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  1. The 2018 Tiffin QBH should have this…Freightliner chassis, Cummins ISL 380 HP/1050 lb Torque. Also be aware that the tires on the Tiffin are close to being aged out and should be inspected. Depending on where it was parked and proper care will determine when they need to be replaced. Our previous MH was a 2014 QBH, great MH
  2. Thankfully and knock on wood, I’ve had only one occasion to use roadside assistance. Halfway across the country in a small campground in the middle of nowhere the new pickup truck we were towing had a dead battery. I called CoachNet and within 30 minutes my truck was jump started by responding mechanic. So my experience is limited but satisfied so far.
  3. If those tires are the originals, I suggest going up a level. If they were E go to a G rating. Manufacturers are notorious for installing the bare minimum.
  4. I also use RV Parky and check the individual ratings. I can usually find a few that have bigger coaches and found the, fairly accurate. I have found that campgrounds that advertise “big Rig Friendly” don’t necessarily have long or large sites. When I do call a campground, I make sure they know the length, number of slides and what I am towing.
  5. A few years ago we took a trip to Alaska with a group. One of the group had the permits to take a rifle through Canada. Unfortunately he also hid a semi automatic pistol under the bed. At the first Canada crossing he presented the permit. Agents asked to see the gun and then proceeded to search his Newell coach. They found the pistol, he was taken into custody and held for 24 hrs. He was heavily fined, his weapons were seized.They hinted they might seize his coach. He was allowed to continue but at each border crossing, both US and Canada his coach was searched thoroughly. He finally gave up and went home. Oh, and he was not allowed to enter Canada again for several years.
  6. campcop

    What is it?

    A picture would help. It could be the fuel filter or fuel/ water separator. Is it back plastic?
  7. That’s usually one of stops when we make the run to the East. Have you had dinner at the Mansion?
  8. Would a crows foot with 3/8” drive work?
  9. That’s about the distance we travel a day, 220 to 250 miles. If you leave just at sun up, you’ll be there before noon and that’s with a stop for coffee and fuel at 65 mph. and as others have said, set your tires at the pressure you normally run and you’ll be fine, enjoy your trip! If you have TPMS, don’t be surprised if you see tire temps and pressure rise.
  10. campcop

    Waxing ?

    The Vista is not painted so if it’s dull, then the gel coat is going to need to be buffed with a good buffing compound to remove the oxidation. 3M makes a good product. I used to use it on my boat back in the day. After buffing, a coat of good wax.
  11. Agree with others, start at a mid southern route. Try I-40 headed west. Personally I would drive all the way to the coast, then head up the coast from CA to WA. Then head back East on northern routes. Plenty to see and do along the way. We’ve done the West coast several times now and is our favorite area. Our favorite campground is Fildago Bay on Anacortes,WA. We always try to get a beach front site. enjoy!!
  12. We had a 2005 Sunnybrook , the steps are manual and fold up into an opening below the door. I can t recall what brand they were but I would think with a little research you could find a set of electric steps that will fit into that opening. Most steps are standard sizes.. Then you would have to configure the wiring and switch for the door. Seems like a lot of work.
  13. Well it’s been three weeks since the op posted the question. No further replies. So either it’s a troll or op got his answer elsewhere and just doesn’t feel like replying.
  14. We use RV Parky for searching for campgrounds. I could be wrong but I don’t think KOA campgrounds give any discounts except for their own members which is usually 10%.
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