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  1. ibgboh -- Welcome to the forum! There are many great forum members willing to provide help at any time. I've seen Alpha brand motorhomes at various RV parks but most appeared a bit "elderly" in age. A quick Google search revealed that Alpha Leisure company was a "scion" (off shoot) of Fleetwood Enterprises which is now Fleetwood RV which is owned by the REV Group. The Alpha Leisure Company went bankrupt in 2008 during that economic crash meaning Alfa coaches are now 13+ years old. As others have mentioned, many newer coaches have overhead cabinets included in slide-outs so adding a cabinet to your coach is conceptually OK. The challenge you'll have is learning if the wall framing for your slide-out has the structural strength to support new cabinets and where the frame members are located to attached new cabinets. There is an Alfa See Ya's Chapter within FMCA whose members may have knowledge of how the wall of your slide-out is constructed, where wall framing is located, etc. The Alfa See Ya's Chapter has a nice looking website including sales brochures for various model years --> AlfaSeeYas - index page It would be worth contacting the Alfa See Yas Chapter representative to learn if any members may have the info you need --> Chapter Home Page (fmca.com) When you have a moment, it would be good if you could create a "signature" block such as mine or others above to share more info about your coach, where you are located in this great USA, etc. That info is very useful for forum members to provide the help you'll need in the future. Yes, all coach owners need help from time to time so never hessitate to seek help. Personally I've been in Motorhome 101 class for six years and wonder if I'll ever graduate to Motorhome 201 class.... Again welcome to the forum!
  2. For those that enjoy great wine and live / snowbird somewhere near Texas, this morning I received a notification that the Texas Hill Country Wineries will host their annual "Wine Lovers Celebration" in February this year (Covid cancelled the event last year). This presumes that Covid doesn't mess up the event again! A "wine trail" event for a very reasonable price allows wine tastings at up to four wineries per day during the month of February in conjunction with Valentine's Day. Wine tastings are often conducted in out door pavillions/patio/picnic areas at each winery so "Covid Safety" should not be a concern. The Wine Lovers Celebration would be great experience to help usher in a hopefully much better 2021 --> Wine Lovers Celebration - Texas Hill Country Wineries (texaswinetrail.com) There are several nice RV parks/resorts in the Hill Country including Buckhorn Lake RV Resort and Old River RV Resort near Kerrville, Sunset Point RV Park near Marble Falls, The Vineyards near Fredericksburg and Peachtree Country RV Park near Stonewall to name a few that are all convenient to the Hill Country Wineries.
  3. Thanks Jay. It's nice to see new RV parks/resorts being developed given the significant "Covid Growth" in RV ownership the last 12 months. Looking at the Red Bud RV Resort website, my interpretation of the the "3D design renderings" tells me this new RV park is not Big Rig friendly with what looks to be very narrow drivways and no room to manuver a 40-45 foot motorhome onto a 45 foot long pad. On the few occaisions that the wife and I have visited the Austin area, the La Hacienda RV Resort on Lake Travis is the only one that meets her "RV Park/Resort Connoisseur" requirements.
  4. I'm with Roger's (Tireman's) guidance which is the same that my father who owned three Sinclair Service Stations drilled into me -- check tire pressures each morning when the tires are cold especially when big changes in weather occur. As an example, a few weeks ago the Houston area had is first major cold front of the fall when morning temperatures dropped from a typical 75 F to 35 F. I didn't take the time to check the tire pressures on my Jeep Wrangler and sure enough during my drive to work that morning the TPMS system alarmed with low tire pressures that were down to 28 psi versus the normal 35 psi. Needless to say, I checked tire pressures the next morning and had to add air. For my coach, I keep the tire pressures at 125 psi for front and rear tires. This inflation is quite conservative for the loaded weight of my coach with Jeep in tow. I don't try to fine tune the tire pressures to match my loaded weight / tweak ride comfort. Just simpler fo rme to keep the tire pressure at 125 psi (max pressure is 135 psi for my Hankook tires).
  5. Within Texas I've driven my motohome on HOV lanes / Tollways in Houston and San Antonio with no problems. Those HOVs/Tollways do not have a different speed limit that the "free" main lains of a freeway. I have a "TxTag" for my motorhome and personal vehicles that gets scanned as I drive on tollways. The TxTag also works on tollways in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Georgia and North & South Carolina. HOV lanes in Texas are generally for two or more people in a vehicle.
  6. For my previous motorhome I had a loan from Bank of the West for 4.1% interest rate. For my current motorhome I have a loan from Bank OZK for 3.8% interest rate. Both banks provide good service!
  7. I'll echo Five's comment about FMCA program for Hankook tires pricing and Southern Tire Mart (Katy, TX location) for their service. Continental and Michelin tires with the FMCA discount were considerably higher price than the FMCA discounted Hankook tires which are great for a motorhome owner like me who travels 3,000-5,000 miles per year.
  8. Metfan -- Welcome to the forum! There are many great forum members willing to provide help any time? An old forum posting from October 2014 asks the same question you have --> The original poster of that question purchased a Demco KarKaddy for their 2014 Town & Country. Per their website, Demco now has a robust looking KarKaddy X for larger vehicles --> https://www.demco-products.com/rv-towing/tow-dollies/karkaddyss-1 I did a quick Google search for your Town & Country owners manual which was found at this website --> http://cdn.dealereprocess.com/cdn/servicemanuals/chrysler/2014-townandcountry.pdf Page 559 of the manual says towing a front wheel drive Town and Country using a dolly is "OK". Page 560 of the manual provides direction on how to use a dolly to two the Town & Country. Presumably the paper version of the owner's manual in your T&C has the same guidance. Hope this info is useful !
