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  1. Couldn't get my coach to turnover this morning at a campground about 15 miles west of Pueblo, CO. I called Good Sam roadside assistance. All started out good. They told me they would send me out a mobile repair tech in an hour and that I was responsible for the 125.00/hour shop charge. The tech arrived on time and began trouble shooting. He couldn't figure out the problem. Said it needed to be towed to the shop so it could be hooked up to the computer. I said Ok. I called Good Sam to tell them I needed to have it towed to the shop. They said OK but it's on your dime because we already sent a tech out. Hmmm....something didn't sound right. They sent the tech out to fix, the tech couldn't fix. So they were off the hook for the towing bill. OOOOOK. I started reading some forums regarding my issue and found out that a fuse located on the battery cable might have blown. I looked and there was a fuse blown. Changed the fuse and my coach started. I called the repair shop and cancelled the tow. Here is where it gets interesting. I just got a call from the repair shop. They said the Allstate (Good Sam) would only cover 75 bucks of the bill. Thats the service charge. They will not cover the time it takes to get from the shop to the RV location and return trip to the shop. Maybe I didn't read the fine print on the Good Sam RS assistance website but something smells like a skunk here. I ended up paying the shop 235.00 for the service that didn't happen. So, what if I got a tow. Do they just pay for the tow and not the hourly labor charge for the shop?
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