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  1. This past weekend (4/9 -12) the wife and I had a fabulous time on the "Wine and Wildflowers Journey" in the Texas Hill Country tasting many great wines while enjoying great weather. For a Christmas gift last December, my youngest son gave me a medium size Old Smokey grill with long legs to replace my worn-out "Aussie Walk About" grill. It's been a long time since I've had an Old Smokey and forgot how easy it is to grill a steak to perfection, smoke salmon, etc. on and Old Smokey (picture below from our spot on motorhome row overlooking Goat Creek at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort this past weekend). And yes in the background of the photo is my 30 year old Coleman propane stove that I use to fry bacon or sausage when it's just my wife and I on a trip. The wife does not allow the odor and grease splattering from bacon and sausage in "HER" motorhome! For LSU football weekends I pack my big, heavy two burner Camp Chef camp stove with large griddle to cook breakfast for a large group --> Amazon.com: Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove: Garden & Outdoor --> Amazon.com : Camp Chef Professional Fry Griddle, Single Burner 14" Cooking Accessory, Cooking Dimensions: 14 in. x 16 in : Garden & Outdoor The griddle works also works great for "over easy" eggs, hash browns, etc. My Old Smokey is big enough to grill many burgers for a hungry tailgating crowd. Also, if you want a great seasoning for steaks (or hamburgers), Uncle Chis' Gourmet Steak Seasoning is fantastic --> Uncle Chris' Gourmet Steak Seasoning | Fiesta Spices
  2. 18 months ago I purchased a full set of Hankook AH37 tires (275/70R22.5) for my coach to replace four year old OEM Michelin ZXE tires that had pre-mature sidewall cracking (which I have since learned is a problem with Michelin tires). I purchased the Hankook's using the FMCA price discount program that was in place with Hankook at that time. The "all in" cost for the six tires was $2,450 which was 60% lower that prices available from FMCA's discount program with Michelin and Continental. While still being blessed with a full time career, the wife and I only drive our coach ~5,000 miles per year thus I couldn't justify the much higher cost for Michelins/Continentals when my tires will age-out long before they wear-out. I have not noticed any difference in ride nor handling between the Hankooks and the OEM MIchelins and highly recommend Hankooks as great quality tire and a more affordable price. I am surprised and disappointed that the FMCA - Hankook tire discount program came to an end.
  3. My wife is a MSN (Master Degree Nursing) - RN who has spent most of her career working medical/surgical floors/ICUs working her way to a Nurse Manager position. She is frustrated about the messaging of the Covid vaccine and how vaccines in general that they are a "magical medicine" that kills a virus. She is trying to reinforce to family and friends that all vaccines do the following: Vaccines do not kill a virus Vaccines prevent serious illness from a virus -YES folks vaccinated for Covid-19 can still contract the virus (just like a person with annual flu vaccine can still contract the flu) Vaccines greatly slow the spread of a virus as viruses have extreme difficulty trying to replicate within a vaccinated person With growing numbers of people vaccinated, the Covid-19 virus will become "endemic" like all other viruses e.g. flu, measles, mumps, typhod fever, chicken pox/shingles, small pox, etc. Covid-19, just like other coronaviruses, will be present for decades to come. With current vaccinations and likely "booster shots" in the years to come (just like annual flu shots) the chance of getting seriously ill from Covid-19 will be near zero and the spread will be greatly minimized. Covid-19 is the first of seven coronaviruses to have a vaccine developed and administered An mRNA vaccine was developed for the SARS virus (Covid-1) nearly 20 years ago but never had financial backing to commercialize the vaccine (federal governments provided financial backing for the Covid-19 vaccine which is how it went from R&D to commercial use so quickly - the mRNA vaccine technology has been in development for 25 years) My wife continues to strongly encourage friends, family members, my and her work colleagues and others to receive the Covid-19 vaccine to provide protection from serous illness and to help greatly slow the ability of the virus to replicate and spread to others. It is a personal choice to receive, or not, the Covid-19 vaccine or any vaccine. We both received our second Pfizer shots last Friday, March 26. This weekend we're headed to the Texas Hill Country for the annual Wine and Wildflowers which will likely be crowded (we're staying at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort in Kerrville). Being vaccinated, we can enjoy the event as we always have without the underlying concern of getting seriously ill from Covid-19 while enjoying some great weather and great wine. I can already taste a very nice glass of Texas Tempranillo....
