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  1. For the last eleven years I've had Good Sam Roadside Assistance coverage. The cost for that coverage generally increased at about the rate of inflation from $60'ish to $80'ish per year. I was stunned with the annual renewal notice I received this past weekend that showed the annual cost has jumped to $160 per year!!! The cost for the FMCA Roadside Rescue plan is only $74 per year. For an insurance that I've yet to use, paying $160 for one year of Good Sam RA is unthinkable !! What is the forum's experience with the FMCA Roadside Rescue plan which is much more cost effective? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  2. jon48 -- I echo others in welcoming you to the forum! There are many good, very knowledgeable folks on the forum willing to help anytime. I've had the Roadmaster Invisbrake system for the last five years and it has worked flawlessly. As Brett mentioned, the Invisibrake controller is "activated" by the electrical brakes signal. Additionally, the Invisibrake system's "umbilical cord" connection between the motorhome and the tow vehicle provides a trickle charge to the tow vehicle's battery along with the providing control for the Invisibrake. When deciding on a supplemental braking system for my Jeep Wrangler, I selected the Invisibrake system as the Refinery Operations Manager in me was reluctant to tap into the motorhome's air system like the M&G System and others (my thinking was one more connection into the air system means another potential location for an air leak). When I made that decision I was a "newbie" in motorhome ownership. Since then, I've learned that M&G System and other air system "powered" supplemental braking systems work very well. Bottom-line, if you don't want to invest in another braking system, the Invisibrake system will serve you well.
  3. For LSU football weekends, the LSU Safety Department requires all generators, regardless of type, to vent the generator exhaust above the roof line on each RV in each RV lot. For the last seven years I've used an Camco Venturi exhaust stack for portable and permanently installed generators. For the travel trailer I previously owned, I had two Honda 2000 generators connected in parallel to power the air conditioner (and wife's curling iron). The exhaust for those generators were "ducted together" via short pieces of 2" diameter metal electrical conduit into the Ven-turi stack. For my previous and current motorhomes I simply connect the Ven-turi directly to the generator exhaust pipe from the Onan Quiet Diesel generators. I've had zero generator problems using the Ven-turi. Likewise, the hundreds of RVs (mostly motorhomes) at LSU football weekends use the Ven-turi exhaust stack without problems. Venting the generator exhaust above the roof lines does eliminate having the smell, dangerous gases, etc. of generator exhaust at ground level of the crowded and compact LSU RV lots. If you need to use an generator exhaust stack "one time", the low cost solution is to use a foil type 15 foot long dryer vent hose......
  4. Larry -- First off, welcome to the Forum ! There are many good, helpful forum members willing to share their incredible knowledge anytime. My response to your question is the same as Carl's. For both my previous Damon Astoria and current Newmar Ventana LE motorhomes my Onan Quiet Diesel generator "starting power" was pulled from the house batteries. I'd think your generator would do the same (?).
  5. Kpar -- Happy New Year! This past August (2019) I purchased a full set (six tires) of AH37 tires from Hankook at a great price ($365 each) using FMCA's discount program with Hankook --> https://www.hankooktire.com/us/trucks-bus/hankook-ah37.html While my new Hankooks have only 3500 miles of use, they thus far have performed well and there is no difference in ride / handling versus the OEM Michelin tires I had. If you're not in a rush to purchase new tires, I encourage you to check Hankook pricing through FMCA.
  6. A term not used in the discussion so far is the "Curb Weight" of the tow vehicle which is "the" weight towed behind a motorhome. The definition of "curb weight" is the Unloaded Weight of the vehicle (i.e. no people or stuff) plus the weight of a full tank of gasoline (or diesel). The 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara I tow has a curb weight of ~4,300 lbs. which is comfortably within the 5,000 lbs. towing capacity of my Ventana LE --> https://www.quadratec.com/c/reference/2016-jeep-wrangler-jk-specs . My tow bar (Roadmaster Sterling All-Terrain) adds ~35 lbs. to the towing weight. For LSU football weekends I put a full cooler of adult beverages, water bottles, etc. which weighs ~50 lbs. in the Jeep which brings my towed weight up to slightly less than 4,400 lbs.
  7. I can only compare my travel trailer and motorhome experiences. My 37 - 40 foot long, single rear axle diesel pusher motorhomes towing a Jeep have been much more stable in strong wind / large trucks passing that when I pulled a 30 foot, ultra-light weight travel trailer with a Chevy Silverado crew-cab truck (even with anti-sway bars attached). My Ventana LE with it's Comfort Drive system very rarely wanders from a straight ling in any weather condition.
