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  1. bm02tj

    Auto Changeover LP regulator failures

    See if you can get a plug to replace tank end so no one can turn on and vent gas or add a one way check valve for your protection
  2. bm02tj

    Brake Air Chamber Travel Alert

    I was told when taking my air brake course that good drivers use the brakes so little and lightly they can not adjust up but when stopped apply them hard to cause the adjusters to work I have done this about every 1000 miles and when I check my slack adjuster they are right on I do not know how to move the alert as my 99 FL80 does not have them
  3. bm02tj

    Air tank purge on Dutch Star

    Tanks should be drained daily If cables are hooked to the drain ***** yes pull one at a time
  4. bm02tj

    Battery issues flat Towing

    Add a charging wire with a relay and auto reset circuit breaker so you are charging well traveling
  5. bm02tj

    Air Compressor & Tire Inspection

    We have ( work safe ) they go around enforcing safety rules and anyone with employees has to comply or they pay big time So shops have all the safety goods
  6. bm02tj

    Air Compressor & Tire Inspection

    All the tire shops around here use cages for all large tires Road side repairs they are carefull
  7. bm02tj

    Winterizing issues - 2003 Dutch Star

    most pumps do not have alot of lift so you could raise the hose and pour some in to prime pump then keep jug as high as you can
  8. When you get a new unit hook up four volt meters and two temp gauges. You need voltage at compressor, fan relay, change over valve and compressor contactor; and temp drop to confirm. Anyone of these can cause the problem.
  9. Check the running voltage at unit Check voltage at changeover valve as it defaults to heat Check voltage to contactor You may be getting just enough to close contactor but not enough to switch changeover valve completely some times which will cook compressor no flow no oil
  10. bm02tj

    Penticton to Tucson

    https://wescovan.com/traction-tire-chains/heavy-truck-chains/truck-cables list cable chains for light use as well as HD use I carried a set of triples did not need so broke down to singles now I might buy cheap cable chains to carry and hope to not need
  11. bm02tj

    Penticton to Tucson

    I just installed Conti Hybrid HD3 with snow flake for drives this spring If you are willing to stop and camp till road is clear not to worry If you want chains try large truck dealers or truck tire shops
  12. bm02tj

    Penticton to Tucson

    I travel that in mid March plan for possible wait time for the roads to be cleared and pack chains I run snow rated drive tires and carry chains It is not fun in the snow but so far only one time dumped air in tag and prayed all was good on a long climb
  13. bm02tj

    Dump stations at rest stops

    If you have the RV card it is discounted to $7.50 the last time I used one about 1 month ago but they may vary by location and if company or private operator
  14. bm02tj

    Dump stations at rest stops

    https://www.rvdumps.com/map-of-rv-dump-stations/ This shows some of them I only see them when I donot need them will start to note how they are marked and where I see them
  15. The only problem with converted lights is they will not melt snow if you get into weather as they donot produce enough heat