  4. Carl - Yes I contacted the RV parks/resorts in the Marble Falls to Fredericksburg area that passed the wife's "Google Earth" views and all are 100% full for the weekend of April 9 or their "big rig" spots are full: Sunset Point RV Resort in Marble Falls 42 on 32 RV Park - new park south of Blanco Big Chief RV Park on Lake Buchanan Peach Country RV Park in Stonewall Heritage Oaks RV Park east of Fredericksburg (nearly 100% full with full timers) Fredericksburg KOA Texas Wine Country Jellystone Park east of Fredericksburg Fredericksburg RV Park in the city of Fredericksburg The Vineyards at Fredericksburg RV Park After going 0 for 9 on these preferred location RV parks, I next looked near Kerrville and was lucky to get a nice creek view spot at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort - they only had three spots available!. The Guadalupe River Jellystone Park between Kerrville and ingram was next on the list if Buckhorn Lake was full. Goggle Earth shows a small RV park named "Lighthouse RV Park" next to the Lighthouse Country Club in Kingsland, TX that from satellite views looks rather nice. However their website doesn't have on-line registration and no one would answer their phone when I called. Not wanting to appear too "uppity", but the Lake Bird Johnson Municipal Park Campground didn't pass the wife test when we physically drove through that park a few years ago. Bottom line, I was stunned that this number of RV parks were full / didn't have big rig spaces with nearly five weeks of lead time as I haven't had that experience anytime during the last nine years.
  5. Regarding the "where and when" portion of the this thread, the wife and I plan to enjoy the "Wine and Wildflowers Passport Event" in the Texas Hill Country the weekend of April 9-12 this year. Our desire was to stay a Sunset Point RV Resort near Marble Falls or the Wine County Jellystone or The Vineyards RV Resort both near Fredericksburg. When trying to get reservations last week (a full month ahead of our planned outing) I was stunned to learn the "nice" RV parks/resorts from Marble Falls to Fredericksburg are "full" that weekend! We were able to get a nice spot at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort in Kerrville which is not the best location for touring the wineries but the resort is very nice. Getting an RV resort reservation on weekends in late March / early April in past years was relatively easy as those weekends are past school spring breaks and ahead of the summer RV season. Are other forum members finding nice RV resorts/parks that can handle big rigs full or with very limited space? If "yes" why? I guess I need to make reservations for summer weekend outings now....
  6. I know this thread is old, but I'll confess I was demoted to Motorhome 101 class regarding water heater anodes. My previous travel trailer and motorhome had Dometic water heaters that do not have anodes because the tanks are aluminum. While prepping my current motorhome two weeks ago ahead of the "Great Houston Freeze" I pulled the drain plug on the water heater. I honestly was stunnded to see a "rod" attached the plug and wondered "WTF is that?". I pulled the owners manual out of the "big bag" of manuals and quickly learned my Ventana LE has an Atwood/Suburban brand water heater which has a steel tank and an anode (just like a home water heater). I was then off on a hunt for a new anode (found one at Holiday World in Katy). I hate to show my ignorance but the photo below shows how bad my anode was (i.e. nothing remaining!). I also ordered from Amazon a water heater flush wand to clean out the water heater this weekend before installing the new anode. This website provides good guidance for water heater maintenance --> Suburban Water Heater Maintenance Videos My remedial education for the water heater portion of Motorhome 101 class is completed. Maybe I can return to Motorhome 201 class (?)
