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  1. The pump still works but the casing of the pump is cracked and cannot be repaired
  2. Looking for recommendations for replacing my shurflo water pump model #2088-422-144 (2.8 gpm 45 psi)
  3. Roof a/c fan and compressor will not engage...Same result when on heat pump setting...When starting there is a humming sound but the compressor or fan will not start...Would appreciate a diagnosis if anyone knows the problem. Duo-Therm Penguin roof top a/c and heat pump Model #630516.321
  4. cpenn

    Lake Tahoe

    In the next couple of days...Coming from Oregon thru Tahoe then on to Yosemite...Looking at Carson City...39’ DP towing a jeep
  5. cpenn

    Lake Tahoe

    Going to Tahoe for the first time...Better to stay in north or south Tahoe?
  6. Thanks for the info, Rich...Much appreciated
  7. Looking for campground suggestions at Zion National Park.
  8. I think my dump valve is bad...I am in western Wyoming (120 miles from Salt Lake City) and looking for repair shop recommendations.
  9. Looking for campground suggestions around Crater Lake and Yosemite
  10. cpenn

    Air Bags

    Thanks so much for the replies...FMCA forums are priceless for mechanically challenged guys like me.
  11. cpenn

    Air Bags

    After about 20 days all of my air bags lose their air while in storage...I have never had a malfunction code or warning and have never had a problem restoring air to them when we leave...Looking for expert opinions. 2004 Kountry Star DP Spartan Chassis (Reyco Granning Suspension Model #240 AR)
  12. Replacing all six motor home tires...275/70R/22.5...Asking for suggestions on which tire, Michelin, Continental, etc, would be the best for the money.
  13. cpenn

    Transfer Switch

    Which 50 amp transfer switch would you'all recommend and is there a transfer switch with surge protection included?
  14. cpenn

    Coolant Leak

    Front of engine (rear of coach) & off center (looking from the back of the coach just a little to the left of center)
  15. cpenn

    Coolant Leak

    Coolant leaks at rear of engine (not under radiator) at a small drip only when engine is not running...Cummins ISC 330.
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