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  1. We also have the transfer switch and surge protector, it makes the exact same sound anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes after plugging it in
  2. kellyfrank

    New Muffler

    They don't even carry my size. I am undecided between an AREO 4040 / xl or Donaldson muffler and it is going to be considerably smaller and basically flow thru.
  3. kellyfrank

    New Muffler

    I have gone everywhere no one carries that size.
  4. kellyfrank

    New Muffler

    I have a 1999 Dutch star. 4" end out nipple rotten need a new muffler. Getting confused-- should I go with a high flow or just a standard replacement, and where will I find one to fit the exact dimensions needed to back in the brackets welded to the frame?
  5. My outlets are all correct yellow yellow clear. it has something to do with the ground in the coach I truly believe. I am going to wait for a friend to come over that is more electrical savoy than I am. I bet I have a loose ground somewhere...
  6. Thank you, I am hearing from a lot of people it has something to do with a bad/ loose ground. Thank you all.
  7. Thank you Brett, you seem to be one knowledgeable guy.
  8. I still have the 1999 Dutch star... lol. Can I recharge the A/C for the front of the coach for the driver just like a car? 1 or 2 cans and is there a inlet port somewhere in the rear diesel eng. compartment?
  9. I went and bought a plug tester and the outlets are correct, 2 yellow. When I test the coach after it's plugged in all outlets in the coach now show two yellow one red, but the instrument does not give a troubleshoot for that readout. Someone told me it is a ground wire bleeding over... in the coach???
  10. Wow, thanks. That may be a very expensive fix...
  11. I have a 1999 Dutch Star with two roof Duo Therm's. They do not blow cold, cold air.I believe they need to be recharged Can I do this at home?
  12. Ok not very electrical... lol the shore line is from my garage and it may not be grounded right... I will try to run it from my house. We are about to go on our maiden trip and I have so much to learn. Do you believe it is from the shore line not from an internal issue? I will start the generator next and touch and see if i get that tingle... if not it makes me believe it's my cord and should not happen at the camp site. Thank you for your input on this holiday. Have a safe fourth of July, Frank from Mass.
  13. Hi Brett, first I removed the deep cycle Batt. but it was still charged. Second I was on 110 shore power, when I unplugged the shore power so did the current.
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