  9. Storage -- Welcome to the forum! There are many great forum members willing to provide help at anytime. I don't quite understand your question so could you add some additional clarity? The G&J Moving Company link you provided is for the state of Virginia, not Texas where I reside. With regards to storing my motorhome, I continue to use the Grand Parkway Boat & RV Storage facility in Richmond, TX near my home for the on-going cost of $195/month for a 50 feet long covered storage space. On some rare occasions I do wish the facility had more amenities than 120 volt, 20 amp power at each storage spot but when I spend time doing some minor maintenance I bring some drinks in a small cooler and a couple of snacks. If mother nature calls, I make a quick 1/2 mile drive to an Chevron convenience store to answer the call. I still can not justify spending $295/month for enclosed storage in Rosenberg, TX that is several additional miles away from my home. Also, to get better responses and help from forum members, please create a "signature block" like mine or Carl's that provides info about your RV (motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel), tow vehicle or towed vehicle, where you are located, etc.
  10. fagnaml


    Herman -- My and Cindy's prayers are with you for a successful surgery and for a quick, full recovery!
  11. jpeto -- Welcome to the forum! There are many good forum members willing to provide help anytime! What is the current HP rating for your 6.7L ISB? Reason for asking, is I have a 6.7L ISB (2017 version) coupled to an Allison 3000 transmission in my Ventana LE that is rated at 360 HP which per Cummins is the the high end of the ISB engine --> https://www.cummins.com/engines/b67-2017 The Cummins website shows that 400 HP can be obtained from the ISB engine but different, higher rating parts and pieces are needed --> https://www.cummins.com/engines/cummins-67l-turbo-diesel-2019 Thus far I've been pleased with the performance of my engine while towing a Jeep Wrangler in the Texas Hill Country which has some reasonably steep hills in the lakes area of the Hill Country. Those hills however are not the long climbs in your part of the country.
  12. While my question is Texas specific I do hope other forum members will find it interesting. With no LSU football weekends this fall, the wife and I are looking for other opportunities for long weekend adventures. One "venue" we haven't visited in many, many years is the annual Texas Renaissance Festival which is open this fall despite Covid-19 and everything else happening in this very weird year. The festival starts this coming weekend (10/3/20) and continues through the end of November weekend --> https://www.texrenfest.com/ The festival will have the usual Covid-19 prevention protocols in place. My question is in two parts: 1) For those that have visited the Renaissance Festival during the last couple of years, is a weekend at the Festival a fun, enjoyable time? 2) A new RV resort in Magnolia, TX by the name of Leisure Lane RV Resort is offering "daily reservations" for the Renaissance Festival (typically they only offer week and month reservations). This resort is ten miles form the Renaissance Festival site. The resort looks quite nice from their website and Goggle Earth. Have any forum members stayed at the Leisure Lane RV Resort in Magnolia, TX ? If "yes", what is your opinion of the resort and its services? Thanks for you thoughts and comments?
  13. For bragging rights, the store at the Buc-ee's near my home in Katy may not have the largest store (though at 50,000+ square feet it is big), the Katy Buc-ee's has the Guiness World Record for the largest car wash on the planet! --> https://www.click2houston.com/news/2017/11/16/buc-ees-car-wash-in-katy-gets-guinness-record-as-worlds-longest/ It is said that Buc-ee's has a "cult" following. I openly confess that I'm part of the cult 😵
  14. Yet another "victim" of the Covid-19 pandemic is the LSU football season for ticket holders. This fall, Tiger Stadium attendance will be limited to 20-25% of normal capacity. Additionally, only one of four RV lots will be open and that one lot will also be limited to 20-25% capacity. And with all things Covid, the football season could be halted on a moment's notice. As such, my family and I made the sad and difficult decision to "opt out" of our season tickets this year and roll monies already paid to 2021 season tickets. Trying to put a positive spin on this crappy situation, without long weekend adventures to Baton Rouge this fall, the wife and I will have time to attend a "first ever" rally somewhere in a 300 mile'ish radius of Houston -- presuming of course that rallies this fall have also NOT succumbed to Covid-19. The 300 mile radius of Houston is because with full time careers taking a week away for a long drive to a rally likely wouldn't happen. What would the forum suggest as a first ever rally to attend sometime this fall? Which Chapter would host that rally? Would my wife and I from an age perspective (we both just turned the big 60) fit-in well with the age demographics of a rally group? Your thoughts please! Thanks!
  15. This thread is a bit old, but wanted to add that the wife and I spent last week (8/31 - 9/4/20) at Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Resort on Mustang Island near Port Aransas for our 40th wedding anniversary trip (which was supposed to be in New York City except Covid-19 screwed up those plans as it has so many other plans!). We haven't been to Gulf Waters since before Hurricane Harvey which caused significant damage to most of the Coastal Bend area. Gulf Waters and a vast majority of Port Aransas is fully recovered from Harvey. Dining at Port A restaurants and shopping at specialty shops was very enjoyable as there were very few visitors (it was the first week of school for many areas of south/southeast Texas). The beach was nice and gulf waters were warm. The Gulf Waters RV Resort was fantastic especially along "motorhome row" on the resort's big pond -- big, wide spaces with nice amenities provided by owners of those spaces. The nightly price is a bit steep but this RV Resort tops the list of resorts for my wife the "resort snob". Here is a link to the Gulf Waters RV Resort website --> https://gulfwatersrvresorttx.com/
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