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  1. No. the insurance is year round-- don't need to stop liability. Don't know how they know how much you use it unless they go by miles. this year We've only used it 20 days, unfortunately, still hoping to get some fall camping in. maybe FLA for a week. The first question I asked was, "is my motor Home and Me covered all Year" their answer was yes as long as you use less than 150 days a year. Again no Idea how the know how much it's used
  2. royclem

    Shock Guidance

    I have a 2015 22' Thor Freedom Elite Class C, I happen to be under it recently and found that the Shock bushings are all cracked can they be replaced? Or is it the weight of the coach that made them crack any Idea's would be appreciated.
  3. Just Curious what's the six state, where is it and when is it. and thanks guys We will for sure be at the forum meet and greet and plan on attending as many seminars as possible. We'll be going in on the 30th, as our club volunteered for early security. We're looking to take it all in, and have a fun time. hoping to learn a little more about the lifestyle as We've only been doing this for about 5-6 years. We learn something New at every Rally and outing We attend.
  4. Thanks Guys. Brett looking forward to your seminar. as a first time attendee I hope I can get into your seminar. Don't know how crowded they get?
  5. I have a 2015 Thor Freedom elite Class C 22'. It tends to let trucks buses and other large vehicles push it sideways when they pass and its also a lot of work keeping it in the lane with any cross wind. Tires are properly inflated, front end is aligned properly, I have seen on these forums were shocks and steering dampers are recommended. I just ordered a Bilstein steering stabilizer for it it's a 2015 Ford E350 Super Duty now if that helps at all should I still consider upgrading the shocks, and if so, how do I figure out which size and weight capacity, I need.. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Maybe some low bridges and some hard turns, maybe even bad drivers, but you can't the hospitality, the famous mass one finger salute .....LOL Keep vehicles locked when not directly around them. but on a lighter note there is a Six Flags not so far from the city.
  7. I got my Internet on the go the first of the month and use it twice a week to keep it activated. I got the 4G LTE from Walmart, I purchased 4GB and I think it was either $45 or $50 and its good for 2 months anything less like 2GB is only good for 1 Month. I think they were losing money letting plans carry over so they put an end date on all the plans. At Least according to Walmart Employee.. That being said 4GB is way to much for me, I have barely used 1GB so far so I'll top of with 1 or 2 GB when this expires and that will be good for one month and then you lose the balance, after 30 Days, $15 for 1GB for one month isn't bad. I don't download movies or books, or do any streaming so usage is less. We don't have data plans on the phones as we use Boost plan by sprint.
  8. Congratulation on your new Motor Home, Welcome to the "Family".
  9. I use Griots tire cleaner and then 303 Protectant, is this bad for my tires?
  10. Thanks Bill, I went on Blue ox website and the tru-steer caught my eye just not sure which one I need 160# or 270# has anyone used this product or know anyone that has. How do they work as far as driver fatigue
  11. We have a 2014 Class C with a 2015 Thor freedom elite Body on it. when being overtaken by larger vehicles, We tend to get pushed and sucked in, (SWAYING Excessively). I read in an add that I could put on a new steering damper that would lessen this. and a bar on the rear end to minimize the sway. Now, I have a Ford E350 Super duty chassis. and it has these stock. My Question is, do the replacement or after market parts work better than the ones that came stock? I find that with my current configuration I am road tired after 6 hr. of driving and if I push it to eight hours I'm physically exhausted. I drove tractor-trailers along time and never had this problem drove many an hour without fatigue. I forgot to mention when I drive I always stop every 100 miles or two hours. to do safety check and take a walk with the dog to get the blood flowing again. Do you think these advertised parts really do the job?
  12. We use the TOM-TOM 1605RV it has worked great for us. When we got it we got lifetime updates (very important to me). We update at least once a week and just before a trip. it lets you know about detours and you can use your smart phone it will route you around traffic. pretty good for the price. We've had the TOM-TOM for 5-6years and saved a ton of money on updates, and have not been routed on a bad road yet, such as low clearance, tight roads low weight zones or Bridges. you totally set it up for your Motor home or RV, Height, weight, width. and if you have road preferences, such as two lane, freeway toll or no toll road its pretty universal. You can use it for your toad, bike or box truck alls you do is change vehicle in the menu. I'ts just my opinion But GPS has saved my Marriage many times over.....
  13. royclem

    Tire Insurance

    Tire Insurance Follow 0 Entry posted by Baystar57 · 10 hours ago 23 views 1 2 3 4 5 <button type="submit">Submit</button> Can anyone recommend a tire insurance company that actually delivers on advertised promises in the event we should have a tire issue while traveling. This post was copied and pasted By Me from Blog Page to help get more responses .
  14. royclem

    Tire Insurance

    Baystar, you should post this on the Forum under tires and you'll get a thousand responses
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