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  1. Are there any conferences held where people planning rallies get together and discuss destinations or campgrounds to hold the rallies?
  2. I have an Onan Marquis 7000 generator which will start from remote panel, but, will not shut down from there. It did before, but, the last time out it won't work. Have to go to Gen to shut down. Any thoughts?
  3. I changed O2 and mass air sensor and have not had any issues since.
  4. Thanks to you all. I am changing O2 and mass air sensors. Will check plugs and will update.
  5. The code read "P0131 Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1" Have 36,000 miles. Have not cleaned Mass Air Flow Sensor. Owned the coach since 2012. Had a Banks system installed in 2016.
  6. Am in process of changing. Was surprised that the sensor would send it to limp mode.
  7. I have 2003 Mountain Aire with GM8.1 Workhorse engine. The check engine light comes on and the coach goes into limp mode immediately. Scan shows heated oxygen sensor. Surprised that it goes into limp mode for sensor. Has anyone seen something similar? I can disconnect and reconnect battery and it will run fine for sometimes 40 miles or 200 miles before it happens again.
  8. I have it in a 36' Gulfstream and pull a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I get about 7-7.5 pulling the Jeep and 8 without towing. Bob Oaks
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