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  1. If run below freezing the water from defrost will freeze on the roof with no where to go
  2. Make sure the heater is drawing outside air so you do not kill your self
  3. If you stop in at a shop that does propane conversions or a shop that does forklift repairs Or check with your local propane supplier they should be able to point out a shop to see Impco was a brand I was familiar with not sure if they where used on and RV's
  4. If you run liquid to the motor it needs a vaporizer and needs to be heated or it will freeze up unless direct injected which I doubt
  5. Propane under high temperatures will drop the oil out of the vapour when running a water heated vaporizer you need to add a 140 degree inline thermostat if you are using this in a hot climate or if the coolant water you are using is to hot running off high pressure vapour from tank is good unless you are in cold weather and constant run with a low fuel level as tank could start to ice and lower the pressure
  6. I have two cards the have zip codes attached as some company's will not ship to anything that is not a billing address so I have Sumas WA and Moab UT Zip codes as no paper bill addresses and yes the three numbers plus 00 seems to work from postal code
  7. bm02tj

    ISX valve failures

    So tail light warranty
  8. Did you ask what type air drier they have and if it is working
  9. You are charged the tax if you donot have a number not sure about discount and tax as that is a separate issue
  10. Alot of things are ok to leave but if it is a simple fix with dry air I would look after it also high humidity inside tire is not good for the wheels try to find a shop with proper equipment and maintains it with clean dry air for there customers
  11. It is most likely time and mileage based if it smells ok and clean go home unless it starts shifting funny
  12. A better one http://www.longacreracing.com/technical-articles.aspx?item=70794&article=Tire Pressures - Cold to Hot
  13. https://www.theweatherprediction.com/habyhints/260/ this will help you understand why pressure will rise more with moist air
  14. The tire dealer did not have an air drier You may have to air down and back up with dry air a few times as the moisture is what causes the most pressure change
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