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  1. I am in CANADA and had the thermo pane window fog proplem at the RV dealer asked me if I needed this type of widow so they ask if they could brake the inside window now its fixed and cost nothing do not need thermo windows anyway if any ohers fog up I will do the same
  2. I am looking at replacing the levelers on my 1999 ITASCA Sunflyer 36 ft gas motorhome. What jacks would be best to install on the motorhome. Now have the HWH JOY STICK, Do not like them for the springs get weak and here they are hard to replace. Would like to get some feed back whats recommended. Thank you.
  3. Did you find the set point this is what mine is doing I have a Coleman 5 button due them thermostat now that I need the furnace put it on zone 1 and furnace it lights and the fan comes on set the temp to 75 then in about 15 min. everything shuts off I know the temp never got to 75 it will not restart on its own turn the switch to off and back on everything starts up the shuts down again in about 15 min anyone now what is going on with the thermostat if you got yours working what was it
  4. I have a 2006 Fleetwood Pace Arrow motorhome with the thermostat RV comfort control.zc. I am having nothing but problems. I take it to a RV dealer and they sell me a new one. I'm on the 3rd one and still it will not work will/not switch zones. I call the manufacturer -- no help there. Reading on other forms, I am not the only one experiencing problems. This is what is happening -- play with it for hours then I get the air to work and this is not too often. Park the motorhome, next trip out same thing. Does anyone have a idea of how to solve it? Will the Hunter thermostat work with 2 air conditioners, 2 furnaces and a heat pump in the unit? Been fighting with this for 4 to 5 years. What I have paid could have replaced the air conditioners and furnaces with something that works.
  5. I have a 4 door 2500 Norcold refrigerator. The freezer works fine but the fridge part does not get cold at all. Left it on propane for 2 days -- the fridge was still warm. It works on 110 OK. Took it to a Norcold dealer. Propane flame was OK. He did a cleaning and should be OK now, but it is not. The fridge still will not get cold. Can anyone help me to know what could be wrong before I get a new refrigerator? Thank you. RON
  6. I want to thank everyone for the help and explaining how it works-- now l understand. I am going to try the fans first as I have 7 class A motorhomes that I rent out. This gives me something to do in my retirement years.
  7. The same with propane or if I'm plugged in. I put the refrigerator on and motorhome is level let it run for 4 days. Put a cup of water in the freezer and fridge. The water in the freezer turned to ice. The one in the fridge never even got cool.
  8. The freezer works okay, but the fridge part will not get cold. I have the temperature all the way up. What can be done to get the fridge part working?
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