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  1. Just a change in subject. Found this on a Winnebago "drop test" Don't know what it means with no comparison and no evaluation outher than visual. Haven't seen anyone else do this. Bill
  2. Try this, turn the thermostat off. pull the front cover off. There should be a fuse in side. Remove the fuse and check it. Put the fuse back in and re install the front of the thermostat. Turn it on and check your "Mode" settings and see if that helps. Let us know what you find out. Bill
  3. That's what I thought. Still not that big of a deal to do. They could make it out of acrylic or plexiglas. I would think the acrylic would work better as it doesn't scratch as easily. Bill
  4. Sad to hear about the vandalism. I would be looking at/for a different glass company. I don't see any big problem in getting a piece of tempered glass and cutting it to the right dimensions. Even if they have to make it and then have it tempered. I would be geting the insurance co to help you find one to fix your problem. Bill
  5. I would have taken that load to the car and gone back and asked them if they had any more in back. Ray it is always easier to practise prevention than clean up the mess if you get infested. Bill
  6. Actually cleaning the radiator stack and down shifting when needed is the cheapest solution. Bill
  7. I would run Clear-Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner by Power Service. https://powerservice.com/psp_product/diesel-kleen-cetane-boost/?utm_source=rr&utm_medium=ppcc&gclid=CjwKCAjw2Jb7BRBHEiwAXTR4jWqBg9eyzIUm45S-qtCjndE7Jrb3XCV_bOUuxM07wr-TDZIcom9sQhoCF9YQAvD_BwE I would have a extra set of filters when I did. I run Diesel Kleen in every tank full. Bill
  8. When it starts to get hot do you downshift to reduce load and increase coolant flow. Any setup will run hot if you are "lugging" the engine. To bad you don't have a EGT gage it is a very helpful tool to tell you what is going on. On my last coach with a 5.9 and rear radiator the transmission temps were the last thing to raise when under load. Bill
  9. Most of them say "No Trucks" but I have always found a end diesel pump on a island that was fairly easy to get to and away from. With over 100 pumps The end pumps are never that busey. The diesel/fuel prices are good it is when you go inside it gets expensive. Bill
  10. So does it run at the proper speed now? Bill
  11. A 2005 should have been transyn from the factory. My 2003 was. For more information on your Allison go to this website. https://www.allisontransmission.com/parts-service/my-transmission Bill
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