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  1. bm02tj

    Tow dolly

    The best is talk to your agent
  2. The October mag has order info I think page 6 Email [email protected] Bruce
  3. Oct issue page 6 If bad oval contact Aaron White I Email and asked for a picture so I could decide if it was good enough to order one as I never bothered to install the original one sent to me
  4. If you used that much water in 3 to 4 months check your charging voltage
  5. bm02tj

    22.5 tires

    I am on second set of HRS's replace first ones at 8 years old no cracks Never had the other brand so cannot comment I understand Michelin do not fair as well
  6. Every one seems to have faults so it is hit and miss Pick the most important items and ask each one and hope they live up to there claim
  7. 13 ft 2 in I have label on speedo with both metric and feet
  8. Try https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc?tires=235-80r22.5-255-70r22.5
  9. That sounds to high what is your hot idle pressure at
  10. How is your oil pressure when this happens as you will have a Heui system and depends on good oil
  11. My self I would go with the Continentals as Michelin has slid down the quality line
  12. bm02tj


    It is all a game US wanted open sooner and we gave a date they did not like so now yours is longer go figure it is all who is the boss and I do not care Covid is not over so I am not going anywhere
  13. Good to see someone is paying attention and fixing items right away They seem to have learned ignoring a problem only makes it worse
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