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  1. I had a Good Sam Roadside Assistance membership and I was happy with there service until I was on a trip with my RV and I was pulling my car on a car trailer I had a flat on the trailer and I called Good Sam Roadside Assistance I ask them to send someone out to put my spar on I was told that I was not covered in my policy for a trailer with tandem wheels I should put the spar on myself I told him that I was 70 years old and had a bad back and I could not change it myself the next thing he told me to do was to drive my RV and go to a station and have the spar put on I told him there was a car on the trailer and the other tire would go flat and I would rune the tires and what did I buy the Good Sam Roadside Assistance for he got nasty with me on the phone and said if I wanted to quite the Good Sam Roadside Assistance plan he would cancel it wright then I told him I would keep it till I got home I still had several thousand miles to go on my trip and six weeks before I got home I again told him I was 70 years old and had a bad back and he said he would not help me I drove to the next town it was about 10 miles away and I wound up having to buy two tires . I tried calling Good Sam Customer Service to complain and I got no ware fast when I got home I called Good Sams Customer Service again I was told someone would call me back I never got a call back I wrote several letters to Good Sam Roadside Assistance and never got an answer I belong to an RV club and they said why don't I join COACH NET I canceled my Good Sam Roadside Assistance and joined Coach Net and I never had any trouble with COACH NET I have been very happy with there service If someone from Good Sam Roadside Assistance reads this my Good Sam # is 561314485 I am just so frustrated with Good Sam Roadside Assistance It takes a company years and a good deal of money build a good reputation and it takes one bad exuberance to rune it Thank You Donald Lieberman
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