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  1. We live in the US and have traveled back and forth into Canada with a Honda Odyssey minivan behind a 40' MH and never have been asked nor do we own a brake system. We were told it depended on the weight of your toad and your RV. Maybe they can tell by looking whether you will exceed the limits or maybe we have just been lucky. Hope you enjoy your visit! We love Canada and Canadians.
  2. We have traveled to Newfoundland and Mexico and always had Satellite radio. This year we are traveling to Alaska and were wondering if we would have satellite radio again. Our DirecTV worked in the Maritime until we crossed over to Cape Breton. It even worked on PEI. After the Maritime, we did the Gaspe Peninsula all the way around to Quebec and had DirecTV the whole trip. Just thought I would add that for anyone planning a trip in that direction. Just a note, but in 1997, we traveled to Maine and couldn't pick up DirecTV. Satellites and systems have greatly improved. We have the Winegard that works while moving.
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