  8. A few to add: WTH = "What the ****" was that sound? WTH just happened? Some folks substitute an "F" for the "H" ! GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating GCWR = Gross Combined Weight Rating UVW = Unloaded Vehicle Weight TT = Travel Trailer (i.e. bumper pull trailer) TW = Tongue Weight GTW = Gross Trailer Weight --> also could mean "Gross Toad Weight"
  9. Similar to FIVE, the OEM tires on my 2016 Ventana LE were Michelin XZE2+ that were manufactured in November 2015 and installed by Freightliner. By July this year, two of the six tires had sidewall cracking which prompted me to purchase a entire set of new Hankook tires. The previous owner kept the motorhome in covered storage until I purchased it last April. Likewise, I keep the motorhome in covered storage.
  10. Wayne -- The idea of using an awning rod is terrific if only I had an awning rod (I have an automatic, powered Carefree awning). I'll do some looking of for an awning rod. Carl -- The Ventana LE ain't fancy enough to have air leveling hence the hydraulic jacks used routinely. I only use jack pads on unpaved spots such as LSU's gravel RV lot. With regards to LSU, they are having a fantastic year! My Tiger Athletic Foundation (TAF) priority points level is finally at the point after 15 years that the wife and I are getting two tickets to the Peach Bowl on December 18! We're looking forward to watching the Tiger defeat the Sooners and enjoying Atlanta for a few days.
  11. This past August I used the FMCA Tire Discount program to purchase six new tires for my motorhome. What I found is the FMCA discount a fairly small (10%) for Michelin and Continental tires. However for Hankook tires, the FMCA discount is very substantial (47% discount!). I only drive my motorhome ~4,000 miles per year thus I could not justify the much higher cost for Michelin and Continental tires and purchased the set of Hankook tires which are very good quality, very reliable tires! If your annual mileage is low to moderate, take a look at Hankook tires and the big discount program FMCA has with Hankook. For motorhome owners, tires will "age out" long before they "wear out" thus the cost for the expensive tire brands is difficult to justify. For reference my motorhome has 275/70R22.5 size tires in all positions. The FMCA discounted price for the Hankook AH37 tires I purchased was $365 each vs. the non-discounted price of $695 each.
  12. One of my most hated tasks after arriving at the gravel RV lot for an LSU football game is laying on my stomach to place / remove pads under the leveling jacks (I use leveling pads as I'm never quite sure if the jacks will push into a soft spot of gravel. Does anyone have a clever device / method of placing / removing jack pads without getting into a prone position? The jack pads I use are similar to these heavy duty rubber pads with rope handles--> https://www.amazon.com/DEDC-Ergonomic-Stabilizing-Leveling-Prevent/dp/B081JY2KVG/ref=sr_1_59?hvadid=78477707842813&hvbmt=bb&hvdev=c&hvqmt=b&keywords=rv+rubber+jack+pads&qid=1575932423&sr=8-59
  13. Quick update on my experiences. Replacing the "scored" thermostat helped as the new thermostat starts opening as it should at ~190 F and is fully open at ~195 F. Engine temperature holds in the 195 - 205 F range with an occasionally up-tick to 210 F at which time the fan goes into high speed to cool the engine down to ~187 F. Cummins Coach Care Houston confirmed my Horton clutch is functioning properly. The fan speed cycling is "normal" per the Cummins shop supervisor (Justin McDonald) to help maximize fuel economy. I also had a "stupid me" moment with Justin. He reminded me my previous motorhome (2007 Damon Astoria) had a 300 HP 5.9L ISB engine with a five speed Allison 2500 MH transmission. With that "set-up" my engine speed was ~2200 RPM at 65 mph which provided considerable more fan air flow to keep engine temp ~190 F. My current "set-up" is a 360 HP 6.7L ISB with a six speed Allison 3000 MH transmission. At 65 mph my engine speed now is ~1600 RPM meaning reduced air flow versus what I was "used to experiencing". Justin assured me everything with my cooling system is working as it should! I had zero problems during my November jaunts between Houston and Baton Rogue to watch the LSU Tigers go 12-0 in regular season play.
  14. To make our "northern" friends a bit jealous, Houston currently has "patio weather" with high temps in the low 70's and low temp around 50 F. Last night my company for the first time held it's annual Christmas celebration at the St. Arnold's Brewery with their new, expansive indoor room and large outside pavilion. The Art Car IPA and Christmas Ale were chilled perfectly and the heavy hors d'oeuvres were fantastic. Why is it that beer from a keg tastes better that beer from a bottle?
  15. Sandie -- My 2016 Newmar Ventana LE has the Equalizer brand hydraulic leveling jacks with the "up / down" pointing arrows on the key pad. The arrow pointing "up" means that when pressed the leveling jack will move "up". The button with the arrow pointing "down" lowers the leveling jack. For the Equalizer leveling system here is a link to the operating instructions which are available from Newmar's Newgle info site --> https://comnet2.newmarcorp.com/instance1Env99NEWMAR/html/images/100823.pdf You should be able to search in Newgle to find operating instructions for your HWH leveling system.
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