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  1. We just did our first trip with the REK installed. I must say it made a big difference. Before, any time we went over a pot hole, regardless of size, it was bone jarring and would rattle the entire coach. Now, 95% of all bumps, pot holes and anything else thrown at it gives me a much smoother and quieter ride. I agree with Michael's assesment.
  2. Hi Marie, My screen resolution is just fine. Perhaps when everything is updated and re-booted it will look OK. As far as I can tell, there is no Apple software and it looks like it is all Windows based. The software is on the unit when you plug it into a Windows based computer. Perhaps you can go to a friend's house and use their computer to do the updates. Good luck, Steve
  3. Each GPS unit has its strengths and weaknesses. Some have instant traffic updates, some have speed traps, and, some even let you update the burger joints. This one is designed specifically for RV's. As of now, there are no others like it. Unfortunately, one can't pick and choose what features you want. And, the database for low bridges is there; that is why you put the information in telling the unit the size of your motorhome. This unit has two to three times the database than my TomTom. I have owned it less than a week and there have been three updates already for information. I am very pleased with it.
  4. I am a little confused by your statement. I have played around with the unit and am amazed at the POI database that is inside. And, it is RV friendly. Instead of having to search for RV parks, RV gas stations, RV friendly rest stops, etc., they are all there.
  5. Boy, it looks like they locked out all the codes. I feel bad that they don't work anymore. Both codes that were given here were supposed to work until May 31st. I just spent half an hour trying other codes that I found but none work...sorry folks, it is still a great unit and worth the money; even if it is at full price.
  6. Try the one stargazr posted. Try VIP Hopefully, they haven't turned these off...
  7. I will try to answer as best I can: 1) Not that I can tell 2) Not that I can tell 3) Yes I have uploaded the user guide so you can take a look at what it does. I have owned numerous GPS units with some being built into cars and several portable ones. This is by far the nicest, and for RV's the best I have come across. Go here for the user manual. I hope it will answer all of your questions. steve
  8. I just received a TripMaker® RVND™ 5510 GPS unit from Rand McNally. Although I haven't taken it out on a trip, I wanted to give my initial impression of the unit: I have a Class A Monaco and have been using a TomTom Go. It has gotten me where I want to go but was set up for a car and not at all for a motor home. I recently purchased another unit at Costco and while it was a nice unit, the mount was terrible as it would not allow the GPS unit to be mounted on the driver's side window; it was designed for a car windshield. So, I returned it and started looking again for a GPS unit that was more tailored for RV usage. I found the TripMaker® RVND™ 5510 on Rand McNally's web site and, after searching the web, found a 20% discount code (great20). I just received it a few hours ago and am giving my 1st impressions: The packaging is very nice and I must say the TripMaker® RVND™ 5510 is a very attractive unit. The snap-on cradle and the mount are very impressive. The mount is the best I have seen on a GPS unit. It is very heavy duty and will allow for great viewing angles on the side window of a motor home. The only possible gripe would be the power connector is on the left side of the unit. This would be up against the window. The power connector might be better off on the bottom or right side…we will have to wait and see. Upon connecting the unit to the computer, it automatically installed the proper drivers and Windows opened a window showing the onboard memory of the TripMaker® RVND™ 5510. Once opened, the Windows software is right there. This is a ice touch as you don't have to mess around with CD's. The software installed without issues and immediately asked if I wanted to update the software on the TripMaker® RVND™ 5510. I would recommend that you have a little time and a fast Internet connection as this took around an hour on my DSL line. Once all the updates (314 total) were installed, I disconnected the unit and started playing around. Wow, this thing is amazing. You enter your motor home information, e.g., height, weight, length and if you are towing something. When it plans your route, it will plan it for the proper roadways based on the information you entered; pretty cool. There are some great information screens. One tells you what your elevation is (nice to know), speed time to destination and other pertinent info. Another button, and one that is great for me, is a one touch button for RV friendly gas stations. This is huge for me as I have always found it hard to find these types of businesses as I am driving. While I haven't used the TripMaker® RVND™ 5510 on a trip yet, I can't wait. I will let you know how it works on the road. steve
  9. I just had the Source Engineering Ride Enhancement Kit installed and I am very happy with it.
  10. I just had my Monaco Cayman (2009) in for service as I sucked a bag into the engine fan splitting the fan and causing pieces of the bag into the radiator. I decided to replace the fan with the new High Performance Fan from Source Engineering. While it was in the shop, I called Monaco asking them about the trailing arm issue. The tech told me that it was very important to replace the arms as they are seeing failure at around 20k miles. My coach has 6k miles but I decided to do the trailing arms and the Ride Enhancement Kit too. When they took the trailing arms off, one was cracked. Good thing I had this done. There was also another coach in the shop where the trailing arm had broken in half completely. Man, I am glad this didn't happen to us while on the road. If you have one of the following coaches I would suggest you pay for the repair. Actually, my extended insurance company paid for it. Manufacturer / Model Affected Years Monaco Knight 2002-2004 Monaco Cayman 2002-2009 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 2002-2004 Holiday Rambler Neptune 2002-2009 Safari Cheetah 2002-2006 Safari Zanzibar / Sahara 2002-2005 Safari Simba RD All Years Beaver Baron All Years As far as the ride goes I only drove for around 40 miles. But, I did notice a much smoother ride, the porpoise effect (front to back motion) was greatly reduced and going over bumps was much better too as new shocks are part of the kit along with an included Ping Tank. All in all I am happy that I got it all done.
  11. We have a Monaco Cayman, 37ft. We have been insured with Good Sam for many years with low rates and great coverage.
  12. Taxation without representation, that is all they are. If the cities were not making lots of money off them they would not be there.
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