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  1. fagnaml

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    The cold weather and snow can stay up north! Houston area is expecting its annual January "hard freeze" this weekend with low temps in the mid-20's (note to self to drain foot valve on toilet that I didn't do last January!). For Valentines weekend the wife and I will be at La Hacienda RV Resort on Lake Travis to enjoy a nice Valentine's Day dinner in Austin then enjoy the Texas Wine Lover's Festival and various wineries on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Should be warm enough to site outside enjoy sunsets over Lake Travis with a good glass of wine. Then sadly bad to work. Someday retirement will come (?).
  2. fagnaml


    Roland -- Thanks for the update. Last time I and my family were in the Galveston area 18 months ago the Stella Mare was just opening so we stayed at the Jamaica Beach RV Resort which my kids and grandkids totally enjoyed. I'll have Stella Mare on my list for my next visit ! A few other dining suggestions to "experience" the Galveston area are Fisherman's Warf, Rainforest Café, Gaido's and The Spot. These restaurant have good food and very fun atmospheres to get that "beachy" feel. Gaido's is a "higher end" restaurant (i.e. Dockers and nice shirt of better place). Also Way West Grill at Jamaica Beach is a good "mom and pop" place for pizza and other grill items (burgers et al). Enjoy your time in south Texas! If you have a chance, spend some time in the Texas Hill Country and enjoy the many wineries, olive ranches, restaurants, shopping etc. the area has to offer. There are several nice RV resorts / parks in the Hill Country including Sunset Point RV Park near Marble Falls, TX or Buckhorn Lake RV Resort near Kerrrville, TX or Texas Wine Country Jellystone Park near Fredericksburg, TX.
  3. I saw this news about a major accident on I-20 in South Carolina during my lunch time perusing of the iRV2 forum: http://www.irv2.com/forums/f258/class-a-dp-accident-426007.html#post4577724 http://www.wistv.com/2019/01/07/update-one-lane-open-westbound-after-rv-wreck/ I and I'm sure other less experienced Class A owners would like opinions from the more experienced owners about how an accident as "nasty" as this one could occur and what preventative measures we should take to help assure we never experience this type of incident. Thanks!
  4. fagnaml

    French Quarter RV Park

    Carl -- This comment distracts from the original topic, but do tag axles make a significant difference is smoothing-out the ride? I can see tag axles helping minimize sway and are needed for weight distribution for larger motorhomes. My problem would be convincing the wife we "must have" a larger motorhome with tag axles to make our journeys more enjoyable.
  5. fagnaml

