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  1. You need to test L1 to L2 then each to neutral at both locations if you or park has a neutral problem you get a voltage imbalance
  2. There is tolls in Ontario on 407 The roads and bridges with tolls in BC have gone now I believe each person can bring in 40oz each for booze Safe travels
  3. If this is for one AC unit and one furnace buy a thermostat with RH and RC separate with battery power and you are good to go
  4. look at https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc?tires=255-80r22.5-275-70r22.5 My unit factory had the 255 80 22.5 and the guy I bought it from put the 265 75 225 on it I have now gone with 275 70 22.5 as they have more capacity and more selection always check room at full lock and rim width also dual wheel spacing
  5. Is it a standard breaker or a ground fault breaker tripping
  6. 1 inch below will starve a wheel bearing and cause heat and failure. Your bent finger touching the oil will be 3/8 to 1/2 low. Just for chuckles I looked in my Freightliner book. It says level with the threads. googled Rockwell diff and same thing. Add oil before you drive it may save you cash if it is not to late.
  7. Diff oil should be up to hole not 1 in below
  8. The manufacture does not cover every thing and it is usually a flat rate that helps a little In my line of work it sometimes covers my cost only and sometimes it cost me to keep a customer happy They should have told you that if you supplied and there was a problem they would help you but you would be out of pocket for paper work and lots of extras not paid by manufacturer
  9. Or exhaust leak on inner tire or just a little low on pressure brake would smoke or pull if dragging
  10. That is why you see big trucks with the Skiddd indicators so they can tell if wheels are turning as it is common problem
  11. There is also other causes draw to high on starter for light plant back feed and main starter is drawing off coach battery's instead of just chassis battery's
  12. A loose ground or neutral can cause that Maybe water in your out side plug
  13. The way I read the table is axle load not single tire Look at duel weight and end that states max load per tire at 110 PSI
  14. bm02tj

    Class A Tire Size

    If you are fair weather only ignore this I just installed last spring conti hybrid hd3 tires in that size as a drive tire 80mph and traction tire one day I will get to use in snow
  15. You can have an internal bleed on a cell that will not show up with a load test fully charge battery's then separate and monitor voltage to see which one is the cause
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