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  1. Thanks for the feedback on my problem from everyone. I plan on working on it this weekend, so we will see how it goes. Don
  2. The front overhead cabinet is falling down in our 2011 Fleetwood Discovery 40G motorhome starting on the right hand corner above the entry door. There was a 32" flatscreen TV installed when we bought the RV, but I removed it and converted the space into shelves, which are much lighter. We noticed the overhead separating from the ceiling a few months before I removed the TV. Now there is a good inch gap between the ceiling and overhead. I got the schematic from Fleetwood for the overhead, but it really does not show much. I just want to know if anyone else had dealt with this and can give some pointers before I dive into fixing it. I have attached a photo so you can have a better idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks! Don Lively
  3. Brett and Mr. Boyer, Thanks for the info. This morning the park electrician stopped by and when looking at the main electrical panel, they had the 120s coming off of L1. After switching them and making sure one of from L1 and the other is from L2, we now have a true 50 amp circuit. Thanks again! Don
  4. I was wondering if while hooked up to 50 Amp service and my 2011 Fleetwood Discovery 40G reads 30 Amps, if it will hurt anything or just limit what all I can run in the coach? I checked the 50 amp plug at the box which is a standard 4 post (X,Y,W, &G) plug, but it looks like the electrician wired it with 120 coming off of either L1 or L2 but not both because I see zero (0) volts across X and Y with my voltmeter. I see 120 Volts between X and W and Y and W and X and G and Y and G and zero (0) between W and G. Since it looks like the 120 is coming from the same side, which means the phases will not be balanced, is that a fire hazard on the coach side or the park's side? Also I would be curious as to why someone would wire a 50 Amp service in this manner? Does it save money somehow? I checked the feeds coming into the bottom of the power box and there are 4 wires coming in and 4 going out, so they did not jump the poles in RV service box, which must mean they did it at the main circuit box. Thanks!
  5. desertdeals69, I guess that is what I will do. Thanks! Don
  6. I was wondering if it is OK to leave my TracVision R5SL satellite dish on all of the time? When we are not watching TV and have our DISH TV receiver off, I can hear the dish moving all of the time like it is searching for signal. I wonder if that is OK or if it will wear out the motor quicker? If I turn off the dish when not in use, then when I go to watch TV in the bedroom or anywhere, I have to then remember to turn it back on and walk up to the front of the RV to do so. Thanks! Don
  7. dennysnine, I'm by no means an expert, but have so far figured out all the ways to reset my Magnum MS2000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers when we did the same thing. First I check the breaker box and make sure none of the circuits are tripped. If so I reset the breaker. Second I check the pop out breakers on my inverters and make sure they are not tripped. If so I reset them. Third I will reset the actual inverter by holding the reset button for 15 or 20 seconds until the led light starts to flash. So far that has always fixed my lost of power problems for 110V. If you have or can download the user's manual for your inverters, that would be a big help so you can see all the ways to reset its breakers and/or entire inverter. I hope that helps. Thanks! Don Lively
  8. The first time a reboot of the inverter fixed the problem. This time no such luck, but yesterday after posting my plea for help, I was reading the inverter user manual and saw where both inverters had the 30 amp reset button. So Rich, if I would have read your post prior to me investigating myself, you would have put me on it too. The way my inverters are installed in the coach puts the second one behind the first with no space between them and so I had to feel with my fingers for whether or not the 30 amp reset button was popped out. I could not feel that it was popped out or blown, but it was. I finally took the screws holding the first or front inverter out and once I slid it out of the way, I saw that the reset button was popped out and so once I reset that, we had power again. Luckly there was enough room for me to keep the first inverter slid a little more to the front so now there is a good two inches for me to see the back inverter and its 30 amp reset button. I really appreciate all the help and can say for sure that I get more useful information from FMCA's forum then any of the others I post to. This time I did not ever mess with the other forums because I seem to get the answers I need from this forum. Thanks! Don
