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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Must just be me.
  2. We just completed a tour of the camping club (I will not give the name) sites that belong to the club we belong to, basically a week in each location. When we joined 8 years ago we had fun and there seemed to be something going on daily, now across the board, the parks were only about 20% FULL, nothing going on to speak of, and the things that were scheduled were being cancelled, one by one because no one came, or signed up. The maint. was not getting done and the employees were leaving, I don't mean the part timers for the winter, but the people that stayed year around. Seemed to be a general lack of customer service, the offices were only opened 4 hours a day. We stopped at a few out of the club places and were met with HO-HUM at those parks too. Does anyone feel the same attitude too ? Larry
  3. I went to the store and bought paraffin Wax, like grandma used to seal canning jars, since then I have found lots of uses. Larry
  4. I have a HR 2006 with the same problems in the same locations. I found if I raise the jack in the front it will stop (just a tiny bit). I sprayed the mushrooms with the mold killer and they went away. Larry
  5. <p>All the planning in the world is a great idea (generally).</p> <p> </p> <p>Wife and I bought an old '88 24-footer, went weekends for two years, spent most of the time fixing things, then we bought a '99 35 footer and retired.</p> <p> </p> <p>We ran around Wash and Ore. for a year and decided we would jump off the cliff, sell everything and go for the big trip.</p> <p> </p> <p>We bought a 40-foot Holiday Rambler, and set off. We got about a month into heading south and one night my wife fell backwards out of the coach, from the top step.</p> <p>We are now parked in northern Wash. Looks like for good.</p> <p> </p> <p>Don't over plan. Make some short trips, see if you love each other as much as you think. If it looks good JUMP and have fun.</p>
  6. Sad to say-Rita and I have gotten to the end of our adventure and parked our 6 wheel apartment for what looks like forever. Rita has had medical problems for the last couple of years and it looks like it's getting worse. We have found a couple of lots in northern Washington at Port Susan Camping Club and have resigned ourselves to this being it. I really enjoyed our times meeting with other FMCA groups. Thanks for the love. Larry and Rita
  7. I used my wife's turkey blaster, work great. Don't get caught! Larry
  8. I need an installation diagram for my Weldex. Any one (other than Weldex) that may have a diagram about where the wires go ? The installation is straight forward but it leaves me with the three wires that activate the side cameras, the wires are marked but no info where to connect them. Larry
  9. Brett Thanks for the lead. Herman said I should buy a hat so I bought two and a jacket. No more neighbors running away. Larry
  10. My neighbor just showed up wearing an FMCA baseball cap. I WANT ONE TOO !! I have a number of things from Holiday Rambler but nothing from FMCA but two goose eggs. Does anyone know where I can get FMCA apparel???
  11. Turn about is fair Play. I just got back from a short trip and was confronted by a new Class A next to me, The guy was out washing his rig and he looked up and said "Hi Larry" Spent the next 30 min. chatting like we were lifelong bud's.
  12. I mounted mine on the rear ladder as mentioned above. The front took some thought, I didn't want to go drilling holes in the body to use screws, one day I was at a small local store in a small town and found suction cups with hooks on them, I mounted my FMCA Goose Egg in the front window, and then hung my wooden name sign on the other side. When I get ready to leave I just reach up and pull them off.
  13. A bunch of good points. Thanks for the feed back. Next approch I make I will prep with "I see your an FMCA member"
  14. I saw a nice RV coming into the park we are at, I caught thier FMCA number and looked them up here, While they were getting set up I approached them and called them by name, I don't know what happened, they went into thier rig and closed the drapes, every so often I would see them peek out. After I left, they came back out and finished setting up. They never did find out how I knew their names, because every time they saw me they would cross the street and look the other way. I have done this a couple of times, with some strange reactions until I explain how I do it. Made some good friends too. Larry
  15. This has probably happened in a park you go to. This was the first time for me, I was walking by and offered to help.
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