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  1. bm02tj

    Rims width issue

    The average RV does not need traction tires unless they will be in snow or slimy mud I have three peak rated tires as I have been in the snow save travels
  2. The TCS card is cash up front so should not be a problem I am looking into the TSD card I emailed to inquire Bruce
  3. I have been looking into opening a US bank acct so I can get a TSD card being Canadian makes it harder
  4. bm02tj

    Odd Tire Wear

    If your tire shop checks and wear is the same as rear tire I would change with a rear or rears If in doubt replace with new ones steer tires are the most important
  5. Across rive from Quebec city we stayed at Camping Transit in Lévis They have a van to take you to ferry to cross to Old city of Quebec The son and husband are bilingual the wife not so much they looked after us well Safe travels Bruce
  6. bm02tj

    Odd Tire Wear

    I just looked Michelin lists three traction tires that are directional
  7. bm02tj

    Odd Tire Wear

    They will only be on traction tires not rib tires I have 3 peak Continental traction tires and they are directional
  8. bm02tj

    Odd Tire Wear

    The tread does not look directional
  9. I would have picked up a acc plug socket and wired in so you could plug unit in and still have the fuse that is normally in the power plug and not modify the factory wiring
  10. That does not show e brake system if you can find I would like to see how they work I am searching net for it as well Bruce
  11. Sorry I know nothing about that brake type but I would think it would be a spring brake released by air not applied by air so back to adjustment
  12. Yes you can manually adjust but it should have an auto adjust have repaired asap before any trips that is dangerous You should know about your air brakes and the slack adjusters
  13. Thanks now I need to find out how this works Bruce
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