    French Quarter RV Park

    Roland - Glad you're enjoying your time in Louisiana but am sad to hear about your water leak. In the Houston area, I've had good repair service from both Cummins Coach Care and RV Masters. If you call ahead one of them they may be able to provide some prompt help finding and repairing your water leak. If one of those repair shops can not provide prompt help, I also have had good prompt help from Reynolds Mobile RV Repair --> http://www.rvrepairinhoustontx.com/ Reynolds does not perform chassis work but can repair most any coach item. I don't know if they travel to Galveston to do repair work. Since you've already made it past Lafayette you already know about the horrible bumpy ride and construction on I-10 between Lafayette and the Atchafalaya Basin. You will have another very rough ride on I-10 between Lake Charles and Sulphur. As you near the Sabine River (Texas / Louisiana state line) you will start into a another very rough and very narrow construction area from the state line through Beaumont to Winnie, TX. TXDOT has been working very slowly the last three years widening I-10 (several new bridges, lots of new elevated "fill" areas, etc. which is all slow construction) and has spent very little time or money maintaining the existing I-10. During my adventures to/from Baton Rouge this past fall I simply slowed down to 55 mph to help reduce some the banging from the bad highway AND to make sure the rough road didn't through me into concrete barriers which are just inches away when driving in either left or right lanes (there are no shoulders on either side in the construction zones!). I'm sad to say that I-10 from the Texas/Louisiana state line to Winnie, TX will beat the heck out of your motorhome so take your time, and make sure everything inside is secured i.e. don't leave your coffee maker or anything else on a counter and don't be surprised if a drawer or cabinet door flies open. When do you plan to arrive in Galveston? The weather starting this weekend and through next week is forecast to be gorgeous "winter" weather for the Houston / Galveston area -- sunny days with highs near 70 F and lows around 50 F.
  6. Forgot to add that my Motorhome 101 class never finishes.....
  7. Thanks for all of the prompt replies! I initially considered JB Weld but wasn't sure about using it for metal to plastic bonding (I've used JB Weld very successfully for metal to metal bonding) hence why I initially opted for the Loctite brand epoxy. JB Weld has many adhesives to chose from including a "plastic weld" product which "reads" as the most appropriate adhesive for bonding metal bolts to a plastic name plate (??) --> https://www.jbweld.com/collections/epoxy-adhesives The double-sided automotive tape is a good idea if only their was a large name plate to generator access door contact area. The name plate has an ~3/8" tall x 1/8" wide "edge" around the entire plate meaning a very slim 1/8" wide surface that could be used for the tape. This "edge" prevents contact between the back of the name plate and the door hence why Damon used elevator bolts to attach the name plate to the door. From the forum I need your thoughts on which JB Weld adhesive to use -- the original JB Weld or the JB Plastic weld. Also, I need thoughts on how best to remove the Loctite epoxy from the back of the name plate to create a good surface for the JB Weld. I'm thinking a small wire wheel brush (https://www.amazon.com/Forney-72733-Crimped-2-Inch-012-Inch/dp/B000TGC3WI/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1546537001&sr=8-5&keywords=wire+wheel+for+drill) or grinding bit (https://www.amazon.com/Diamond-Coated-Cylinder-Mounted-Grinding/dp/B015PK36D2/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1546537077&sr=8-8&keywords=grinding+bits+for+drill) in the end of my cordless drill (unfortunately I don't own a Drimel). As always, I greatly appreciate your help!
  8. This rather unusual request doesn't fit the "Class A" forum so I'll ask my question here. On the front of my Damon motorhome, specifically on the generator access door, is the "Astoria" model name plate which s ~30" long by 3" wide. It is a chrome plated plastic name plate that was secured by to the door by three "elevator" bolts that were (key word "were") secured to the name plate by what looks like "hot glue" (yellowish looking adhesive). Over time, the elevator bolts "broke free" from the original adhesive. This past weekend I re-attached the elevator bolts using Loctite brand epoxy. I let the epoxy fully cure before attempting to secure the name plate to the generator access door. As soon as I started 'snugging down" on the bolts, they "popped loose" from the name plate meaning I either over-tightened the nut OR epoxy was not a good choice as an adhesive. What suggestions does the forum have for "gluing" the elevator bolts to the back side of my Damon name plate? Thanks for the help!! For reference, here is an image of an "elevator" bolt --> https://www.amazon.com/Hard-Find-Fastener-014973239626-Elevator/dp/B00L1L67YA/ref=asc_df_B00L1L67YA/?tag=bingshoppinga-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid={creative}&hvpos={adposition}&hvnetw=o&hvrand={random}&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl={devicemodel}&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4584207577138851&psc=1 Also for reference, the first page of the attached sales brochure for my Damon Astoria shows the Astoria name plate on the generator access door. 2007_Damon_Astoria_Motorhome.pdf
  9. Bill -- So we can all understand, your toilet foot valve "leaked through" which caused your black water tank to fill in 48 hours -- correct? The engineer in me wondered the water flow rate needed to make this happen so I did this simple math. Presume 50 gallon capacity black water tank. 48 hours fill time = 2880 minutes. Water leak rate = 50 gallons / 2880 minutes = 0.02 gpm -- a very low rate but if constant fills a 50 gallon tank when no one is looking! I will echo the 'cramped quarters' to change a toilet foot valve. This past January during the few days of 20 F weather at my Richmond, TX storage facility, the one "low spot" I forgot to drain was the foot valve. When the wife and I took the motorhome to the Hill Country in March, we had water on the floor around the toilet thanks to a leak from the bottom of the foot valve (later found a very small crack in the valve body threads at the bottom of the valve where the bottom cap attaches). Replacing the valve was as you described -- tight quarters, laying on the floor, etc. except I threw-in a couple of choice adjectives when one of the water hoses would not come loose. As winter approaches, I will not forget to remove the bottom cap and drain the foot valve....
  10. I know this is an old topic but wanted to add thoughts for those that shop at Kroger grocery stores and have a Kroger discount card. Many Shell service stations across the country honor Kroger Fuel Points. Near my home in Katy, TX there is a one year old Shell station at I-10 and the Grand Parkway that I can easily maneuver my 39 foot motorhome into / out off. The Shell diesel when I topped off my tank two weeks ago was priced at $2.99/gallon when the Love's and Pilot truck stops a few miles west of my home on I-10 had their diesel prices at $3.19/gallon. I used my Kroger Fuel Points which lowered the Shell diesel price by 10 cents / gallon to $2.89/gallon which was a rather large 30 cents / gallon discount to Love's / Pilot's pricing. My refining / marketing company typically markets B5 (i.e. 5% or less biodiesel in the blend) as at that low amount of biodiesel, the "blend" meets all specifications of "conventional" diesel, and using a small amount of biodiesel allows my company to meet EPA renewable fuels standards. Also, for B5 blends, no pump labeling is required and no changes are required (e.g. different types of gaskets, seals and metallurgy) for diesel storage systems, pumps, etc. For biodiesel blends with 6 - 20% biodiesel content, the FTC requires that pumps be labeled with a "Biodiesel Blend" sticker --> https://regi.com/docs/default-source/marketing-collateral/reg-pump-labeling-requirements-fact-sheet.pdf?sfvrsn=6&sfvrsn=6 My company made the decision to not sell B6+ biodiesel blends given the large capital investment required to upgrade gaskets, seals, metallurgy, etc. I've travelled enough in south Texas, the Texas Hill Country and south Louisiana to learn that most truck stops (Love's, Pilot, Buc-ee's , etc. only sell biodiesel blends with less than 5% biodiesel content as they also wisely chose not to invest in the many upgrades to handle higher biodiesel content blends. I have a small "mom and pop" Texaco truck stop near my home that does sell 5-20% biodiesel blends. I never re-fuel at that location. I hope the forum finds this info useful and I apologize for opening an old thread....
  11. fagnaml