  9. We have a 2011 Fleetwood Discovery 40G that keeps having 110 power issues. Our problem is that whether we are connected to shore power or running the generator, we lose power to our main coach 110v outlets. We can turn on the inverter and get 110 then, but the batteries start to discharge even though we are still hooked up to 50A shore power or have the generator running. In the past I could reset the inverter and get the 110 to come back without having the inverter on, but now that is not doing the trick. So we are now without 110 power even though we are hooked to shore power. The only way I could get my house batteries to charge while the inverter is on, is start the engine and let the alternator charge them. They do not get charged from the shore power or generator or if they do, it is just a trickle because running anything like the TVs or DVD player will drain the house batteries. We have two Magnum MS2000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers, one for the main coach and one for the residential refrigerator The refrigerator keeps its power fine while we lose power to the 110 outlets without having to turn its inverter on. I have reset both inverters, turned off all the power to the coach and unhooked the shore power for a few minutes and then hooked it back up. I have unhooked from shore power and started the generator and nothing seems to let us get our 110 power back. Our hot water heater and dryer keeps power to them so it seems it is just whatever is wired to the inverter designated to the coach 110 power. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks! Don Lively http://livelyrv.com
  10. Rich, That was the problem. After properly resetting the inverter, everything is working as usual. Thanks so much for the help and I will make sure to remember this so if it happens again, I know exactly what to do. Don
  11. Brett, I have checked them all and they are good, plus if one was tripped, switching over to the inverter should not make a difference, should it? I also want to apologize for hijacking this thread with my problems. If need be I will start a new thread for my issue. Thanks! Don
  12. Rich, The inverter is a Magnum MS2000. Thanks! Don
  13. We are also having sort of the same issue with our 2011 Fleetwood Discovery 40G. I have noticed that sometimes when hooked to shore power the 110V outlets loose power in the main coach as if a breaker has tripped. The only way I can get power back to them is turn on the inverter. Last night we had the inverter on for the coach power with hardly anything plugged in and when I woke up this morning, even though my panel showed we had 50A service, the house batteries were at 10 volts, like the converter was not working. I have noticed that when I do loose power to the 110V outlets, the 110V outlet for my dryer still has power along with the hot water tank. So I went outside to check the breaker box at the electric pole and it seemed fine, but I turned it off along with the power switched at the entry door and let the coach sit for a minute before turning the power back on. Now the coach would not recognize the 50A service and the Power Guard panel was showing a 02 (ground error). I had to run the generator all day just so our batteries did not go dead but then had to start the engine because it seemed the generator was not charging the batteries that good. Now I have shore power again and my batteries seem to be staying around 13.2 volts, but I can only get 110 in the main coach through my inverter still. I have two inverters, one for the coach and one for the fridge. It seems the one for the fridge does not have to be on for its power when hooked to shore power like for coach power. Is there a switch bad or something? I will get this checked out when I take the coach back in for service this March, but that is still a ways off. I hope you figure out what is wrong with your system, because I bet it will apply to mine as well. Thanks! Don
  14. Rob, I'm dropping the RV off at the dealership again for some work today and will ask them to lookup the part numbers you need and pass it on. I'm a West Virginia University graduate which makes me a Mountaineer. We have a good many Virginia Tech fans here too. Oh, by the way, to answer a previous question you posted, our nets were installed by Fleetwood, but if you can use a power drill and screw gun, you would not have any problems installing them. I take it you do not live on a farm any longer? My wife is always wanting to stop at people's farms and help with anything farm related. She is into whole foods and learning how to cut out all of the un-natural junk in our foods so that we live a healthier life. Thanks! Don
  15. Rob, The net is attached to the front side of the bunk bed rail/frame by screws. If you do not want to drill holes into your metal frame you could always attach the netting to a 1/2x1" furring strip and then screw it down with the net wrapped under. I would think that it would be small enough not to interfere with the mattres or anyone sleeping in it. I'm a born and raised West Virginian and would have it no other way. I was in the Army and Army National Guard for 23 years, so have been to just about every state in America and overseas to Korea and German, so have some exposure. The reason me and the family want to fulltime though is so we can experience all the states and appreciate what each one has to offer. Thanks! Don
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