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  1. I have a smartphone through Verizon. My hotspot is PDANET/FoxFi. This allows me to bypass the Verizon hotspot feature. By paying full retail price for the phone, I am able to keep my old "unlimited data" plan. This is pretty sweet since I download a lot of movies and tv shows to watch later on the tube while traveling. The total monthly bill is $140. The trick with Verizon is that you have to pay retail for your phone. Once you change to their contract, your're done. You can't go back.
  2. I have a, not so popular, R20 Workhorse chassis rear diesel pusher under a 2005 Presidio body. Does anyone know of some aftermarket shocks that will fit this chassis? As of yet, no one can cross reference. I am confident that Workhorse didn't make the shocks themselves. The Workhorse part numbers are as follows: Front W8001569 Rear W8001422
  3. Sorry. Solved my own problem. Just happened to notice that the GFCI was tripped in the lavatory (of all places) which controls the refer. Go figure.
  4. I am currently on the road in British Columbia headed home to Virginia. This morning I noticed, that while hooked up to shore power, that my refer did not switch to A/C. Thinking low power, I started the generator to see if maybe I needed 50amp instead of the 30amp shore power. Nothing. I also noticed that the ice maker acts goofy. It tries to cycle but cubes hang up like maybe the heater is not functioning to release the cubes. So, I've lifted the lever to stop making ice. I know the A/C switch over worked before I left home in May. Any ideas? I can manage on gas but I would like to take advantage of A/C when it's available.
  5. reid9439

    EMS Problems

    Two months ago my Intellitec Mdl#800 went bonkers. While plugged into a 50 amp service I noticed that the lights were not working on the panel. After a few minutes I noticed that they were on again. This continued for some time. Since we were not running the air conditioners, heater or washer/dryer, it didn't matter at the time. A month later at a different location (still 50 amp) I found out that the water heater was not working. Not paying attention that the EMS was not working, I figured that the heater element had burned out. I later found that this was not the case. Instead it was the EMS not working. Since it is still working intermittently, there's no sense in taking it for service. You know it will work for them. It also acts the same way on 30 amp I called Intellitec's support man and all I got was bla, bla, bla............. Has anyone had a similar problem? Also, since the features of the EMS are not that necessary, does anyone know how to disable it.
  6. I am trying to find a video switch box that replaces the manual push buttons in my a/v compartment. The Winegard that I have now, you have to physically go push the correct buttons on the box to have it select the video source. It is silly to have a programmable Harmony Remote when you still have to get up and push the button. Its my understanding that there is a model of Tiffin that has one but I can't find out who makes it. Any thoughts?
  7. I have already talked with Cummins and of course no clear answer. It was a Cummins dealer who did the repair and I was pretty much assured that there would be no compensations from them since it was out of warranty. My original questions remains the same. Does anyone own a coach with a R20 Workhorse chassis? And if so what make coach.
  8. I own a 2005 Presidio (made by Thor) with an R20 series Workhorse chassis. It's a rear pusher with a 330 Cummins engine. Coming home from the Madison rally, I had a catastrophic breakdown near Detroit. What happened you ask? The fan hub broke loose from the engine because 2 of the 4 bolts broke off in the block. One of the 4 flanges of the fan clutch assembly also broke off. This caused the fan to also breakaway, losing the serpentine belt and damaging the alternator. Thank goodness the fan shroud and radiator where spared. What a mess! After 1 week and $5,000 later we were back on the road. Since I thought this was clearly a workmanship issue, I figured maybe Workhorse might have some compassion for any out of warranty issue such as this. NOT! They wouldn't even reimburse me for the postage stamp. My question is this. Does anyone know of another coach manufacturer that used this chassis other than the 2005 Presidio. It seems that all Presidio's after 2005 were Freightliner. It is also my understanding that the 2005 Mandalay's, which is the sister coach to the Presidio, was built on the Freightliner chassis. No one at Thor will give me a straight answer as to why, when both coaches are in their Luxury Coach Division. You can only assume it's economics. If you have any R20 chassis, you may want to have a mechanic check the torque on those fan hub bolts. If anyone wants more information just let me know.
  9. Last winter I took an electric blanket from the house with the intentions of using it in the motor home. I figured that when we were boondocking, while traveling, that it would work of off the inverter and keep the gas furnace from running. It would not work. The controllers were erratic and I think that I even burned up one of the 2 controllers since now only one side works. One of the members of my local FMCA chapter said that the the "sine wave" is different when working off of an inverter. Is this right? Does anyone know of a blanket that would work off of the 110v inverter plug. I don't want to run the blanket off of 12v if I can help it.
  10. Thanks. That answered my question. Again thanks.
  11. Can someone help me with generator amperage? I have a 7,500 watt Generac diesel generator, with a 30amp 2-pole breaker. My understanding of how to figure amps, is to divide the watts by volts. If that is correct, this would equate to approximately 62 amps. To a novice, you would think that the generator is producing more amperage than you would get from 50amp shore power. Wrong. I found this out while we had an 8 day power outage after hurricane Irene. This is when I found out that the generator is belt driven when it squealed during an overload. Didn't know. Why do you need a 62amp generator that has a 30amp breaker. Isn't this overkill?
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