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  1. I keep checking I do miss Brett's input also tireman's information And we all miss Herman
  2. If you have been topping up after the auto shut off you have wrecked the charcoal canister
  3. most generators with 240 volt uses a 4 prong plug. 3 prong is normally 120 volt check with voltmeter
  4. 13 ft is 4 meters 3.1 meters is closer to 10 ft double check your conversion to be safe
  5. It looked so cheap I never installed mine The original ones where good
  6. The condenser may be dirty enough to raise head pressure and amperage
  7. If this uses pressure transducers inlet and outlet to prove flow that could account for this
  8. go to tiresize.com You should be ok as I assume you mean 255 and 265 not 755 and 765
  9. Most things are controlled by bean counters and they save a nickel and cost someone a dollar and piss them off in the meantime
  10. Ask questions How long for tow Contact info for tow company Contact info for repair shop you are being sent then call them to confirm they can handle your repair and timeline Make written notes for all conversations with date and time
  11. Not that I have seen I have a 1816MG K174 Bruce
  12. I would ask for a refund for the not complete service from Camping World as all should have been checked
  13. It looks like you are using air fittings Coleman has sintered filters in the system to protect it and if you get dirt or sheddings from fittings and hoses no meant for propane low or no flow
  14. Did you tell them it was a problem on propane As above burner service should deal with it
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