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  1. Georgie Boy Landau, 2005, P32 Workhorse Chassis, 8.1 liter engine. Evans Dash Air Conditioning. The fan is called a condenser fan, cooling fan, electric radiator cooling fan.. Had it been a Roof Air Unit I would have given the information for a Coleman or Dometic or whatever brand was used.
  2. I have a 2005 Georgie Boy on a P32 chassis and needed a condenser fan. Workhorse Parts no longer list the unit. After much searching I located a fan assembly from Comfort Air in Michigan (616-454-2200). Their unit Part number G - 4015 - S - 1 is listed as a replacement. Some mounting modifications, space blocks on top and bottom and reversal of the power leads to turn it into a pusher instead of puller fan. They also gave me a part number from Victory Electric Fan ( VCS) 086 - 00343. Hopefully this information can prevent someone else with the big headache of a search to locate this part.
  3. I am having an issue with my transmission. 2004 Workhorse P32 chassis, 8.1 engine and cannot find what transmission was installed in this unit. I've seen Allison, and been told Hydramatic, so where can this question be answered? All the paperwork I have tells most everything about the unit except the type of transmission. Would like to do some research on the issue before going for services. The issue, when travelling at a steady speed, constant throttle, with or without cruise engaged the transmission "flares" on the downshift or overdrive disengagement. If cruise is engaged, tapping the brake pedal or manually shifting out of overdrive allows the unit to immediately "lock" into gear and flaring stops.
  4. This information is way more than I had hoped for. The drawings, even though they have the same number don't match exactly what came with the coach, but they can be used to diagnose an electrical issue should the need arise. Super bonus was the complete electrical system diagrams. Thank you very much for sending this information and hopefully someday I can pay it forward by helping someone who needs assistance.
  5. Not sure who wrote in the 5. This is the way I found it when we purchased the rig as a Demo in 2005. The original photo I included seems to match the physical layout and was with the RV when we purchased it. With the information provided by ****&Lois I believe it will be possible for me to interpret the diagrams should the need for some diagnosis occur. Thank you very much for your help and hopefully someday I can pay it forward and solve an issue for a someone in need of help.
  6. This is the decal I am attempting to resurrect. Part number in the lower right corner is EL - 15491. I believe this is a Georgie Boy item since some of the circuits I can identify supply pwr. to the pwr. step, fog lights, pwr. center etc. rather than vehicle operating systems such as ECU,, fuel pump etc. Shown is the actual panel that goes with this decal. My photos of other fuse panel match up with those shown in the link you sent me so I believe the decal and cover can be ordered from that vendor. With all the assistance I'm receiving on this issue reinforces my commitment to being a member of FMCA! Thanks for all the help.
  7. Thank you for the link, Rich. I'll need to take a trip and have a second look at the fuse panel, RV is 20 miles away. It does look as though the label shown is what I need. My thoughts are this is a Georgie Boy component rather than Workhorse. Will return and update once I can verify a solution.
  8. I have a 2005 Georgie Boy Landau on the Workhorse P32 chassis. Am looking for a "Firewall" fuse chart. This is located under the hood and has a part number of EL-15491 dated 7/15/01 or maybe 03. A photo of a legible chart would suffice, it could be printed - in duplicate so I'd have a spare in case moisture got to the new one. Thanks for any assistance.
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