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  1. Same question regarding a 2005 Ford 6.8L V10. Some of the companies, Autochips Direct, Jet Performance, etc claim a significant increase in MPG and HP. If true, the $50-$80 investment would be well worth it. Any detrimental effects? Has anyone tried any of these?
  2. So....I don't understand something. In regards to a "powered" braking system, there's a lot of reference to running off the battery of the dingy, potential battery drain....having to run the dingy every few hours so the battery doesn't run down, etc. My question is, normal RV connectors are 6 way....right? One of those wires is an aux power line. Why not just string that through to the dingy installing a 6 way connector on the dingy instead of the 4 way that they normally install. I'm going through this dilemma right now as my Wrangler is being wired today. I told the guy to not put the 4 way on but to use the 6 way so I can make use of the aux power when I decide on the braking system. Let me know any thoughts on this or if I'm missing something??? Haven't decided on the braking system. Want something VERY quick and easy. Any suggestions are welcome. Looking at the Invisibrake among other similar devices. Thanks!! Tom 30' Sunseeker 2006 Rubicon
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