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  1. Yes absolutely, especially in the North East. One outher benefit of using major toll roads/for instance I-95 North of NY. (never cross the GW bridge) You can find good rest areas with gas stations you can get in and out of. Yes I have driven on the back roads in New England. The good roads are all North South routs. When you go East West not so much. Many like US-2 are not bad but harder to get any place and hard to find good stops. US-1 can be a nightmare of traffic during the summer. We did a rally at Moody Beach RV Campground and it could take 30 min+ to get out of the parking lot with the toad. Like Richard said going through places like Chicago with out using toll roads would be just totally aggerating. Getting around the local traffic is totally worth the tolls. One outher big thing when you don't know the roads or the area. Using Toll roads are all most all safe to drive in your RV. No low (un marked) bridges, no bad big surprises. Bill
  2. If you can't figure it out I would call and see what they say. Address: 11280 N Solar Canyon Way Surprise, AZ, 85379 Bill
  3. If that doesn't work I would try to call Winnebago Inc. Customer Care (800) 537-1885 - Toll Free (641) 585-6939 Wish I knew more but that's the first I heard about a password for the codes. Hope that works. If that doesn't work try calling National Indoor RV Centers in Phoenix, AZ 520-442-2500 Bill
  4. Welcome to the forum. That is interesting, that is the first I have heard of a login password for/to reset codes. Bill
  5. equinus, welcome to the forum. On my last coach when the propane furnace would mess up I would do this. Turn the thermostat off. Remove the front cover of the thermostat. I had a fuse there. Remove the fuse and test it. Now re install it put the cover back on and set the thermostat to the correct zone and mode for furnace heat. See if that works. For some reason removing the fuse and interrupting the power would fix most of the problems. Bill
  6. That is amazing. I am with Carl on what is it? My guess is older bus conversion where the driver sat lower than the passenger level. Bill
  7. Ge isn't it nice some are moving in the right direction. Bill
  8. True they have stuff that can be hard to find. Good to see you on. Bill
  9. JohnBo, welcome to the forum. Yes an older post but still good information. Just so you know you can pull your own engine and transmission oil test for about $30.00 each kit. You just need a vacuum pump and some plastic tubing. I like the pump from J&G. https://jglubricantservices.com/productsservices.html I use Blackstone for the kits and lab because you don't need to pay in advance for the kits. https://www.blackstone-labs.com/products/free-test-kits/ Let me know what the test/inspection results are. Bill
  10. Pictures may help. Have you compared them (by dimension) to the 6V golf cart battery's at Sam's or Costco? Bill
  11. https://www.newmarcorp.com/wheelchair-accessible/ 5 different models, gas and diesel. Bill
  12. That and I need some mantles for the lantern and new straps for my back pack. Bill
  13. I think he needs to talk to a different dealer. Bill
  14. How many times did it rain last night??? Bill
  15. seanbrown427, welcome to the forum I would run it over some scales just to check what it does weigh ready for the road. Then you might be able to adjust your air preshure. Bill
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