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  1. Recently found out from Garmin, the GVN 53, GPS, installed in my Monaco coach, has been discontinued and will no longer have map updates available. Was curious if anyone has found a suitable replacement?
  2. Mikie, Thanks for the info., I see a park in Toms River (Surf n Stream), that Mapqust says is ~16 miles on hwy. 70, to The Mill at Spring Lake Heights - is that realistic? They say they have space for my 43' MH.... Thanks again
  3. Hello, Was reading your post and saw that you are from Toms River, NJ. I am from Salem, Oregon and am planning a trip to Spring Lake Heights, NJ at the end of June to attend a wedding. I'm not having much luck finding an RV Park close by - was hoping you might have suggestions? Thank you,
  4. I haven't personally, but the two warranty replacements have been authorized by Atwood. Guaranty RV, service provider, was confident they solved the problem. They said they shaved some edge, not sure which one, when installing this second furnace, and this would prevent expansion, when the furnace heats up, and therfore prevent the fracturing of the motor base, etc....
  5. Had the front furnace on my 2011 Diplomat replaced for the second time. Both times the blower motor mounts cracked and the screws holding the plastic stator together cracked out as well. I still feel a slight vibration when it runs and am not confident they have solved the root cause of the problem. The coach is still under warranty, but I certainly don't want some lingering problem and was curious if anyone has heard of this problem?
  6. I use a Garmin 465T that let's you set it up for Truck/Motorhome routing - takes into consideration weight limits on bridges, low overpasses, narrow roads etc....
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