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  1. What are the maximum and preferred angles of incline an '04 Country Coach 40' Allure pulling a tow dolly? My Allure also has tag wheels. I pull a Landgrebe TD40 Tow Dolly. I'm building a pull-though garage that has been raised from 11' to 16' to get above the 100-year flood plain. Again, please let me know what is the maximum or preferred angle of CC Allure can climb when negotiating a step driveway or entrance ramp? Thanks. Cap'n Blaine
  2. Folks, I have uploaded pictures of my Hydro-Hot Water Heater. (i.e. Model Number HHE-200-08E and S/N HE03-705.) The unit is not an Aqua Hot product. It appears to have Webtasco internal parts. The Raycor/Parker fuel/water separator filter is a 120 Series R12T. I did purge the bowl beneath the filter fuel/water separator. I did not see any water. The bowl has yellowed and/or darkened over the years. Will see about replacing for better visibility along with the actual filter. Although I wish to attend the FMCA Family Reunion in March; however too much on my plate right now. I will contact one of my local RV Repair/Service Centers. Thank you for everyone's response.
  3. Will follow-up with Make, Model, and S/N of the Hydro-Heater if available.
  4. I have an '04 Country Coach Allure with a Hydro-Heater water heater. It is not firing. The low voltage relay switch is not tripped. There is plenty of diesel in the fuel tank, and plenty of coolant. It is possible the Hydro-Heater fuel filter is clogged. What type of filter does it take? The electric water heating element has really never worked. Can it be easily replaced/removed? Thank you.
  5. Rich; I have a Series 2000 HWH Leveling System. Herman, thanks for the response.
  6. I have a 40' 2004 Country Coach Allure with HWH Leveling System and a Tag Axle. Does the Tag Axle need to be up or down to correctly use the HWH Leveling System? Thank you.
  7. I have a 2004 Country Coach Allure with a Parallax Model ATS 5070 Automatic Transfer Switch that has gone bad. Any recommendations on replacements and "Do-It-Yourself" Tips? Thanks.
  8. I have a 2004 Country Coach Allure (Newport) with an HWH leveling system. There is an air compressor Female Connector located in the Steering Bay forward on the Driver's side. Can this connector be used to fill tires? If is, then how? Thanks.
  9. Success! The gentle tap on the brass zone valves did the trick. Zone pumps doing their thing. We have Furnace Heat. Thank you for everyone's help.
  10. Ticat900; Thank you for responding. In deed I have plenty of RV Antifreeze in the boiler. I even carefully removed the radiator cap to see if per chance the boiler was empty and/or low. Yes, the fans come on at the register when I turn the Thermostat Control Unit to Furnace. No red light on the Control Board. Regards, Cap'n Blaine
  11. My 2004 Country Coach 'Newport' Allure VIN: 4U7A8EV1541103639 makes great hot water from the furnace for the shower and sinks, but I cannot get the Hydronic Heater to get heat to the baseboard registers. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Is there a manual cut-off valve? Are there check valves that I can bleed the system if there is air in the lines? Thank you. Electronically Yours, Cap'n Blaine
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