  7. My youngest son is a Sheriff Deputy and thus is in the "1B group" of first responders to receive the Pfizer vaccine. His first dose caused some arm soreness for a couple of days he said like a flu shot does. He received his second Pfizer dose this past Monday morning (2/1) and by Monday night he had a terrible headache, muscle aches, fatigue and overall "icky-ness". The symptoms lasted until mid-day yesterday. He felt so bad that he didn't go to work Tuesday or yesterday. He called his primary care physician late Tuesday who told him that the symptoms he was experiencing were not uncommon as a person's immune system "learns" from the vaccine. When I received my first Shingles vaccine dose from a CVS Minute Clinic in early January, I had a sore arm for three days. The nurse practitioner advised that when it's time for my second dose in May to receive that dose on a Friday as I could experience "flu like symptoms" for a couple of days after receiving that second dose. For those who have received the Shingrix Shingles vaccine, did you feel poorly following the second dose? I'm tentatively scheduled to receive the Covid vaccine in March (I'm among the large Group 2 folks) from my employer who has successfully achieved "vaccine distributor" approval for the company's medical offices hence my first Shingrix dose in January, Covid doses in March and April followed by second Shingrix dose in May or June plan.
  8. I concur with Wayne -- there is no place to go, nothing to do for months with no light at the end of the tunnel (yet). My coach has done nothing but collect dust since early November except for its monthly 30 minute ride to keep the parts moving. I'm tired of going to work everyday and then not doing much except chores at home on weekends. So "just to use the coach" the wife and I are making a long drive (by Covid definitions) from Katy to Rayford Crossing RV Resort near Spring, TX (a whoppping 60 minute drive from my home) to spend Valentine's Day weekend bumming around Old Town Spring and its many unique shops and enjoying a nice Valentine's Day dinner at Kirby's or Perry's steak houses in The Woodlands area (far north side of Houston). We're waiting anxiously to hear if the Texas Hill County Wineries will conduct their "Wine and Wildflowers Journey" in April which Covid killed last spring. Supposedly the wineries will make a decision in mid-February about conducting the event or not. Our hope is the month long event will be a "go" as it's been much too long since we've stayed at the Sunset Point RV REsort on Lake LBJ, drinking a nice glass of Tempranillo while watching the sun set in the horizon across the lake (gorgeous view!!) --> Sunset Point on Lake LBJ - Waterfront RV Spaces - Texas Hill Country - Lodging, Fishing, Boating, Swimming, Camping (sunsetpointlbj.com) And it's been much to long since I've played with the Jeep at Hidden Falls Adventure Park east of Marble Falls, TX --> Hidden Falls Adventure Park | The Largest 4x4 Off-Road Trail Park in Texas!
  9. LSU football weekends will hopefully resume this fall. I wonder if I should construct one of these for tailgating??
  10. Twelve years ago I purchased "new" the original Winegard Carryout and stand to use for LSU football tailgating during my "pop up tents', travel trailer and first ever motorhome phases of tailgating. When I purchased my current coach 20 months ago it came equipped with a Winegard Travl'r Dish Network "dish" on the roof.Does the forum have any suggestions on how to sell or donate (or even give away) my original Winegard Carryout? I'd prefer that someone use and enjoy the Carryout and stand rather than "tossing them into a bin" at my county's recycling center. TheCarryout is in very good condition and works well. It is currently configured for DirecTV but with the clicks of a few bottoms on the control board it can easily be configured for the Dish Network. Thanks for your thoughts!
