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  1. bm02tj

    air bags

    I have a 1999 Renegade on a FL80 Freightliner chassis I replaced the 4 bags two years ago and they had deep cracks in them You have a choice of quality go for the best as they are not much more
  2. A little PVC and build one
  3. A lost of the truck shop are like that Our local one will only do warranty work on pushers mine is a FL80 super C so they will work on it
  4. Liability If it was a bumper that Lou and the boys made at Rockhard no problem as welding integrity is important Rockhard makes bolt on parts for towing with after market bumpers
  5. If you have covered all the other parts and that is all that is left Part of the ground is burner to electrode so it can see the flame as a small current needs to pass through the flame
  6. The burner safety is not seeing the flame bad ground dirty flame rod ignitor
  7. They can fail and not split open 95% of the time they expand some or split and leak Most HVAC tecs can test for you or your local rewind shop It also could be low and low pressure switch shut off have a tech put a set of gauges on to check
  8. First shut every thing off for 1/2 hour then turn on slowly Also check for electric shut off hooked to gas monitor,check pressure at outlet and inlet of reg good luck
  9. Yes it will Any bleed to ground will trip Hot tubs use 50 and 60 amp GFIs
  10. bm02tj

    air tank purge

    You could have three air tanks that can get moisture A primary ,a secondary and possible one for your air ride that need to be drained The drier auto purges every time you are up to pressure if to often look for the leak
  11. You create the same amount of heat to slow down no matter hard or soft Use your gears and try to use the brakes less Be safe
  12. Gear down until you hardly need your service brakes. As you learn your coach you will know the gear you need. If in not sure go lower gear and then go up as it is easier than over speed and heating your brakes.
  13. When I bought my rig the last owner never looked after the two year old tires I replaced the steers for my own piece of mind the drives looked good so I took the four tags and the two steers to a Bandag retread shop they inspected and ground four tires sized in pairs then ran another four years on them before replacing
  14. Not in the RV in the service as it comes into the property they are connected to the same panel in different locations inside the first disconnect panel They are talking about testing the power source not the RV
  15. But they are connected so not open
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