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  1. This is very interesting I may look into it. Thanks Don
  2. Thanks to all you have been a great help on my tv conversion project I got a lot of good ideas and advise. I believe this site is a whole lot better then the others.. Thanks again and Happy Motoring Don and Maxine
  3. Right on Gene. When I emptied my black water tank after using Happy Camper there was no I mean no odor. I talked to the folks who sell this remarkable stuff and the lady told me they once left their black water tank full sitting in the sun for a 3 month period when they got back to AZ they discovered this mistake. Emptied the tanks and guess what NO odor, I wouldn't use any other product. Sorry to sound like a TV commercial but this stuff is really remarkable. And no I don't work for the company. Don
  4. I replaced my old analog TV with a new flat screen. I used a mounting bracket that I bought at Wal Mart. The kind that swing out and tilts up or down. My question concerns how to keep the TV from coming forward during the shaking and rattling of travel. What did any of you do who have replaced your TV with a flat screen? I'am at a loss to figure this one out. Thanks. Don
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