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  1. Our Bus does not have that safety catch, we have to throw the dead bolt when traveling. With door shut  normally, is there any play in the door? Could be just a fatigue failure though. The piece looks like potted metal, not steel. I would imagine even with the door properly latched, with the movement of the coach body over the road, there is stress put on this latch when thrown.

  2. How close are you to a Cummins Service Center or authorized dealer? 
    it could be a clogged DPF or a sensor, but the only way to tell is to put your coach on a analyzer.

    With luck you may be able to get a Mobil tech to scan for codes and if necessary, do a forced regen.

    as Elkhartjim said, it also could be a clogged filter causing the low rpm’s and check engine light and with only 11,000 miles on your coach, it could be clogged. But I don’t think that would throw a DPF light. There are several DPF icons, can you take a picture of the dash?

    Have you checked your onboard diagnostic screen on the dash for codes?

  3. What is the make of your hydraulic system? Is it HWH? Retracting jacks does not use hydraulic pressure but uses the springs on the jacks, or least my coaches have. Curious as to why your hydraulic pump is running, if that is what you’re referring to as being noisy.

  4. Fantasy Tours runs a pretty good tour. Your wagon master will contact you well before the trip, he or she will be able to help you with your questions. You’ll also get a small decal for your MH letting them know you are a first timer and they’ll keep an eye on you. The staff and the rest of the tour group will always lend a helping hand.

    of course it’s always cheaper if you did the same route by yourself but is nice to know when and where you’ll be camping etc. The tour will also furnish an itinerary of your trip and any sights you would be interested in along the way.

    Enjoy your trip.

  5. I would be surprised if you find a leak in the water lines seeing as there was no water pressure in the system.

    I would also check the trim pieces on the outside of the slide, if the caulking on these is bad, it will allow water intrusion. Here’s hoping you find the cause.

  6. There is no water line under the bed. What area was wet? Was it the side facing the washing machine? The foot of the bed? Was the bed  slide in or out?

    I suspect you have a water intrusion via one of the seals on the slide, especially if you had a driving rain. Is the slide closing all the way on both sides and top?

    suggest you put a dehumidifier and some heat in there to dry out the carpet before it gets moldy.

  7. You’ll need the make and model of the hydraulic system. It’s probably HWH but they make numerous models. If the solenoid is leaking at the base, it may just be the O ring which is easily replaced. HWH solenoids are screwed into the manifold.

  8. Your Coach-Net Benefits - Premier Coach Membership Plan

    As a Coach-Net Premier Coach Member you have access to 24/7 unlimited roadside assistance for all your vehicles - anything you own, rent or borrow - plus RV Technical Assistance, nationwide tire delivery services, concierge services, and more. Your membership also includes coverage for trailers, tow dollies, boat trailers, and utility trailers, along with valuable peace-of-mind benefits such as Travel Assistance Services, Emergency Trip Interruption and RV Products & Accessories Discounts. With Coach-Net Premier Coach you can travel in confidence knowing that we've got you and your family covered

    i guess coverage depends on your plan.

  9. When we visited Glacier NP, we stayed first on the East side. Less crowded and easy access to the park. Once in the park we used the shuttles. Keep in mind that the Road to the Sun can be closed well into July depending on the snow pack. Again we used the shuttle, got off at the top, hiked a few hours and took another shuttle down. We did stay on the west side for a few days, very crowded and commercial.

  10. The 2018 Tiffin QBH should have this…Freightliner chassis, Cummins ISL 380 HP/1050 lb Torque.

    Also be aware that the tires on the Tiffin are close to being aged out and should be inspected. Depending on where it was parked and proper care will determine when they need to be replaced.

    Our previous MH was a 2014 QBH, great MH

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