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  1. Our 2007 Tourmaster came with a residential referigerator, no problems yet. On the road 6 months a year. Don
  2. My upper mirror the convex one started to vibrate on my last trip. I could wiggle the mirror a little and could not move the other side mirror. Adjust the power mirror to one side all the way then look into the mirror with a flashlight. One of the plastic tabs that hold the mirror to the base was broken. I mixed some epoxy and with a long metal hook put the epoxy on the parts and now there is no vibration. Don
  3. Is there early entry allowed at the Fairgrounds? Like on the Thursday before. Thanks. Don
  4. Does anyone know if Michelin is at the Annual rally like Indy and do they sell tires and install there? Or just information only? Thanks Don
  5. If you have the chance, go to the first FMCA rally you can go to. You will feel very welcome there. If you make it to the big one in Indianapolis in 2012 we can get together and tell stories and learn from each other. I don't care if a person is black, white, brown, gay or Purple as long as you are friendly you are welcome in my coach anytime.
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