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  1. harolds frame Shop, Novi Michigan, Cummins Brridgeway, New Hudson MI
  2. You guys that recommend AGM batteries should make sure the people that you are recommending them to have inverter charger that will support AGM 's.
  3. While your all arguing, pulling fuses, disconnecting batteries, burning up transmissions, I'll be sailing down the road with my manual transmission Focus, nothing to do except hook up. Plus its a ball to drive. Cigarette lighter can be wired hot all the time for the brake control. Charge line from the coach keeps the battery up. No steering column lock, put her in neutral lock the doors up and go. I'm sure all you old duffers like me can drive a stick, if the wife can't, too bad, she can ride her bike.
  4. Those are still Thor products. Look at the Tiffins or Winnebagos. More money, but you get what you pay for.
  5. They (Allied) have the best ban for the buck so far.
  6. Sounds good folks, thanks. Henry
  7. Getting quotes, and I'm getting them all over the place especially Progressive. Talking with Robin at FMCA she came up with a good price from Allied, anyone have any experience with them?
  8. What type of wax or polish do you use on full body paint? I have been told the turtle wax products are good.
  9. I think any gas, water or drain lines that move is a accident waiting to happen. Wouldn't have one.
  10. Go to an electrical wholesale supply house. Don't even bother with Home Depot or Lowes. Leviton, Slater or Hubble will have what your looking for.
  11. I love the front ends on these Suncruisers, they look mean.
  12. I see they have a 36 ft Georgetown on a 20,500 lbs chassis, and a 208 inch wheel base, that just ain't right. You wanna go from a Tiffin to a Forest River?
  13. hanko

    GFCI Fault

    Sorry your having a hard time understanding this, but a GFCI recepticle only trips when there is unbalance between the the ungrounded conductor (hot as you guys call it) and the grounded conductor (neutral) if there is 1 amp flowing in the circuit exactly 1 amp has to return on the neutral. if it goes somehwere else say from you to ground it trips. That is a ground fault. A GFI breaker does two things. Trips if there is an overload, or short, and also protects against against ground fault, but in this case the OP is talking about a GFI plug
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