  11. ibgboh -- Welcome to the forum! There are many great forum members willing to provide help at any time. I've seen Alpha brand motorhomes at various RV parks but most appeared a bit "elderly" in age. A quick Google search revealed that Alpha Leisure company was a "scion" (off shoot) of Fleetwood Enterprises which is now Fleetwood RV which is owned by the REV Group. The Alpha Leisure Company went bankrupt in 2008 during that economic crash meaning Alfa coaches are now 13+ years old. As others have mentioned, many newer coaches have overhead cabinets included in slide-outs so adding a cabinet to your coach is conceptually OK. The challenge you'll have is learning if the wall framing for your slide-out has the structural strength to support new cabinets and where the frame members are located to attached new cabinets. There is an Alfa See Ya's Chapter within FMCA whose members may have knowledge of how the wall of your slide-out is constructed, where wall framing is located, etc. The Alfa See Ya's Chapter has a nice looking website including sales brochures for various model years --> AlfaSeeYas - index page It would be worth contacting the Alfa See Yas Chapter representative to learn if any members may have the info you need --> Chapter Home Page (fmca.com) When you have a moment, it would be good if you could create a "signature" block such as mine or others above to share more info about your coach, where you are located in this great USA, etc. That info is very useful for forum members to provide the help you'll need in the future. Yes, all coach owners need help from time to time so never hessitate to seek help. Personally I've been in Motorhome 101 class for six years and wonder if I'll ever graduate to Motorhome 201 class.... Again welcome to the forum!
  12. For those that enjoy great wine and live / snowbird somewhere near Texas, this morning I received a notification that the Texas Hill Country Wineries will host their annual "Wine Lovers Celebration" in February this year (Covid cancelled the event last year). This presumes that Covid doesn't mess up the event again! A "wine trail" event for a very reasonable price allows wine tastings at up to four wineries per day during the month of February in conjunction with Valentine's Day. Wine tastings are often conducted in out door pavillions/patio/picnic areas at each winery so "Covid Safety" should not be a concern. The Wine Lovers Celebration would be great experience to help usher in a hopefully much better 2021 --> Wine Lovers Celebration - Texas Hill Country Wineries (texaswinetrail.com) There are several nice RV parks/resorts in the Hill Country including Buckhorn Lake RV Resort and Old River RV Resort near Kerrville, Sunset Point RV Park near Marble Falls, The Vineyards near Fredericksburg and Peachtree Country RV Park near Stonewall to name a few that are all convenient to the Hill Country Wineries.
  13. Thanks Jay. It's nice to see new RV parks/resorts being developed given the significant "Covid Growth" in RV ownership the last 12 months. Looking at the Red Bud RV Resort website, my interpretation of the the "3D design renderings" tells me this new RV park is not Big Rig friendly with what looks to be very narrow drivways and no room to manuver a 40-45 foot motorhome onto a 45 foot long pad. On the few occaisions that the wife and I have visited the Austin area, the La Hacienda RV Resort on Lake Travis is the only one that meets her "RV Park/Resort Connoisseur" requirements.
  14. I'm with Roger's (Tireman's) guidance which is the same that my father who owned three Sinclair Service Stations drilled into me -- check tire pressures each morning when the tires are cold especially when big changes in weather occur. As an example, a few weeks ago the Houston area had is first major cold front of the fall when morning temperatures dropped from a typical 75 F to 35 F. I didn't take the time to check the tire pressures on my Jeep Wrangler and sure enough during my drive to work that morning the TPMS system alarmed with low tire pressures that were down to 28 psi versus the normal 35 psi. Needless to say, I checked tire pressures the next morning and had to add air. For my coach, I keep the tire pressures at 125 psi for front and rear tires. This inflation is quite conservative for the loaded weight of my coach with Jeep in tow. I don't try to fine tune the tire pressures to match my loaded weight / tweak ride comfort. Just simpler fo rme to keep the tire pressure at 125 psi (max pressure is 135 psi for my Hankook tires).
  15. Within Texas I've driven my motohome on HOV lanes / Tollways in Houston and San Antonio with no problems. Those HOVs/Tollways do not have a different speed limit that the "free" main lains of a freeway. I have a "TxTag" for my motorhome and personal vehicles that gets scanned as I drive on tollways. The TxTag also works on tollways in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Georgia and North & South Carolina. HOV lanes in Texas are generally for two or more people in a vehicle.
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