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  1. Mike in Katy, TX Have fun with your newly purchased motor home. I purchased a 2015 Chevrolet Sonic LT Hatchback to tow several months ago and love it. There was one fuse (under the dash) that had to be pulled, so had dealer install a shut off switch on lower dash area and works great with no problems. Remember to read your vehicle manual regarding recreational towing, but this is a very easy one to set up.. After running for a few minutes while hooking up to MH, I shut engine off, flip cut off switch to off, then turn key back on to put in Neutral, then key in accessory position, and you are ready to go. This car is actually an automatic or it can be driven as a manual and first small car I have ever owned and very happy with it. When installing this switch care must be taken to make sure in a correct location as this small car has 10 airbags including some in the knee area. A friend over 6' tall while sitting in the back seat commented on being quite comfortable with plenty of head room. The back seats lay almost flat to allow for a fairly large hauling area which can be accessed either from the side doors or the back hatch door. I have driven this car over 10,000 miles plus towing it 3-4000 miles with a BLUE OX ALPHA Tow Bar without any problems. This car is also of the lighter weight classification and rated for up to 65 mph while towing. Hatchback much more roomier than sedan. The Sonic LT is towable, some others not. Have the base plate and hitch professionally installed to assure done correctly as the front end of this car must be removed for base plate to be installed properly, and yes, I took my brand new car to an RV dealer to be taken apart so make sure RV dealer has good recommendation for base plate installation. Same RV dealer recommended to me by sales people from three different makes of autos as I was not in my home area when this vehicle purchase was made and their recommendation was most valuable. I also purchased special locks for each of the areas that would have only been secured by cotter pins. RV dealer also wired my lights on Sonic to work with lights on MH. Yes, it was more expensive to have this all put together this way, but glad I made this investment as people are amazed how quick I hook up or unhook, including safety cables and light cord plug in, and I am a single senior female who travels alone, currently in central Florida for the winter. December 2014 Full time RVer 2001 Newmar Dutch Star 40' Diesel 2015 Chevrolet Sonic LT Hatchback
  2. Where do I start? Welcome to FMCA. I started camping/rving back in the late 60's, then 70's, then early 80's, then gave it up for over 25 years because of a spouse who did not enjoy it. He passed away seven years ago, so four years ago, went motor home shopping again and haven't looked back.. Although I have not been full timing yet, that is my wish to do so soon, as I am just in the process of purchasing a 2001 Dutch Star 40' diesel pusher, much larger than current 30' Mirada, and hope within the next few months I will be full timing myself, most likely,by myself. Oh, by the way, I am definitely old enough to be your mother, so don't tell my kids, or they might think I lost my mind, but have wanted to do this for quite a while and am excited about things to come. Always had gas engines, so the big CAT will be a new experience for me, but saw this unit while RVing recently and loved both the inside and outside decor, and felt it would serve the purpose very well. You made a good choice with the Dutch Star. I have several friends with Newmar products and I have always admired the quality of workmanship in them and definitely liked the older ones vs the newer models, but never anticipated owning a big diesel pusher. Regarding the FMCA Conventions, or even the regional rally's, always interesting info, and a chance to meet many new friends. . Just always have safe travels, and don't push it to get somewhere. Maybe our paths will cross soon
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