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    Warning light on 2008 Holiday Rambler Endeavor

    Keep your serial number handy, you will need it whenever you talk to a Cummins parts guy. What site did you use? https://quickserve.cummins.com/info/index.html This is the same site the dealer looks at to find information on your engine based on the serialnumber. Bill
  2. You know they sell an adapter so you could refill the small bottles off a bigger tank. Lots of videos on youtube. Bill

    Question about roof repair

    I have to ask who came up with this? That is about the dumbest thing I have seen in a long, long time. There is no rational reason to do roof that way. They could have A) gotten a big enough piece of fiberglass. (What do they do on a 45' coach) B cut the parts so you run them across the roof and fiberglassed the joints together. Done right you could not see the joints and it would be as strong or stronger than one piece. Is the covering on the outside of the chanel fiberglass? Bill
  4. The only complaint I have had with the Colman I have is the wheels started to get wobbly so I tightened the screws/axels up. Well ok 2 minor things. It tends to be realey hot even with the burners turned way down. The new ones have 3 burners and may give better control. I just use the small cans of propane and don't think it uses much propane. Bill


    We stayed out at Buffalo Run RV Park & Cabins because we were exploring some places on that side and some of the outher attractions in the area. We also made a day trip/exploring over to the Tetons. Bill

    Clear Bra Removal

    I would not put it back on. Bill


    I would look at Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone, Montana. I haven't stayed there because I never could get reservations. https://www.grizzlyrv.com/ There is a KOA on the East side https://koa.com/campgrounds/cody/ I haven't been on that side yet. The scenery on that route is supposed to be great. Born2travel obviously has more experience in the area. Probably has a better idea on when to go than I do. I would start calling about reservations TODAY. With Fishing bridge closed the demand will be higher at the outher parks. Bill
  8. If you get the Webber get the one with the built in thermometer in the lid. I have done a non scientific survey of several campgrounds and rally's. It is a toss up between the Weber and the Colman Roadtec. The Coleman has the benefit of not needing a place to set it up as it has it's built in stand. https://www.amazon.com/Coleman-Road-Propane-Portable-Grill/dp/B00GPEKBPE Bill

    Texas 130 toll road

    When going East from Coffey Creek stay on I-20 and follow it around the south side to I-30 on the East side of the metroplex. I find that LR is about as far as I want to drive on the first day heading out. Just across the river from the RV park is the Clinton Presidential Library. They have a walking bridge across the river (that is lite up at night ) so you could walk to it if you wanted to. Bill
  10. WILDEBILL308

    Texas 130 toll road

    What route are you taking? Are you going through Little Rock? I like the Downtown Riverside RV Park. downtownriversidervpark.com Bill
  11. WILDEBILL308

    Texas 130 toll road

    Can't be that bad. You can also drive a little faster on that road, it has a posted speed limit of 85 mph (137 km/h), the highest posted speed limit in the United States. Bill
  12. WILDEBILL308

    Trip cost

    Al, see that wasn't so hard. 😁
  13. WILDEBILL308


    Be aware Fishing Bridge Campground is closed for the season for upgrades. https://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/campgrounds.htm Last trip we stayed on the west sidee out on 20 at Buffalo Run RV Park & Cabins. The first time we couldn't get closer than Yellowstone's Edge RV Park. Great park and we were right on the river. That is north on 89. http://yellowstonesedgervpark.com/ I would be calling for reservations now. Bill
  14. WILDEBILL308

    Trip cost

    First of all it's not a a one day trip. One day there and one day back. That is 7-8 hours on the road both ways. It is pretty obvious the car is more expensive the way you are trying to calculate this. You have the cost of the car and add in the cost of the RV. You are paying for it weather you are using it or not. The big question is which one makes you smile more. Bill