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  1. Welcome to the forum. When are you planning this trip? I would work my way up to Calgary then pickup 1 the Trans Canadian Hwy. When you get to Vancouver I would take the toad to Victoria and take 1 the Trans Canadian Hwy to mile marker 0. They eaven have a turn around loop so you can head back East. I would take I-5 back south. Don't forget to stop at Olympic National Park and get your stamp. Bill
  2. I agree with Ray. I don't have to be any ware in a hurrey. I don't think there is any road that doesen't have some areas that are rough or under construction. You can often see where deferent maintence areas end by the condition of the road. Bill
  3. Using US highways or State highways sounds great but much of the time I find it doesn’t live as well as it sounds on the internet. I have driven across New England on them. The problem in the North and Northeast is the roads are old and narrow with no place to get off and no sholderrs and few places you can get in to fuel. I don’t do that anymore. I will use all the Interstates and toll roads I can. As an example, a couple weeks ago we drove from FW down to Kerrville on 67 and 281. Not bad roads but the problem is there are so few places to stop/pull off the road. There were several rests stops all closed. We came back up I-35. Eaven made it through Austin without a big problem. There are several nice rest areas where you can stop and walk the dog and me. Bill
  4. Do you have any information on re using RV antifreeze? Bill
  5. Yes, Ray after watching how they act you understand the being amazed at how few die. Bill
  6. What was damaged on your steps? Some parts may be availible. Bill
  7. Before I retired from Lockheed they had some steel 3-D printers and we were making tooling that located from drawings in the 3-D cad/catia programs. You could make a tool that way in about 8 hours that would take several weeks to make the traditional way. Bill
  8. I would call HR with your coaches serial number and see if they can tell you what steps you have. They should have records. Let me know what you find out. I would contact Lippert/Kwikee and see if they can narrow it down based on that sticker. Bill
  9. It is not that people are killed in the National Parkes every year it is that so few are killed every year. Bill
  10. Ok What RV do you have? Can you find a serial number on your steps? Bill
  11. wildebill308


    Ray, I am with five on that. Yes you can but it is such a pain to do. One of the You Tube channels made up a device to use to do it. It had a valve so you could blead down the air and get the compressor to start and provide usable air preshure. Outherwise when the preshure leveled off above the start point for the compressor you had to go pump the brakes to lower it to get the pump to start. One outher thing make shure you have a air fitting that fits the hoses you are carryings. The one by the generator is not compatible to standard air hoses. There should be a male fitting secured near the female fitting. This is so a tow truck can air up the system and release the brakes if needed. I made a adapter incase I wanted to use it. Bill
  12. I don't know about that. I haven't done a official survey but I bet 75% of RV owners travel with pets. Bill
  13. Looking good. It is always better when the wife isn't yelling at you. Bill
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