within the towing abilities of our moho. The project is the blue one, the white one is for parts.
  14. We have an 09 Harley FLHTC and are looking for a chapter that is slanted towards the motorcycle lifestyle. Do they exsist?
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