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  1. Has anyone installed or had installed a "G Force Performance chip" to their motorhome? Company claims more power and better gas mileage. Not that big an investment only about $70.00, but wondering if its really worth it The guy that told me about it claims his mileage really went up signicantily, I"m having a hard time believing that it increased 2MPG. If anyone can share a light on this woudl appreciate it.
  2. I have a 2007 George town, 34.5 ft. I average 7.8 on last trip. But I used the generator hardly at all on that trip. I did make some steep climbs however none were very steep and above 5000 ft.
  3. 1. Randy LeBlanc 2. USAF 3. 1968-1991 4. Master Sergeant 5. Production Control Supt 6. Started in Amarellio AFB, TX, Keelser AFB, MS, Forbes AFB, KS, Vietnam, Egland AFBN, La. CCK AB, Taiwan, Calumet AS, MI, Ent AFB, CO, Yokota AB, Japan, Eglin AFB, FL,Lackland AFB, TX, and finally Kadena AB, Okinawa. 7. Now Living in Las Vegas NV, Where the lights never go down finally.
  4. As a new member of the FMCA, I just received my welcome package in the mail yesterday. It includes the plate with your membership number for you to attach or place on the RV. I know I can drill two holes and attach the plate, but I really hate to think of putting holes in exterior. Has anyone used a different method to secure their plate to the motor coach? I'm hoping to find an idea where no holes will be required, and will not damage the full paint if it has to be removed at a later date. Thank you.
  5. I have been given this generator from an individual who basically has the same knowledge of generators as I do, which means none,lol. I am not sure what to use it for when RVing, to be honest. I have a 2007 Georgetown, 34 ft. If I am dry camping, does it really do me any good to bring this along and hook it up. He stated it would keep my batteries charged, which if true would be beneficial. Is there anything else that such a small generator will do for my motorhome usage during drycamping. Any comments? Thanks
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