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  1. One thing we do to extend our time is to collect water from our sinks from washing dishes, teeth, hair etc by placing a container that will fit the sink bowl. There are always trees and bushes nearby that just love the additional water. This does not sound like much but it adds over time and every little bit counts. You also do not need to shower every day and when you do you only need enough water to wet yourself down to soap up and just a little more to rinse off. We go a week easily on the black tank and can usually stretch to six days on the gray.
  2. My Norcold 1200 also died and in the process of pulling the unit out I discovered that the area above the fridge where the flue for the refer exits was charing the baffle that was installed down from the roof. No telling how long this was going on. Could just as easy have caught fire and burned the entire rig down. Now this had nothing to do down lower where the propane burner area is located this is above where the exhaust gases exit. Probably not an issue when running on electric-- who is to know. Without some kind of fiber optic camera that you can stick up there you can not see what is going on short of removing the refrigerator. I am completely baffled how a company can engineer a product and place it in an enclosed space and not properly vent it? Anyone else out there discovered this? I am installing a Samsung RF197 and doing the work myself. I am lucky in that my Travel Supreme just had a drawer below the area which allowed me to drop it down almost to the floor. I just needed to allow for a kitchen drain and the hot and cold supply lines. I get the Samsung next week and I can hardly wait to have a real refrigerator and not worry about a fire anymore and actually be able to keep food for more than a couple of days...Good luck to everyone out there.
  3. Magneshade, no snaps,no clips,no ladders needed. Had them made and installed them on my Travel Supreme and we just love them. On and off in a jiffy high quality material and they fit perfectly first time out of the box. Not the cheapest solution looking at what else is out there. But again no ladder needed for on and off so no chance of falling and they can be taken on or off very quickly.
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