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  1. If alignment issue you could have tires trued from a retreader then re install as they will age out before wear out so you will not miss the rubber
  2. bm02tj

    Intermittent trouble downshifting with WOT

    The program is set to not down shift so the motor will be over speed when shift complete so will not down shift when i hit a long hill I will select the gear to hold it after it shifts down its self
  3. In the last couple of years Pilot & Flying J are priced so high I look else where I think they discount with an amount for large trucking firms that bean counters think they are getting a better deal when they are not
  4. bm02tj

    Water Pump makes lights flicker when turned on

    also check connections as loose ones will cause this
  5. bm02tj

    What tire if price no concern

    Find a scale you can drive one side on to and weight both sides then one side
  6. That is to stop you turning off the stability control when in drive mode In tow mode no one is in seat to operate switch ????
  7. A lot of the time the smaller station has a better price so I will give them my card and get them to start the two pumps I need to fill saddles with moving reg side to side to fill after making sure I have room and the wife watches the my back 44 ft of rig does not fit some stations
  8. bm02tj

    What tire if price no concern

    I was too close to the tire rating so I when with the 275/70R22.5 with more capacity on the front now I am changing all the tires to same size as I have room and the rims are wide enough Bruce
  9. bm02tj

    What tire if price no concern

    No mine was made the year after the stopped using wooden spokes
  10. bm02tj

    What tire if price no concern

    My Motor home is a 1816MG Renegade by Kibbe on a FL80 Freightliner chassis with lots of room
  11. bm02tj

    What tire if price no concern

    265/75R22.5 and 275/70R22.5 are same od If your rim width and turn lock to lock has no interference you can go to a wider tire
  12. Try the auto recyclers as they have a book to show what will fit then have your tire shop test fit before mounting a tire
  13. bm02tj

    Battery manufacturing dates

    I see batterys with charge by dates not sure how to read date codes stamped into the battery
  14. bm02tj

    Battery manufacturing dates

    Long ago all batterys in stock where dry and the acid added when sold now they need to be serviced and start to age when made
  15. bm02tj

    Type C Cab-over Bunk

    It is all about leverage and the 150lb is like a 1000 lb when you hit a dip in the road If you keep anything up there keep as close to support not as far forward as you can