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  1. You know they have bait shops there right? It might be easier to just wait and buy some bait after you cross. Bill
  2. Patti, Welcome to the forum. Like Brett said what was going on when this happen or did you just noticed it? Bill
  3. Welcome to the forum. Do you have a small solar panel on the roof?
  4. Wyne, my experience on the last trip North East was some times PFJ was higher than the local competition but not $0.30+. When they are the same the 8 cent discount is nice. Some of the cheaper stations did not have good acess. Some of the cheaper stations were a long way from my rout and through unknown congested areas. I will pay a little more for the convenience factor. Gas Buddy is your friend. Used loves a couple of times. Yes you have to go inside and tell them how much you want and swipe your card. I usually tell them $350.00. Go pump what you need to fill up, then go get your receipt. They only charge for what you actually pump. (always pull forward first) Tell me what stations won't let you re start the pumps (after it maxes out) with the same card? I have never run into that. My fav local station is a Kroger. I have started the pump 3 times during one fill up with the same card, as they only go to 35 gal each time. Wish it was more when I have enough points to get a $1.00 off per gal. Bill
  5. Well yes you are. FMCA is and should be responsible for having accurate information on their website. If the outher brands have the load range listed why should I be required to click away from the Hankook site to get information? One outher thing you are apparently missing is the fact that Dan Ball they were fixing the problem March 4. Wait I will quote it hear so you won't have to search the internet to find it. We are still geting post about how hard it is to use the tire program/find information on the FMCA site. I will say it again, This is absolutely positively one of the best examples as to why FMCA is having a hard time growing and maintaining/retaining members. Bill
  6. Ok, the last post was March 4th. Today is 07/12/2019 and still no improvement or change in the Hankook tire charts. Still no way to tell what the load range is. Why is that? I realey don't want to hear anouther blow you off excuse. If you can't do the job find someone that can. Bill
  7. Sue46, welcome to the forum. You might find this tire size comparison tool helpful. The one Brett posted is close, it is only slightly shorter. Said anouther way at an indicated 60 mph on your speedometer you would actually be going 59.2 mph. https://tiresize.com/comparison/ Any questions feel free to ask. Bill
  8. Does your thermostat have a fuze under the front cover? I would check and see if you have one and if it is good. Also try pulling the fuze out and cleaning the ends to make shure you have good contact. Let us know. Bill
  9. I know I just rolled 100,000 miles in my 2014. I wish we could do enough lobbying with Honda to get them to make a option package available that made one towable. I would pay extra if it came with a base plate and wiring kit already installed ready to tow. Bill
  10. I would turn off any hi load items like the air conditioner, and turn off the breaker at the pedestal where you are plugging in. Do you have a surge guard https://rvpower.southwire.com/products/surge-protection/ If not I recommend having one. Bill
  11. WILDEBILL308


    Welcome to the forum. I don't have any experience with that size but I run 275 80R 22.5 on my RV and have been happy with them. I consider them as good or better than Michelin. Let us know how the switch to the bigger rims works out on your RV. I saw an add about using the 19.5 rims on a RV in Michigan 2 months ago and did a post about it. Bill
  12. I agree with Brett, it would be a shame to spend a lot of money (out of pocket) moving it to find out it is totaled. Bill
  13. Welcome to the forum. What thermostat do you have now? Why do you need to replace the thermostat? What make are the air conditioners? Bill
  14. Lloyd. Sorry for your situation. Is everyone ok? What does your insurance company say? Bill
  15. Welcome to the forum. I would start with the current towable list. https://www.fmca.com/images/stories/pdf/2019Towables-Updated_FRV0119.pdf Bill
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