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  1. We stayed in Benson, AZ about 60 mi. east of Tucson along I-10, at San Pedro RV Park for a month in Nov.,2011. It is really a nice place with clubhouse,enclosed heated pool and gym. For those over 55, at very good prices. There are a lot of RV parks in the area to choose from, that and the economy keeps the rates down. The Dragoon Mtns. where Cochise Stronghold is, the Apache Chief, hide out is within sight of the park. It is about 25mi. from Tombstone. Bisbee, Sierra Vista and other towns are within a days drive of Benson. Oh, and I love to go west of Tucson and walk in the Tucson Mountains where the Seguaro Cactus are! OldAsDirt
  2. I would not recommend the InvisiBrake by Roadmaster. We had an InvisiBrake put on our toad (Chevy HHR) it didn't slow or stop the car, the brake rotors didn't even get warm! This is how we found out it didn't work. We bought it from a well known RV company in Chattanooga, TN. When we went to get our car, we were told they had not test driven the MH and car in tow. They said I could get a feel of the braking ability on the car and MH making a few stops and adjust the brake pressure as needed! To make a short story, my wife and I tested the car on a slight hill. I tied a long string to the break away pin, and asked my wife to only steer the car. I took the string, she released the brake and when the car picked up some speed, I pulled the break away pin and it rolled to the bottom of the hill. Short story, the manager said "it works as designed and I was legal!"! Time went by, InvisiBrake was taken off toad, got a refund. OldAsDirt 1999 Monaco Diplomat M38A Chevy HHR
  3. I have a 1999 Monaco Diplomat M38A build date Jan.1998, same coler as yours. And we are also new to this RV business. We put 4,000 + miles on it, got 100ml. from home and our warning light came on. We also lost power just like you are talking about. We are going to have it looked at next week. There are a number of things that can make the warning light come on, low coolant is one of them. Our MH does not have a coolant probe in the expansion tank and it was 3.5 gal. low of coolant with a bad radiator cap, so that can't be it for us. Dirty fuel filter can be another thing. I am sorry this has happend I would like to keep track of what your problem is. Good Luck, OldAsDirt
  4. Thanks fellows, I have talked to Monaco and they say there are two layers of 5/8th OSB wood in subfloor, but what I've seen on the web it appears there is only one layer. I would like to run across someone that can tell me how the framework is laid out under the toilet. Why not weld in some supports for the floor to lay on? Thanks Again, OldAsDirt
  5. Rotten bathroom floor 1999 Monaco Diplomat. Can any one tell me how the MH subfloor is made. How about layers or thickness of subfloor. What about structure/frame under subfloor to support the new floor after old floor is cut out? Can a 3/4" piece of plywood be put over the old floor, and the toilet attached this way? What about the toilet flang, it would need an extender of some sort? Thanks, OldAsDirt
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