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  1. I would second that. I had one rupture on a old 1978 Executive I had and when I lit the stove I had flames up inside the vent a hood. Plenty of excitment. Bill
  2. You had 2 inspectors look at the coach and you knew Tiffin had a problem in that area and you still missed it? Bill
  3. Sherry/Ken, welcome to the forum. All I can say after looking at the whole thing is it's not for me. I have never seen one in use on the road in any campground or at any rally. I will stick to my CR-V 4 down. Bill
  4. Did he ask to have the unit hooked up to shore power, water or run the generator? Kind of interesting because I just sold a RV through the Cleburne branch of PPL. I was required to deliver the coach there with a full fuel tank and over 1/2 water so the systems could be checked. I know they moved several trailers without generators to where they could be hooked up to be tested by people. Brett they do a complete make ready and check everything. They make shure everything is serviceable. This is on the sellers dime. I have to be somewhat suspicious of the refrigerator story. They don't mind spending money especially because it doesn't come out of their pocket. I am surprised they didn't just replace the refrigerator. Bill
  5. Chris, welcome to the forum. Where are you? It might help if you re read the whole thread. Things can look bad but you may be able to travel latter. Bill
  6. The Kenmore ice maker M1 SA8868 is manufactured by Frigidaire for use in Kenmore refrigerators and others. The equivalent Frigidaire part number is 241798224. Look on Amazon. Bill
  7. Welcome to the forum. I don't see a problem as long as you are replacing the duells in pairs. The Toyos are 0.3 wider and 0.3 taller. Not enough to be worried about. There will be someone by all worried about duell spacing but I bet you could find more variation between tires than that. Let us know how it goes. Bill
  8. When you need to know, use a helium leak detector. https://heliumleakdetection.net/what-is-helium-leak-detection/ I use to have one at work. The OP may be lucky as the stuff he used has a sealer in it and it might fix the problem for the season. Bill
  9. Welcome to the forum. I would do a serch on Youtube, there must be a dozen reviews of systems. Bill
  10. Rick Tague, welcome to the forum. I added the extra part to my original batwing and it worked great. You can get it from Amazon for$30.00 just do a search Winegard Wingman RV-Wing HD Upgrade Antenna. Bill
  11. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  12. Maybe I am just cheap. I did think this special for a couple burgers was just a little pricey. Well it does come with fries. What do you think? https://www.flemingssteakhouse.com/promotions/caymus-and-two-burgers Bill
  13. Welcome to the forum. Well did it start? Bill
  14. Is your generator on a slide out? I would look over the generator. Bill
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