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  1. Hello everyone. A little help for a rookie if you don't mind. My father purchased a 1999 5th Wheel Monaco McKenzie three years ago. It has sat untouched due to an illness he had. It is in brand new condition. (Literally never been used). I own a HVAC company so I am somewhat Tech Savvy, but I have no experience in dealing with DC systems or RV's. Any advice on the following problem would be appreciated. 1. The problem I am experiencing is with the 12 V system only. If I plug into house power all the appliances, pump, refrigerator, water heater, everything works just fine. 2. I have really weak power on a couple of the lights and the refer is on only during the day, which leads me to believe that it is only running off the solar system. 3. I installed 2 brand new 12 V marine Deep cell batteries, and triple verified that they are fully charged. So I can rule out battery problems 4. The issue is that I have no 12 V in the coach. I read a bunch of forums with regards to salesman switches, battery solenoid switches and battery disconnect switches. I can't find any of that anywhere on the RV. 5. It sounds to me like I have a failed solenoid switch, but I simply can't locate it. There are two switches as you enter the door, but turning those on does nothing. I have deduced from the forums that one of those switches shuts the battery off to most everything in the coach. The important stuff like the CO detector, and the fridge being the exception. The solenoid is rather large and I should be able to find it easy, but I can't find it anywhere don't even know if it has one. Thanks Dean
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