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  1. Thanks everyone. Lovings the suggestions. We want to do as much as possible. Start West in early April and go until early June. Fellow Fleetwood Rig. We have a 2007 Bounder. She has been great.
  2. Hi "guys" We just finished a 32 night trip through Va and NC. We visited Douthat SP, Smith Mountain Lake SP and Shenandoah River SP in Va and New River SP, Medoc Mountain SP and Mama Gerties Hideaway Campground 10 miles from Ashville. Our next trip in September is Letchworth SP, Fish Creek Pond SP (our favorite) and North South State Park in NY We think we are ready to "tackle" the great National Parks out west starting next spring. We will be starting North of Philadelphia and will make a week or so stop in KC to see my pops before heading further west. Any suggestions of routes to take. Head north and then zig zag south or reverse etc We figured this will be a 60-75 day trip. Thanks Dave (happily retired chemist)
  3. Thanks for the suggestion about CaCl2 it would not be good for the RV's underbelly. I guess we should wait until late March. Will give me time to get a few projects done around our home.
  4. Hello everyone, We are about to enter a new phase of our RV lives. My wife is retired and I will retire in January. We will be camping in one of our favorite spots from late September to early October the DAKS. In February we want to start 6-8 week adventure starting in the Philadelphia area. Any suggestions on must see spots heading south and west starting in the middle of winter in the NE. All the best Dave and Suzanne
  5. Brett, Thank you very much. We have been part-time RV's for about 6 years and we learn something (s) from veteran RVers like yourself every time we are on the road. In a few years we will be snowbirders and can hopefully pass on some of our experiences to others. Regards, Dave
  6. We have owned a 2007 Fleetwood Bound 32W for 3.5 years. Our driveway has about 5-6 degree slope from the top of the driveway to the bottom. Until recently, I have been backing the RV into the driveway so the engine is on the uphill side. I find it easier to actually pull the RV in forwards and then back the RV out when we are getting ready for a trip. Would anyone expect there to be a problem with the engine or transmission if I continue to store the RV with the engine on the downhill side of the driveway? Regards, Dave
  7. Thanks for all of your comments..... Today I took the RV to the mechanic who does my servicing and he told me exactly what huffypuff posted earlier today. Nothing to worry about. Regards, Dave
  8. Brett Its a Ford V-10 engine so it not a Workhorse. I 'll see if I can check the hydraulic fluid and brake master cylinder levels. Thanks Dave
  9. Hello all, We just purchased a 2007 Fleetwood Bounder 32W. We brought it home this past Saturday. Once it was parked and I restarted it I could hear a pumping sound and slight vibration when I stepped on the brake pedal. Also the ABS light would stay on for about 3-4 seconds. I called the salesman we bought it from and he told me this was normal sound for all Gas powered MH because the hydraulics in the braking system were starting up. This noise did not happen in our 2001 Coachman MH. If I turn off all of the batteries in the RV and step on the brake pedal I still hear this noise. If I start the RV without stepping on the brake pedal I don't hear the noise but the ABS light seems to stay on longer than "normal". Is my salesmen correct? Appreciate your comments. I have 30 day limited warranty on the RV. Dave
  10. We are looking to upgrade from our 31 foot Coachman Mirada ( no slides) to something in the 35-37 foot range with multiple slides. This weekend we came across a type of rig I had never heard of a Class A Gas Pusher ( 2008 Winnebago Destination 37G). Anyone have any experience or suggestions about this type of rig? Thanks Dave
  11. Rich, Thanks again for the advice. Removing the wasp nest did not help solve the problem. I like the idea of ice in the black tank. I will give that a go. I was able to improve the flow from the gray tank by taking a hose and spraying a jet of water ( with a collection vessel underneath it) though the gray tank valve. I put 20 or so gallons in the tank and tried to dump it on a flat surface again collecting in a large container. I then raised the front jacks and only about 1 gallon of water was left which is a great improvement. Is there any way to get ice cubes into the gray tank? I assume the j-tubes under all of the sinks would prevent me from gettting the little glaciers into the gray tank. I assume the shower has a j-tube as well. As a side note. I am a research chemist, we use ice as an abrasive on a regular basis to clean out extruders which are used to make catalyst. Running ice through the auger / barrel cleans out almost all residual material in the extruder. Regards, Dave
  12. Rich, We have owned our 31 foot 2001 Coachman Mirada for 4 years. This problem just started happening two trips ago in Maine. The black tank almost drains completely when the coach is flat but when we get home and park it in our driveway the back end is probably 1 1/2 foot lower than the front end. This past trip there was probably 2 gallons of black water in the tank which was quite unpleasant to collect in a large plastic container and dispose of inside our house. The gray tank probably had close to 25 gallons of water which I collected and also disposed of it the house. We do not have any children traveling with us just the best black Lab in the world. Following up on the suggestion of the other member who commented I climbed up on top of the RV last night. We do have two vents one for gray and one for black. I took a look at both of the vents, unfortunately the caps over them have been in the sun so long they both cracked when I touched them. However, the gray tank had a very large wasp nest inside of it. Almost large enough to cover the entire vent pipe. The black tank had two smaller wasp nests. I removed all of the nest and did the best I could to put the caps back in place with silicone caulk. I will have the caps replaced in a few weeks. This weekend I plan on putting 10 gallons of water in each of the tanks, take the RV out, park it on a nice flat area and see how much water I can collect from each of the tanks on a flat surface. I really appreciate the comments. Regards, Dave
  13. I have a different problem I was hoping someone could help us with. For out past two camping trips both our black but especially gray water tanks will only fully dump when our Coachman RV is on a hill ( or with the front leveling jacks lowered). If the RV is level only a few gallons of water comes out of the gray tank when we know there is ~ 30 gallons in there. This only started occurring during our past two camping trips, until then we completely emptied the tanks when they were level. Any suggestions?
  14. We extended our driveway when we bought our 2001 31-foot Class A Coachman Mirada RV. Our driveway is a fairly steep incline. Normally I back the RV into the driveway so it is facing uphill (gas tank in the back). After extended times without starting (three to four weeks), it seems like it is difficult for the gasoline to reach the engine, which makes it hard to start the RV. With an incline driveway, am I better off backing into the driveway or pulling in forward? Thanks.
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