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  1. bm02tj

    Long Haul or Regional Tires

    That is one tire not all tires
  2. bm02tj

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    Why not put a 12v alternator and a series parallel switch for the 24 start same as transport trucks
  3. bm02tj

    Class A towing trailers

    A non official set of rules as motor home length is from 41ft to 45ft 9in PEI is 53ft combined 65 to 75 ft safe travels http://www.trucktrend.com/features/travel/163-1312-towing-rules-and-regulations-in-canada/
  4. bm02tj

    Class A towing trailers

    I know some one that just pays the fine and carry's on as a cost of doing business
  5. bm02tj

    Hyd fluid level

    Most hydraulic tanks are checked when fullest so I would say up so you do not over fill
  6. bm02tj

    Single Phase Electrical in Coaches, Why?

    240V outlets that have no neutral are still legal and there configuration relates to amperage usage Google 240v receptacle and it will show lots of them
  7. bm02tj

    Fuel in Canada

    If you have a Costco card Prince George Costco has Diesel and is best price in the area and I believe the province Most Costco's do not have diesel
  8. bm02tj

    Fuel in Canada

    I found with my trip across Canada last fall the best price was at Mobil with using the Optimum card available at Super stores or Shoppers Drug mart check access as some are real tight The card gives you 3.5 cents per liter to spend in the two stores Alaska is on my wish list so one day
  9. bm02tj

    Major DP Motorhome Accident - 1/7/19

    Nasty body was not secured to the frame very well
  10. bm02tj

    Battery issues flat Towing

    You also need a circuit breaker or fuse I would use an auto reset breaker
  11. bm02tj

    Battery replacement not going so good.

    Check each 6 volt battery then check the pair you may have one bad battery
  12. bm02tj

    Battery issues flat Towing

    A charge circuit in my opinion is the best way to go Starting your toad with out driving is not good in the long run
  13. bm02tj

    Fuel cans

    I have mounts on my jeep to carry them and if I take one in my pu they will be strapped to box not in the cab
  14. bm02tj

    Fuel cans

    I use military grade cans and donot fill to rated capacity so I have more room for expansion Carry on out side of passenger compartment and not vented in transit
  15. Maybe make it optional so you can file all your info so they will not need to ask for it with all your contact numbers and vehicle info you will be responsible to update and keep current