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  1. Are your attachment screws on the outside or on the inside like Jim S. Bill
  2. Mark and Terri, welcome to the forum. Yes,The Oasis in Las Vegas is a great place. Bill
  3. So is the outside vent molded into the endcap as Carl sayes? Bill
  4. How did Newmar install it originally? Have you asked them? Have you tried to take out the shelf over the dryer? You might be able to see down the back of the dryer. Have you looked for an acess panel on the right side? Did it come off the dryer or the outside vent? Bill
  5. As long as they are the right load range and arn't rubbing or having a problem with clearance I don't see a problem. I am understanding the date code is good? They are actually giving you a little overdrive 62 actual at 60 mph. You can use this to do your own comparisons. https://tiresize.com/comparison/ Bill
  6. That far north I would be shocked if they weren't treating the roads. They are treating roads in Dallas. Bill
  7. Jim S, great pictures. Here is another steam train you can ride. https://www.thetrain.com/events/steam-saturdays/ Bill
  8. First thing I noticed is the tires that are on there are the wrong load range. You say they are G rated and the sticker calls out for LRH or load range H. I wish I could see the bottom of the tag/ the part cut off. Do you have a tag? What I see Interpret as the front steer 275/80R22.5 and the duels are 275/70R22.5 I think the bottom part is for coaches with a tag as the weight is blank. Bill
  9. Jim, Re read what Ernie posted. He is in the RV floor business. Probably the best and has more experience than anyone else on the forum. Bill
  10. Just so you know Newmar rates the hitch for 15,000 lbs towing, flat or trailer. However it is only rated for 1,500 lbs max tongue weight. Bill
  11. Walter, Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service. Bill
  12. Just correct it, It is still interesting. Watch the one I posted it tells you how to operate the 844. Yes The Big Boy is amazing and I am glad they have it running again. Just think 2 sets of 4 drive wheels on each side or 16 total. If we knew what it took to fuel it we would never complain about milage again. Bill
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