    Generator oil changes

    In the Dallas, San Antonio and Houston areas a company by the name of RV Mobile Lube performs "on-site" oil and filter changes for engines, generators and transmissions wherever the motorhome is parked -- home, storage facility, RV park. Their cost to change oil, oil filter, air filter and fuel filter on a diesel generator is $200 --> http://www.rvmobilelube.com/services_prices.php If in ever in Texas, RV Mobile Lube provides excellent service. I would think other areas across the U.S. would have companies that provide similar "mobile" oil / filter change services.
  12. fagnaml

    Generator oil changes

    Bill -- Having been a gasoline engine guy most of my life I generally followed the "rule of thumb" changing engine oil every 5,000 miles (as my father a WWII trained mechanics and Sinclair Service Station owner taught me). As such, testing gasoline engine oils "just wasn't done". Now being a diesel engine and diesel generator owner and an avid FMCA forum reader, your thought of "testing" the used oil from a generator is intriguing. For the last year I've been using Redline synthetic 15W-40 oil in my generator to assure proper protection for hot LSU football weekends and changing that oil every 150 hours as the Onan owner's manual says change oil every 150 miles whether using conventional or synthetic oil. I have ~100 hours of use on the current synthetic oil in my generator meaning I'll change the oil sometime late this spring / early summer (not much generator use with tailgating season done for the year). I'll have the used oil tested if one of the forum members in the Houston area can let me know who performs the testing.
  13. fagnaml

    Generator oil changes

    Jerry -- Welcome to the forum! The members are very helpful especially if you put information about your motorhome in your signature block. With regards to changing oil / filter is relatively simple but the work is done "lying flat on the ground". I use my Onan 7500 watt generator 24/7 on hot, sometimes dusty LSU football weekends so I am religious about changing the oil and filter every 150 hours as the Onan maintenance schedule prescribes (i.e. change the oil after every three football weekends). I agree with you that changing the generator oil & filter while "on the road" is not desirable unless you want to pack a drain pain, cardboard boxes to catch drips, etc. It takes me about an hour to change the oil and filter in my generator. The oil (15W-40) is readily available however I usually order the Onan oil filter from Amazon as finding that filter in a store is unlikely (I don't have a good cross-reference from my Onan oil filter 122-0833 to a Fram or WIXX equivalent). Depending on where you are in the U.S., consider contacting commercial truck oil change/service businesses to learn if they will change oil/filters in your engine and also generator. For example, in Texas and Oklahoma a company by the name of BLine Lube will service both the motorhome engine and chassis ($225 for oil, filters, lube the chassis, check fluid levels, check front wheel hubs, etc.) and service the generator ($99 to change oil and filter) --> http://www.blinelube.com/index.html I've used their location once in Brookshire, TX near my home and was pleased with their service. Hope this info helps. Best wishes for safe travels wherever you are !!
  14. fagnaml

    Truck washes for our coaches

    Also, not to district from the original topic too much, I wonder if it would be too much to ask my wife for this RV washing "tool" for Christmas --> https://wash-bots.com/
  15. fagnaml

    Truck washes for our coaches

    I've yet to use a "truck wash" because I have the perception/fear of high pressure water finding its way behind slide-out seals, into the refrigerator and hot water heater vents, etc. Also high pressure soap/water (i.e. brush-less) car washes do not do a good job removing road film from my Jeep or the wife's Infiniti. Thus I've hand washed my motorhome when needed using a big bucket, Mequiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax, and long handle brush followed by hand-drying from a ladder with the "Absorber" synthetic chamois. It's a very robust 2-3 hour 'shoulders, back and arms" work-out each time I wash my motorhome. The end result is always a nice, clean, shiny motorhome! What is Blue Beacon's washing process? If only high pressure soap and water, does their process do a good job of removing road film? Also, from my motorhome storage location near Richmond, TX, it would be a 45 - 60 minute drive to the nearest Blue Beacon truck wash on the far northeast / east sides of Houston meaning a 2-3 hour adventure same as I have now. Is the $65'ish cost worth this lengthy round-trip drive? As always, I greatly appreciate any and all thoughts from the forum. p.s. I usually ruin the benefits of my 2--3 hour motorhome washing workout with a couple of high calorie craft beers after the workout is completed.....