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  1. Try https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc?tires=235-80r22.5-255-70r22.5
  2. That sounds to high what is your hot idle pressure at
  3. How is your oil pressure when this happens as you will have a Heui system and depends on good oil
  4. My self I would go with the Continentals as Michelin has slid down the quality line
  5. bm02tj


    It is all a game US wanted open sooner and we gave a date they did not like so now yours is longer go figure it is all who is the boss and I do not care Covid is not over so I am not going anywhere
  6. Good to see someone is paying attention and fixing items right away They seem to have learned ignoring a problem only makes it worse
  7. Age alone is part of it You should always ask for the old parts so you can see why they are changed then let them dispose You would likely see rust pock marks in the rotors and metallic brake pads rust and break down With that low of mileage add some good additive's and change the oil early as age is a killer
  8. If you are on a 30 amp that is 125 not 220 so L1and L2 tied together
  9. The battery bank should be connected to alternator via a solenoid that is engaged when in run mode
  10. To do it correctly it has to carry the total load so with my house 200amp or you need to add second panel with all the circuits you want to supply power to with a breaker in main panel to ATS then second panel
  11. To do the job with auto change over needs all above plus a second breaker panel to feed the circuits that are to be fed by the generator with 100 amp two pole breaker in main panel to feed transfer switch and new panel as most of your home needs to be isolated from generator
  12. The ground and the neutral are connected to the body of the breaker panel so joined so the neutral is not completely disconnected with an ATS
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