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  1. When you find an answer be sure to post it With crankcase pressure sound like rings or a piston
  2. My number will not get any worse as it is back in package as it is unworthy of display
  3. It looks like a solid state hard start unit to lower inrush current Test run amps on units less than 24 amp go for it For the price difference I would try a hard start unit as it is a lot cheaper I just might try it next weekend as I have one in my work van
  4. Hard start capacitors are for low voltage and help start not run only run one unit at a time as they do not help running amperage
  5. It looks like they have miss prints on chart they should carry more than your old size tire
  6. You need to test before you go as you may need a pure sine unit as modified sine does not work for a lot of stuff
  7. Build the site with read only for most with a couple that non members can post in to ask question to help encourage them to join
  8. In Canada you can have title and still owe money on it where I believe in the States you have to surrender the title It would not hurt to search the former owners and check for lien in Canada
  9. When you air up the suspension it will go back as per above
  10. Just about every town has a propane supplier when I ran propane on my truck I lined up with the street sweeper in Vegas Google or use yellow pages
  11. A wire shorted or you had a battery drop a plate and short out You need someone to remove and check batteries and wiring
  12. I would say he is looking for help The tech should have noticed as they needed a place to hook the O/B change over wire to unless they have same terminal board for both
  13. What are the date codes And Continental's are good I have them on my FL80
  14. Before you buy new have some one test capacitor as it can cause no run and slow run or spend $5 dollar and replace then try
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