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  1. When I bought my rig the last owner never looked after the two year old tires I replaced the steers for my own piece of mind the drives looked good so I took the four tags and the two steers to a Bandag retread shop they inspected and ground four tires sized in pairs then ran another four years on them before replacing
  2. Not in the RV in the service as it comes into the property they are connected to the same panel in different locations inside the first disconnect panel They are talking about testing the power source not the RV
  3. But they are connected so not open
  4. North and south as you stated I assume you mean Neutral and ground they are attached to the same metal box so are connected so Ohm meter will not show open
  5. I was going to wait till I retired to become a paid up member but I felt it was time and I hope all other lurkers sign up and add to the pot to help them weather this down turn Bruce
  6. The way I understand you have to be properly licenced at your home and you are good The rig has to comply with the State or Province regulation you are driving in
  7. Poor air flow bad TXV or low on freon will cause it to freeze up A plugged condenser or bad fan in some cases can cause high head and also higher amperage to operate which can help cause freezing
  8. bm02tj

    Unusual tire wear

    Was the wheel alignment done with the motorcycle on back and unit loaded in traveling trim If not you will have problems
  9. bm02tj

    Unusual tire wear

    I had that happen on the two steers and four tags the four traction tires where still good and only two years old I replaced steers and had retread shop pick four tires and grind round and equal then ran for three more years If in doubt replace and keep close eye on wear be safe You could have tire shop trade with two rear tires
  10. Tires on plastic or wood and preferred off the ground asphalt and concrete suck the oils out of the tire and sitting in one spot long term is not real good
  11. They have an RV card that starts the pump and you pay inside and use any card you want with a small discount on gas or diesel
  12. Put on gator caps and get the straight on dual foot air chuck
  13. I only use Pilot and Fly J when there is no other option Maverick has a few truck spots I can fill both saddles with out moving Sinclair is sometimes good I have ordered a TSD card so Loves will be my go to
  14. bm02tj

    Dead Battery

    I copied a post off net Diesel engines have a very high compression ratio e.g. 22:1 and require more powerfull starter motors. On average they draw between 300 and 500 Amps for average sized car engines 2 to 3 litre while on truck engines the current could easily reach 1000 Amps at initial turn over.Feb 27, 2008 It is the momentary inrush amperage that is needed
  15. bm02tj

    Dead Battery

    Chargers will boost but will not give you the 1000 amps you need to start with out battery help Charge the batterys then start or boost with a large enough battery and cables
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