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  1. We travel with 4 cats, 2 dogs and a cockatiel. One cats is not a good traveler and stays hide most of the time. The others have full range of the motorhome. From dash to bedroom. I sometimes have a dog and cat in my lap at the same time. Only our tomcat wants out when we stop. We can leave the door open and the others are content to look out but hides if a stranger comes into sight. We have a 36ft Monaco and it is our 4th coach. Have always taken our pets and have never had a serious problem.
  2. My 2006 Monaco Cayman had trailing arm failure. Hit a retread thrown off of truck in front of me on driver side on US 54 in southern New Mexico. Heard a loud thunk so pulled over and didn't see anything leaking so continued on the Albuquerque. Heard the klunk a couple more times when turning or rough bumps. Parked in Albuquerque and got under coach with pry bar looking for something loose. Didn't find anything so next morning started to go to other side of town. Made it about 1 mile when other side broke. Limped about a mile to Rocky Mountain RV. Coach was towed to Rocky Mountain Cummins for repair. I called Monaco Parts for information. They said NAVISTAR part #01811394 is the replacement part and ships from Indiana. Price is $1720.00 plus shipping. Thought Source Engineering was the provider. Obviously Monaco continued to install defective parts while declaring Bankruptcy.
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