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  1. Also try not using all caps when you type. Bill

    How Many Of You Are Roadtrek Owners?

    Welcome to the forum. Bill
  3. No, tell us how you realey feel. Yes they have over sold the "you need a degree to make it" mentality. It use to upset some of the new engineers they hired at Lockheed that a lowly aircraft mecanic was making more than they were. 😁 Seriesly All the big/better places are busey, REV Group RV Service Center in Alvarado is full and I bet there is a wait to get in TCC and MHofT are busey and only Carl can get right in. So I think there is plenty of business out there. Bill
  4. Like Carl, l I think the switch with a red indicator light above it is for the block heater. But I think the vent on the driver's side by the kitchen sink is most likely your furnace. Easey to check just turn your furnace on and see if it is blowing hot air. The one in back is probably your water heater. Take the cover off and look. Some of the combo washer dryers don't have a vent to the outside. Bill

    Yuma AZ Winter RV Resorts

    You better call them now. Don't expect to just show up and find a spot. If you do it will probably be closest to the tracks. Bill
  6. No, but I am good at spending other people's money. Bill
  7. I have the Surge Guard 34850 portable. It has saved me several times from plugging into bad pedestals and being portable I can check outher power pedestals without moving the coach. What a lot of people don't seem to understand when they talk about surge protection for their coach is, low voltage is what causes the majority of the problems in coaches. I would bet the OP's problem was caused by low voltage not over voltage. Bill

    Monaco Diplomat

    Welcome to the forum. I would contact the factory at https://www.monacocoach.com/technical-assistance Bill

    Beating the high cost of fuel

    I don't think restarting the pump is that big of a deal. The shut off point varies from station to station. Kroger limits it to 35 gal. Bill
  10. WILDEBILL308

    Beating the high cost of fuel

    I don't use them unless the price is comparable or they are the only place. Lots of places make you go inside and and pay/swipe your card. Then your card is billed at the actual amount pumped. I always go back and get a receipt. Bill
  11. WILDEBILL308

    Beating the high cost of fuel

    Me to, I haven't found anything unless you are a trucking company. Bill
  12. WILDEBILL308

    Towable vehicle

    scbwr, be aware that many manual transmissions are not towable 4 down. That is why it is important to check every model for its quirks about towing. My CR-V all wheel drive can be towed 4 down but not on a dolly. Bill
  13. WILDEBILL308


    That is true some "fancy" coaches already have Silverleaf. Does it show turbo boost and EGT? Bill