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  1. It’s been over a month since the OP posted, I guess he either fixed his problem or found an answer somewhere else.
  2. You’ll need the make and model of the hydraulic system. It’s probably HWH but they make numerous models. If the solenoid is leaking at the base, it may just be the O ring which is easily replaced. HWH solenoids are screwed into the manifold.
  3. Your Coach-Net Benefits - Premier Coach Membership Plan As a Coach-Net Premier Coach Member you have access to 24/7 unlimited roadside assistance for all your vehicles - anything you own, rent or borrow - plus RV Technical Assistance, nationwide tire delivery services, concierge services, and more. Your membership also includes coverage for trailers, tow dollies, boat trailers, and utility trailers, along with valuable peace-of-mind benefits such as Travel Assistance Services, Emergency Trip Interruption and RV Products & Accessories Discounts. With Coach-Net Premier Coach you can travel in confidence knowing that we've got you and your family covered i guess coverage depends on your plan.
  4. When we visited Glacier NP, we stayed first on the East side. Less crowded and easy access to the park. Once in the park we used the shuttles. Keep in mind that the Road to the Sun can be closed well into July depending on the snow pack. Again we used the shuttle, got off at the top, hiked a few hours and took another shuttle down. We did stay on the west side for a few days, very crowded and commercial.
  5. Depends on if you plan on dry camping. If not the Costco batteries should be OK.
  6. Does your RV have a valve marked Tank fill/ city water? If so this valve could be leaking.
  7. I would suspect t the red wire you are finding sparking when trying to connect to the battery may be the feed wire to your inverter, thus the load on it. I don’t think your problem with the genset is connected.
  8. As mentioned, check the tow hitch for correct placement. If it’s not that, it could be an improper alignment. Might be worth getting a 4 wheel alignment check.
  9. Don’t know what type of MH you have but I wouldn’t think there should be soot on the carpet. Depending on age, you could have a leak or crack in the exhaust.
  10. As mentioned by the tech, it could be a faulty ac unit, especially if it’s a rebuilt. Do you know what failed? If the belt is too tight that could damage the bearing on the pump especially if the idler pulley is not spring loaded or bad. Also too much or too little Freon could damage the pump.
  11. The 2018 Tiffin QBH should have this…Freightliner chassis, Cummins ISL 380 HP/1050 lb Torque. Also be aware that the tires on the Tiffin are close to being aged out and should be inspected. Depending on where it was parked and proper care will determine when they need to be replaced. Our previous MH was a 2014 QBH, great MH
  12. Thankfully and knock on wood, I’ve had only one occasion to use roadside assistance. Halfway across the country in a small campground in the middle of nowhere the new pickup truck we were towing had a dead battery. I called CoachNet and within 30 minutes my truck was jump started by responding mechanic. So my experience is limited but satisfied so far.
  13. If those tires are the originals, I suggest going up a level. If they were E go to a G rating. Manufacturers are notorious for installing the bare minimum.
  14. I also use RV Parky and check the individual ratings. I can usually find a few that have bigger coaches and found the, fairly accurate. I have found that campgrounds that advertise “big Rig Friendly” don’t necessarily have long or large sites. When I do call a campground, I make sure they know the length, number of slides and what I am towing.
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