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  1. 1- Phil Lockler 2- USMC 3- 1970 - 1974 4- E4 5- Motor Transport 6- Camp Pendleton, California My Mother prayed me away from 'Nam. She said that she knew I would not return if I ever went. She is still praying for me daily. It works!
  2. Gary, I installed a Hydralift on my 40' Dutchstar. The thought for me was to be able to take my Goldwing and a toad. The Hydralift only weighs ~ 300lbs. Most of time I wind up taking the bike and renting a vehicle (depending on destination) if needed. I enjoy the smooth performance of the Hydralift. It works for me, but I was able to visit with another RV's that had one installed. I had the coach weight checked w/ bike on board and my particular coach was okay. Phil
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