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  1. New Engine oil formulation question

    Yes some of the lower weight oils are for specific applications, oils like the 5-40 T6 are for general use. Shell makes a T6 0-40 for cold applications. One outher thing I see is a change in Cummins attitude about extending oil change intervals using oil analysis/testing. They have a program in place on new X15 engins using CK oil that extend oil changes to 85,000 miles. But that is for over the road applications. Bill
  2. New Engine oil formulation question

    More on the Shell oil. http://rotella.shell.com/products/full-synthetic-and-blend-oil/t6-full-synthetic/_jcr_content/productDetails.stream/1506811860834/b1efec99b9e83f216e38df79c5353f4c43d17a2677da8dd08400c13d51318343/t6-5w-40.pdf As Brett said, "And, I would strictly adhere to the viscosity recommendations for YOUR engine. I follow this on both gasoline and diesel powered vehicles." Brett, Here is the latest approved oil list from Cummins. So apparently I am using a approved oil. http://lubritecinc.com/PDF/CES 20086(2).pdf Bill
  3. 2000 Fleetwood Bounder Wiring Diagram

    But it was interesting and his advice was right on the money. So was Carl's. I won't remind him of the times he has raged on me for doing that. Bill
  4. Transfer Switch (IOTA-50R)

    I do think "tinning" the ends and using a drop of loctite blue (removable) would be a good way to slow the problem. The vibration is why in aircraft they use a terminal swaged on the end of the wire or tined and swaged or with a soldered pin in a canon plug. I have seen few problems with properly installed and safety wired cannon plugs. They could do something like that on an RV for less than maybe $1000.00 maybe 1/2 of that. Bill
  5. New Engine oil formulation question

    The only thing I could think that might be a problem would be in some of the Cat engines where they use the engine oil to drive the injector pumps. Maybe Joe will have something or mister Cat, Brett. I run T6 5-40 and don't have any problems. Bill
  6. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    Nice looking bus. I am to lazy to drive standard any more. Have you looked at one of the Bus Nut Chapters in your area? Bill
  7. Ideas on stopping a rocker/recliner from rocking?

    Without seeing the mechanism I would guess a couple of rubber wedges and a couple of bungee cords to keep them in place.Think wheel chocks for your rocker. Bill
  8. Why leave Diesel engine running for short Stops

    True, I have sample reports back to the first time I changed the oil on this engine. I am a firm believer in a full synthetic oil I am now running Shell Rotella T-6 5-40 to ensure good oil flow on start up. My last report showed fuel 0.2% and Blackstone shows an average number of 2.0%. Bill
  9. Why leave Diesel engine running for short Stops

    I know Joe knows this but we don't explain it is when you start your diesel and it is cold you should watch the oil preshure and when it comes up go to "fast idle". The reason is your cold engine (below operating temp) will not burn all the fuel and it can cause problems by washing the oil off the cylinder walls and contaminating the oil. Bill
  10. test for chris

    I only like multiple choice test. Bill
  11. new to RVs this year hope to be on the road soon

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum. As DD said above Rt 66 is no longer continuous and Route 66 was officially decommissioned. The old route is now designated Historic Route 66. I-40 is the road that most closely tracks and overlays the old road. Do some research and you can find maney bits still explorable. https://roadtripusa.com/route-66/ Bill
  12. Best route from Branson MO to Memphis TN

    Welcome to the forum. You are in 2 lane heaven. I would go back to Little Rock and take I-40 Bill
  13. Welcome to the forum. Just some thoughts, Mount Rushmore National Memorial is on your way and The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Well worth a stop. Are you going to Yellowstone National Park? 287 is a possible cut off to I-15 I-15 up to US-2, from US-2 you can pick up 89 in Browning to go to St Mary and the East entrance. By the way there is a good source of information if you are going to drive up into Canada to see Waterton and Banff. (have your pass ports) Travel Alberta West Glacier Visitor Information Centre is located at the West entrance. You absolutely need to do the Red Bus Tour. It is about the only way to get a parking space at Logan Pass. The tours are informative and fun. You can find out more about the park on their website. https://www.nps.gov/glac/index.htm Bill
  14. Why leave Diesel engine running for short Stops

    I go buy what the EGT is once it drops below 400-450 I can shut it off. If I am stopping for lunch I will shut it off and run the generator if needed. If it is a short stop to walk the dog or me I will let it idle to keep it cool in the coach. Bill