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  1. In most bird feeders I'm aware of the seeds or other food is visible. There is often spilled seed on the ground as well. Birds are moving through the environment constantly looking for food; they will soon see food provided in a feeder. Once a few birds find it, others may be attracted by calls or activity. Also, birds are good at learning to recognize potential food sources. Once they become familiar with the shape of a conventional feeder, they are likely to investigate new ones that are put up within their home range.
  2. The best one for me is the Weber Q-220 Portable Grill, this portable grill is a master of design. It packs up to be less than 32 inches long, yet its seven inch lid means this grill is big enough to cook a whole chicken. It uses standard 14 ounce propane tanks (not included) and has a 280 square-inch porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate that's almost big enough to be called a full sized grill. At under $200 this grill has Weber's durability and a unique design that has won awards. Not only a great grill to cook on, it's cool looking too.
  3. I do mine twice a year, using Protect-All (a synthetic, not carnuba). This one is painted, but the previous one was fiberglass with decals, like yours. Seems to do fine in the Florida sun and elsewhere.With regular polishing, yout coach should stay great looking for years, except for the decals. Not much can help them - they dry out and fade in the sun after several years. Getting wax on them can actually be counter-productive.
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