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  1. campcop

    Waxing ?

    The Vista is not painted so if it’s dull, then the gel coat is going to need to be buffed with a good buffing compound to remove the oxidation. 3M makes a good product. I used to use it on my boat back in the day. After buffing, a coat of good wax.
  2. Agree with others, start at a mid southern route. Try I-40 headed west. Personally I would drive all the way to the coast, then head up the coast from CA to WA. Then head back East on northern routes. Plenty to see and do along the way. We’ve done the West coast several times now and is our favorite area. Our favorite campground is Fildago Bay on Anacortes,WA. We always try to get a beach front site. enjoy!!
  3. We had a 2005 Sunnybrook , the steps are manual and fold up into an opening below the door. I can t recall what brand they were but I would think with a little research you could find a set of electric steps that will fit into that opening. Most steps are standard sizes.. Then you would have to configure the wiring and switch for the door. Seems like a lot of work.
  4. Well it’s been three weeks since the op posted the question. No further replies. So either it’s a troll or op got his answer elsewhere and just doesn’t feel like replying.
  5. We use RV Parky for searching for campgrounds. I could be wrong but I don’t think KOA campgrounds give any discounts except for their own members which is usually 10%.
  6. What you describe is a leaking solenoid. I have experienced the same problem. The solenoids are easy to replace.
  7. When traveling to Alaska in 2018, we were told to tie up the rear flap or we would experience rock damage from the roads in the Yukon and Alaska. I did not believe it till I found rocks sitting on the hood of my Jeep. Due to the fondness of them using rough gravel to repair roads up there, it appears that the large mud flap would hit the ground on occasion going over some of repaired gravel roads, kicking up stones. I did tie up the rear flap and it stopped the rocks from being kicked up. but traveling in the lower 48, I have not observed any rock damage from being towed.
  8. I am assuming the refrigerator came in your MH connected to the outlets powered by a shore hookup. I would imagine the manufacturer did this due to the low inverter rating. I would leave things they way the MH came unless you want to change out inverters and possible a newer refrigerator.
  9. Interesting. I did the CHF on a 2012 F53 chassis but used different links so the bar was level.
  10. Fridge Fixer, works great.https://www.rvtechmag.com/tech/91_fridgefixer.php
  11. I agree, if you want a class c, try a private owner. I have observed on many occasions, these rental units being abused. I recall one time on a road near Destruction Bay on a trip to Alaska. The road was barely passable at 45 mph. A rental unit passed us going over 60 and I swear the back wheels came off the road a few times when the RV hit those big dips in the road.
  12. When we travel for an extended time, we use the Goodsam Service out of FL. They hold our mail sometimes for several weeks but will go over what we have anytime I call. If we need the mail, we will have it forwarded to our next destination based on our time in one spot. We have found that most campgrounds worth anything will allow you to have mail sent to their office. last year traveling through Alaska was a challenge but managed to get our mail several times. Like you we receive and pay most bills online. we have used General delivery at local post offices also.
  13. I would certainly pick flat towing over a dolly.
  14. If you’ve ever watched a tire shop change tires, you’ll probably notice that the tech just throws the valves and caps on a work station. If he uses the same ones is anyone’s guess. I have stainless steel caps in my vehicles , if I have the wheels rotated at a dealer, I remove the caps. Most times when I get the vehicle, back I find cheapy plastic valve caps on the wheels.
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