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  1. My dashboard mounted radio quit recently and I am trying to locate the fuse associated with it. Can anyone with the same rig or similar rig guide me to where it is located. Coincidently, the automatic door lock also no longer functions. Maybe they share a fuse? Any help appreciated
  2. I built the gadget mentioned with the modification shown in the second video. What's nice is it shows the exact status of the coaches compressor. I carry 105 pounds in my tires so when the pressure being put out by the coach drops below that figure I force it to cycle so it builds back up to 130 pounds before I try to put air in a tire. The bleed valve quickly drops the coaches compressor down to where it cuts in and builds back up to the 130 pound cutoff point. Also building the pressure up to 130 pounds speeds up the filling process.
  3. Ok. The official word from Fleetwood is that there is a gap between the the slide and central floor when the slide is retracted on my 2004 Fleetwood Expedition. This confirms mrmoyers observation in an earlier post . Also, I spoke to the local rv tech and he also confirmed the gap. The key point that Rich made was that if the slide is evenly sealed all the way around on the outside of the coach when the slide is retracted, it is most likely fully retracted. Again, thanks to everyone for your input.
  4. Oh boy. This could be very embarrassing. The slide appears to be fully retracted when observed from the outside of the coach. I am now concerned that I may have imagined that the slide dropped down and mated with the inner carpet when fully retracted. Thus the condition I described as resulting from a slide closure issue may in fact be a normal outcome when the slide is fully retracted. I will call Fleetwood tomorrow to get their input regarding my 2004 expedition's normal slide configuration when fully retracted. I am very grateful for everyone's input to my original post and particularly mrmoyer for pointing out what may be the obvious answer. I am very sorry if I wasted everyone's time. I have a RV tech coming out tomorrow and if he confirms mrmoyers observation I will post it. To Rich and everyone else, thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and suggestions. This is an awesome organization.
  5. Just one more thought. If my coach batteries were weak would the slide go out OK and not be able to retract fully? Could it possibly be due to weak coach batteries? Also, even though I'm on shore power with the battery charger operating, would the batteries still not have enough oomph to fully retract the slide? The clicking noise I am hearing when the slide is almost fully retracted and stops moving is similar to the stuttering relay sound you hear when a car battery is too weak to start a car. Is it possible that there is more resistance to the slide fully closing when it is almost closed? I know I'm grasping at straws but would appreciate any thoughts out there. I will be calling Powergear tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions so far.
  6. Thank you very much for the information. I will study the manual and give power gear a call tomorrow. I will definitely post the outcome on the forum.
  7. The slide is approximately 13 feet 9 inches lengthwise. This sounds like a major repair doesn't it.?
  8. I was finally able to locate my owners manual on the living room slide system. It's a 2004 power gear system. The owners manual is useless for troubleshooting. They slide is electric. The in/out is controlled by a rocker switch. No hole near the buttons. The slide goes out without problem. It comes almost all the way in but not quite enough for the slide to drop down and mate with the central floor. There is a clicking sound when the slide stops moving.
  9. Rich how do you analyze and deal with limit setting issues on the slide? Does that mean there is a limit switch that is compressing prematurely? I imagine such a switch would probably be hidden under the coach!
  10. Hi rich To answer your questions 1- it doesn't move or wiggle at all 2- the slide is equally compressed on both ends. 3- slide system is original equipment on the 2004 fleetwood Expedition . I don't know whose system it is. 4- interestingly enough, it appears the box portion of the slide is fully retracted but the carpet area at the bottom isn't retracted enough to allow the slide portion of the carpet drop down and "kiss" the center portion of the coaches carpet. I hope this makes some sense and thank you for your interest and help. This IS a great organization. Tom
  11. The living room slide on my 2004 Fleetwood Expedition opens normally and will close to the point just before where the carpet on the slide drops down about an inch to mate with the carpet in the center of the coach. This leaves about a 1 inch gap. The slide stops just before where the drop and mating should occur. I am concerned that the exterior seals are not fully meshed because the slide isn't fully retracted. Any thoughts on what may be causing this problem?
  12. Thanks to everybody for their great help in analyzing my engine problem. Here is what happened next. We were towed to a Cummins repair shop today that primarily works on large trucks. They reluctantly agreed to look at my RV as a lot of the large Cummins outlets only do trucks but GOOD SAMS would not pay to have me towed further as they were an authorized Cummins repair facility and could run the Cummins fault code software. Fortunately, the service personnel were very good and determined that the fault code was low fuel pressure. Based on Rich's posting above, I insisted that they look for a inline fuel filter which they finally found after sending their littlest mechanic under the coach into the area Rich suggested. This inline filter is about the size of a banana ( a straight banana of course). When they disconnected and examined this filter they found it was full of rust and gook and most of the filtration holes were plugged. The mechanic suggested that this filter had not been changed for a very long time. I checked my bills from the Cummins repair facility in Savannah that serviced my coach three months ago and found that I had paid for TWO fuel filters to be changed. The primary inline filter and the water/fuel separator filter which is quite visible. I retained the defective filter and will be having a chat with my Cummins dealer when we get home in the next few days. The engine purrs like a kitten now and has power to spare on hills. I was very lucky my problem wasn't any more serious and sincerely appreciate the great information I received from all of you who posted replies to my original message. Thank you
  13. The mechanic at a truck stop who changed the fuel/water separator filter claimed there was no other fuel filter. Thus he missed changing the primary fuel FI.ter if there is one. I am guessing now that there is another filter that should have been changed. Any thoughts in this?
  14. My 2004 Fleetwood Expedition has broken down and I am having it towed to a Cummins dealer on Monday. Are there any cautions I should be aware of in regards to this process. Thanks for any tips you can give me.
  15. The Cummins diesel in my 2004 Expedition is stuttering and losing power when climbing a grade out on the highway. Simultaneously the "check engine " light comes on. Once I have started downhill the ""check engine" light does out and the engine regains power and speed. I had the combo fuel/water filter changed yesterday and the problem temporarily went away. Shortly later the stuttering and power loss returned accompanied with little puffs of black smoke coming out of the engine exhaust pipe. I limped into a campground in Roanoke Rapids North Carolina. A call to the nearest Cummins dealer (60 miles away) suggested that I have the coach towed to the dealership. Anybody have any thoughts on what is occurring? I am very nervous about having the coach towed and wonder if there are any cautions I should be aware of in doing so . This is a very sad end to a wonderful two month trip to the northeast. Fortunately this is a very nice campground so we are making the best of it. Thanks for listening. Tom
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