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  1. Just got home tonight haven't had much time to surf the web. We did the AIM rally at Cajun Palms LA. http://www.cajunpalms.com/ It was interesting. One thing we got to do was a tour of the Martin Accordion factory. Amazing family business. http://martinaccordions.com/index.html Bill
  2. Nice looking Coach. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  3. I would call some of the RV parks near there and see what they offer. You could just get a spot for the time you are gone. Would give you power while you are gone. Bill
  4. I would take it to Texas. Bill
  5. Congratulations and welcome to the forum. I attached one of the placks to the back of my coach with plastic zip ties. Bill
  6. Any time. The key is to not use the pre diluted or you won't git a 50/50 mix. I don't think we will make Perry this year, May be going to Wyoming. Come on along. Bill
  7. Well welcome back!!! I know where Little Valley, NY is I grew up in Westfield. Bill
  8. When I had my ISB I didn't have a problem with trapped air but trapped old coolant or water used to flush out the system. My process was on the last flush to use distilled water. Then after draining all you could, knowing there was still some in the system. Find out what the capacity is and fill with 50% non diluted coolant. (providing you want the standard 50/50 mix.) Then top off with distilled water. This will take into account the water trapped in the system. I had to fill the expansion tank a couple times as air blead out but it was pretty ease. Bill
  9. rayin, That is the best process I have heard. I will give it a test run this weekend. It might take more than one time to be shure. Bill
  10. What exactly is that? I think I have had one before walked through charged up a bill and didn't fix anything.😁 Bill
  11. But I did learn to stoke the fire properly in my steam powered RV. The good thing about that is you have unlimited hot water as long as the steam is up. Bill
  12. Welcome to the Forum Camoman64! Glad you got it working. Bill
  13. I came across this and thought it was interesting. It brought back lots of memory's. Something to watch during the boring times. I saw this RV at the Henry Ford Museum. Interesting thing is they didn't sleep in the RV. The back was all electronics for the show. Bill
  14. I have heard that if you sprinkle fire ants over the beetles that will cure the problem. Bill
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