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  1. Recommendations- Nova Scotia

    I believe the brakes on the tow dolly will be enough. I used a tow dolly on one trip to Canada and had no problem. Bill
  2. Are You A Veteran?

    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your service. Bill
  3. Inverter required for residential refrigerator

    Let me help you Carl, If you are off the grid and you run the generator it will pass 110 through and not draw 12 V off the batteries to make 110V. Hence the statement "It will also pass 110 through if it is available." Bill
  4. I tow a 2014 CR-V easy and I don't know it is back there. Bill
  5. Norcold 4 Door Frig

    Steve, I bet he just let it cykle through the fill cycle to bleed out the air. Bill
  6. Inverter required for residential refrigerator

    Yes it is Carl. It will also pass 110 through if it is available. Bill
  7. What tire if price no concern

    Yep $500.00 each is what I payed for Continentals. I generally think they are a better tire. Bill
  8. Inverter required for residential refrigerator

    Well maybe. One side is 110 only and the side the icemaker plugs into is powered by the inverter. Otherwise you couldn't make ice cubes when on gas and no shore power. Test it with all 110 off, shore power /generator check both outlets with a meter (make shure your inverter is on). Let me know what you find. Bill

    I would be more concerned about the floor plan. Either roof will work if properly maintained. Bill
  10. Flat Tow

    Did you know you can have Blue Ox rebuild/refurbish your towbar at a FMCA rally for about $30.00? I have had a couple of them done. Bill
  11. Dr D

    While it is important to monitor engine temps. I keep a close eye on EGT temps as they can rise much quicker than engine temps. You hear about the super hills the super steep ones but I have seen over temp on long gradual climbs. My first experience was going from the Grand Canyon toward Vagus. I was running on cruise and all of a sudden had warnings for high engine temp. While I was able to maintain speed in 6th gear on cruise the computer was all in trying to maintain that speed. It was like you were driving with your foot flat on the floor to maintain speed. I slowed a little manually shifted down to 4th and the temps started to drop. When they were acceptable I tried 5th and drove the rest of that section in 5th. This is to show not all over temp problems happen on super steep hills. Bill
  12. Isolator Change Issue

    Well if it is 13.4 V not 134 V it shouldn't be a problem. I would want to know why that circuit breaker is causing a problem. Bill
  13. Stackable washer dryer

    Some of the newer super"C" coaches have that as a option in the longer ones. I think I remember a Jayco with that option. Bill
  14. Dr D

    Like Carl said, just remember to shift up once you get to the top of the hill or the grade improves where you can pull/accelerate in a higher gear. You want to go back to 6th gear(selected) at the top. Next timeout try experimenting a little, you will get the hang of it easy enough. Bill