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  1. FMCA just announced a new fuel discount card. From the web site. "It’s why we are excited to introduce the TCS Fuel Discount Card to help FMCA members save on diesel fuel, with discounts available at almost 1,100 locations nationwide! FUEL DISCOUNTS – TCS Fuel Card users can save an average of $0.34 per gallon on diesel fuel at in-network locations (savings can range between $0.05 and $0.70 per gallon)" Bill
  2. I would look at the Remco site, from what I see it looks towable. http://www.remcotowing.com/Towing/Store.php Bill
  3. It is amazing what a good quality control program could do for the industry. I came from the aircraft manufacturing/ maintaining world. There are lots of things that could be done to improve quality and wouldn't increase cost much. Bill
  4. These add on dealer items are profit items for the dealer. Like the fabric coatings and of course the add on warranties. Moste do little and cost much. I would look and see what the factory finish/coatings are. Bill

    TIRE Balance

    Have you gone to a truck tire store? You didn't put where you are but, I didn't have a problem finding a place like cowsertire.com. I used them last year when I put new Continentals on the coach. Bill
  6. Is there any slack in the cable? Kay has a good idea. Using the camera you may be able to pinpoint where exactly the end is. There may be a light or air duct to help gain acess. Bill
  7. Gee it looks just like what I posted 5 replies ago. Bill
  8. Well that is nice if you want to adjust your tire pressure but does nothing to tell you what tire you should buy. The minimum tire size and load range for that RV is specified by the manufacturer. See the OEM size spec on the placard in the RV. You need to buy tires that meet or exceed those called for by the manufacturer. Bill
  9. That is a nice setup. Haven't see that configuration but a car on the bottom and 2 golf carts on top. Bill
  10. The only place I have stayed in that area was Wayne County Fair Grounds & RV Park, waynecountyfairgrounds.net RV Parky is a good site to look for places to stay. Bill
  11. There are some outher processes coming along to make crude oil and fuel stocks from waste. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_depolymerization This is an interesting read to. http://discovermagazine.com/2009/feb/29-anything-into-oil Bill
  12. This gets to be like an adult diaper commercial, "It depends". I went to the 275/80-22.5 size from the 255/80's. I don't have a problem but I don't know how much clearance is on your coach. There isn't that big of difference in the size. You can use this comparison tool to help you see. https://tiresize.com/comparison/ Bill
  13. Welcome to the forum. Hard to beat Oktoberfest fun in New Braunfels. Check out The Schlitterbahn Waterpark when you get there. Bill
  14. Just so you know somebody read your post. That is the first I had heard of that company and don't know of or have heard of someone running that tunner. The only one I have heard good things about is the 5 Star Tuner. https://5startuning.com/ The biggest benefit is the control of the shift points so you arn't downshifting to soon. What are you going to use it on? Bill
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