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  1. Too bad. The "All New" Compass is a very nice vehicle, just saw one at my dealer(an automatic). Based on the 2017 Towables Guide I had asked the Jeep dealer to call me when they had a manual transmission version come in. They had told me last month that they still did not have the final word from the factory about its towability. Guess it's back to either the Wrangler or the Cherokee. Still not too keen on the Cherokee steering fix though.....
  2. Yes, I also wondered whether those would work with an RV. Seeing the video now makes me think they would for us since our Suncruiser has a drivers door and a square roll down window. It almost looks like you could also turn it sideways to fit in an RV sliding window......Next time we are up there I will try it and see if it fits OK and report back. :-) One advantage to this system is that the power pedestals are evenly distributed across the whole parking lot, making it easy to pull up to any one of them, park and then pull straight out the next morning. One drawback compared to the system you used is the lack of 30 amp outlets, which means no roof AC. But I will still take the standard outlet over no power at all.... ;-) Steve
  3. Here's one we've seen on the Maine Turnpike, but haven't tried to use (yet :-) ) It is an entire parking lot w/ dozens of these units. We have never seen more than a handful being used by the trucks. video: website: http://www.maineturnpike.com/project-and-planning/Environmental-Programs/Truck-Stop-Electrification.aspx Steve
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