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  1. Can you drive I-95 or do you have to get off the main freeways? I do know how much fun the city streets are, Double F bomb!! Bill
  2. I thought you were down on the cape? Bill
  3. Welcome to the forum. Yes the first thing I would do is to check the level in the reservoir for leveling jacks like Frank said. My last coach would do that unless the fluid was at the threads in the fill hole. Bill
  4. Welcome to the forum. Yes $5500.00 sounds a bit steep. Where are you? What dealer was this? I am thinking $3000.00 or less. Bill
  5. wildebill308

    22.5 tires

    Last coach I put Continental's on through the tire program. Over $100.00 cheaper each than the Michelin tire through the program. Road and drove as good or better than the old Michelin tires. Yes I would do it again. Bill
  6. I would also download and print the instructions in the owners manual on how to set it up for "recreational towing." Bill
  7. Welcome to the forum RVwriter. I don't remember what my total cost was because I bought the tow bar and brake buddy used and negotiated the installation of the baseplate and wiring when I bought the CR-V. So RVwriter, do you wright? Also just a tip. If you add your rig and outher info to your signature it will help to get better/faster answers. See manholt's above. Bill
  8. Yes, Herman has a good point. The outher thing is with the market as hot as it is right now the sooner you act the better. Bill
  9. Driving a bigger RV isn't that hard. Watch some of the vireos like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5MSGqfh8z0 Once you understand about "tail swing" and how to turn it is not the problem some people want you to think it is. My 45' coach turns better than my 38' coach did. Don't get to hung up on length. The difference between 38' and 45' is only 7' split between the front and back. You can't tell the difference sitting in the drivers seat. One difference buying from a quality dealer like NIRVC is you can get some experience doing a test drive with a trained person and you have a chance to spend several days at their site living in your RV with a team assigned to you to explain everything thing or fix any problems. Bill
  10. Tell her I said this. Older quality RV's are not like cars. First of all the build quality of a 14-15 year old coach is better than some of the entry level new coaches the better coaches use better material and higher quality appliances. Once again I say look at the 2007 Newmar Mountain Aire 4523 I linked to. This coach has at least 450 HP and capable of towing over 10,000lbs. I found some more info go hearer and see some original (brochure) pictuers and for fun they have the original build sheet with the options listed. https://www.nirvc.com/Sales/Inventory/8343U This one is within your budget to. Bill
  11. Welcome to the forum. I am with Joe, a good dealer can make a world of difference. You didn't say what you have looked at or what your budget is so it is had to make recommendations. That has never stopped us before so hearer goes. You are going full time, right? I would increase my range of length you are looking at and look more for quality. The 37-39' range is extremely limiting in the diesel market. I have bought a diesel pusher hear, https://www.nirvc.com/Salesstart=50&fq=status%3AAvailable Watch that 2007 Newmar Mountain Aire 4523 that could be a steal if it is in condition. It has the advantage of no particulate filter and no DEF. (I have a 2008) I also sold a diesel pusher hear, https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/used-rvs-for-sale/diesel-motorhomes?sortBy=price+desc Look at this one https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/used-rvs-for-sale/diesel-motorhomes/2007-tiffin-allegro-bay_rv-47741 So I understand how the consignment market works. With PPL you have to agree to fix things the buyer finds wrong or negotiate the price. Let me know what you think. Bill
  12. Welcome to the forum. I am assuming the 6 you bought last year were Continentals right? If that is correct than There is no reason not to. I would (personal preference) would move the steer tiers to the tag and put the new ones on the steer position. I like having the newest on the front. Bill
  13. Yes I have a couple extra of the small locking pins with the snap over locking ring. I was lucky to find them at a Ace hardware in Bird in hand PA. I am talking about the big pins that go into the baseplate and the tow bar attaches to or the pins to attach the tow bar that the little locking pins go into. Bill
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