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  1. A quick update. The Dometic 310 was easy to install with only a small plumbing change. The toilet works great, much better than the older one. I'd do this again.
  2. Yes, but until I finish growing up I will have to work and play here.
  3. Thanks but most of the rest stops here in So. Calif. are closed due to the budget shortfalls.I looked into dump stations at the state parks and many in the area we a going (Ventura) are closed as well. I'll try the truck stops.
  4. We are getting ready to do some dry-camping in a couple of weeks. I was wondering where to fill my freshwater tank without checking into an RV Park and then I figured that some of you would have good ideas. Where do you get freshwater when on the road? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the advice about CO! I am familiar and have CO Detectors throughout the coach, they are so cheap that it only makes sense!!!
  6. I have been reading about the Gen-Turi by CAMCO. Does this really work well without too much of a hassle? Is it worth buying? We do a fair share of dry-camping and it would be nice to get the exhaust off the ground. We have an '82 vintage ONAN 12.5 KW Genset. thanks in advance
  7. I had a toilet seal that didn't seal, and after I bought new seals, and befor I got around to installing them I poured some RV Anti-Freeze in the bowl, and darned if it didn't seal.

  8. Thanks Guys, I tried to clean the seal as has worked before but no luck. Next I tried to lube the seal but no luck. The first source told me that the seals were not available but I have found a source for them. Looks like I will be taking the toilet apart and changing the seals for now. The wife actually wanted a taller toilet but I need to have her sit on one before I spend $$ and time on it.
  9. The PO installed a Thetford Bravuara toilet in our coach but then it sat for a while before we got it. Anyway the seal is leaking and so the bowl will not hold water. I haven't been able to find just the seal so I am looking at new toilets as well. Does someone have knowledge about the Sealand Dometic 310? It looks like a good toilet at an inexpensive price. Supposedly the seal can be changed without taking the toilet apart. The toilet is a little taller than the Bravura and has a nicer look to it. Looking for advice, thanks in advance.
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